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On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
from album (On A Clear Day You Can See Forever) by Barbra Streisand
On a clear day Rise and look around you And you see who, you are On a clear day How it will astound.. 
You Can Call Me Blue
from album (You Can Call Me Blue) by Michael Johnson
Well I'm not a foolish man but I'm half out of my head Sitting here remembering the foolish.. 
Funny How Love Is
from album (Fine Young Cannibals) by Fine Young Cannibals
I'm going to places we used to go I still see people we used to know Friends they ask me where i.. 
Johnny Come Home
from album (Fine Young Cannibals) by Fine Young Cannibals
Nobody knows The trouble you feel Nobody cares The feelin' is real Johnny, We're sorry, Wo.. 

If You Can't Say Love
from album (If You Can't Say Love) by Visionaries
[CHORUS] (Since you were) always here (I even) wrote the songs (and all the) time we shared and.. 
You Can't Stop The Reign
from album (You Can't Stop The Reign) by Shaquille O'Neal
featuring Notorious B.I.G. Verse One: Shaquille O'Neal You can't stop it block.. 
You Can't Stop Rock 'n Roll
from album (You Can't Stop Rock 'n Roll) by Twisted Sister
Here it comes, you're never gonna top it On a run, no way you can stop it Total style, perfectio.. 
You Can't Take It Back
from album (You Can't Take It Back) by Lifeblood
I heard what you said I heard what you said I heard what you said I heard what you said It came to.. 
You Can't Hide Beautiful
from album (You Can't Hide Beautiful) by Aaron Lines
Oooh, yeah. She says: "Don't stare at me." She's afraid that I might see, Those f.. 
Are You Happy Now
from album (Are You Happy Now) by Richard Shindell
You took the toaster when you went, you never paid your half the rent You took the spices from the.. 
7 Words You Can't Say On Television
from album (7 Words You Can't Say On Television) by George Carlin
I love words. I think if you're hearing my words, I wanna tell you something about words that I.. 
You Can't Take That Away
from album (You Can't Take That Away) by Ben Lummis
What ever i give you You give me back more You give me that something I never knew i was looking fo.. 
Music That You Can Dance To
from album (Music That You Can Dance To) by Sparks
Music that you can dance to That and that alone is enough for me Stark *** modern music Hotter tha.. 
Maybe You Can Owe Me
from album (Maybe You Can Owe Me) by Architecture In Helsinki
Maybe you can owe me Or should we wait and see 'Cause I've been saving up For something we n.. 

from album (You Can Be A Daddy But Never Daddy O) by Daddy O
This is the DAT *thin weak sounding track* "Break it down for me" *beat follows*.. 
from album (You Can Be A Daddy But Never Daddy O) by Daddy O
Yeah Yeah Yeah! Bring it on now Uhh Uhh Check it out This is a dedication to all.. 
Flowin In File
from album (You Can Be A Daddy But Never Daddy O) by Daddy O
Never has it been so sweet to your ear So lend it here and let go your fear And give a gree.. 
Ihatefonies (The Truck Drivers Song)
from album (You Can Be A Daddy But Never Daddy O) by Daddy O
It's time to be real it's just so late in the day *** the bullshit What you want.. 
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
from album (Annie Get Your Gun Soundtrack) by Annie Get Your Gun Cast (Johnny And Mishelle)
*Jonny and Mishelle continue to argue as music starts* Jonny: Anything I can do, you think you coul.. 
Blazin' Your Own Trail Again
from album (You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish) by REO Speedwagon
Sooner or later you will find a way To feel like sunshine even on a cloudy day To feel like morning.. 
Do You Know Where Your Woman Is Tonight
from album (You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish) by REO Speedwagon
Do you know where your woman is tonight? Do you know if she's sleepin' alone tonight? Well,.. 
Lucky For You
from album (You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish) by REO Speedwagon
"Lucky" I call you 'cus that's the way you make me feel. Love in the air and the w.. 
If You Can Want
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Oh you may not love me now, but I'm stayin' around 'Cause you want my company Just lik.. 
from album (Rolling Stones Now) by The Rolling Stones
(C. Berry) I bought a brand new airmobile It was custom made It was a Flight DeVille With an ou.. 
You Can Call Me Al
from album (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover) by Paul Simon
A man walks down the street He says why am I soft in the middle now Why am I soft in the middle The.. 
After You
from album (You Can Call Me Blue) by Michael Johnson
I still dream of yesterday, when it almost all came true We were living in a world with no goodbyes.. 
You Sure Fooled Me
from album (You Can Call Me Blue) by Michael Johnson
I must have been too good to be true So trusting and so naive You must have laughed when you said I.. 
You, You, You
from album (You Can Call Me Blue) by Michael Johnson
I was so full of hope, I was so full of plans I was so sure you'd love me back, take me for your.. 
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Alternative Version)
from album (All Because Of You (Alternative Version)) by U2
U2 Sometimes you can't make it on your own (Alternative Version) Tough, you think you've go.. 
You Can Sleep While I Dream
from album (100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong) by Bon Jovi
YOU CAN SLEEP WHILE I DREAM You're boy sits down to write a song 'cause he thinks he's g.. 
You Cant Measure The Cost
from album (Anyway You Want Me) by Bread
You Can't Measure The CostBread(David Gates) The silken skies that so remind and mesmerize And f.. 
You Can't Fight Fate
from album (Can't Fight Fate) by Taylor Dayne
(Diane Warren) You can tell the truth You can tell a lie You can try to run from What you feel insi.. 
Don't Let It Get You Down
from album (The Raw & The Cooked) by Fine Young Cannibals
When the friends can't be found And the girl is out of town I come home to an empty house The te.. 
Do You Wanna Dance
from album (If You Can Believe Your Eyes & Ears) by The Mamas & The Papas
Do you wanna dance under the moon light Squeeze me all through the night Oh, baby, do you wanna danc.. 
Ain't Nothin' You Can Do
from album (It's Too Late To Stop Now) by Van Morrison
When you got a headache An you try to soothe the pain Go right back to sleep And you'll feel all.. 
You Can Dance You Can Jive Having The Time Of Your Life
from album (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Soundtrack) by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Every day I wake up to another day gone by Nothing but the open road and the never ending wh.. 
You Can't Front (Shit Is Real)
from album (*** What You Heard 12") by Diamond
featuring Lord Finesse Sadat X "Ayo what the *** is this?" "Yo that.. 
Ho But You Can't Help It
from album (Based On A True Story) by Trick Daddy
featuring Buddy Roe Beep! Trick Daddy I figure you'se a ho but you can't help.. 
You Can Leave Your Hat On
from album (Coming Down Your Way) by Three Dog Night
Baby, take off your coat...(real slow) Baby, take off your shoes...(here, I'll take your shoes).. 
If I Were You
from album (All You Can Eat) by K.D. Lang
if i could only be the queen of po***rity things would just come to me so easily what i would do wh.. 



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