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Bu De Bu Ai
from album (Album Unknown) by Wilber Pan Featuring Zhang Xiang Zhi
tian tian dou xu yao ni ai, wo de xing shi you ni cai, I love you, wo jiu shi yao ni rang wo mei tia.. 
from album (Jennifer Hanson) by Jennifer Hanson
The first time I held you close in my arms. I was sure that our love could survive any storm. I wi.. 
The Good Hand
from album (Woven Hand) by Woven Hand
I am nothing without his ghost within and all your wooden eyes cannot see the good hand upon me I t.. 
Clap Your Hands!
from album (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Run the lip off sunshine shore Betray white water, delay dark forms Slap young waves on wooden bones.. 

Native Tongue
from album (Native Tongue) by Poison
In A Little While
from album (Live And Electric: The Best Of Hanson) by Hanson
In a little while Surely you'll be mine In a little while I'll be there In a little whil.. 
from album (Live And Electric: The Best Of Hanson) by Hanson
Flies are buzzing round my head Vultures circling the dead Picking up every last crumb The big fi.. 
Funny Bunny (Jessica Hanson)
from album (The Beginnings) by Hanson
She's just a funny bunny Doll lovin' girl Don't you know she's just a funny (funny.. 
Hand In Hand
from album (This Time Around) by Hanson
I know just how much I love you But there is no time to explain I realize just what I'd give to.. 
Hold My Hand
from album (Hold My Hand) by Hootie & The Blowfish
Hold My HandHootie & the BlowfishAlbum: Cracked Rearview MirrorWith a little love, and some tend.. 
Hanky Panky
from album (Album Unknown) by Tommy James & The Shondells
Hanky PankyTommy James & The Shondells   My baby does the hanky pankyI saw her walking on down.. 
Give Yourself A Hand
from album (Give Yourself A Hand) by Crash Test Dummies
Hello, Mr. Fussy Hello, Mrs. Nice Have you ever shared a bathtub Full of beer and ice? I know you.. 
Hold My Hand
from album (Hold My Hand) by Don Cornell
So this is the kingdom of heaven So this is the sweet promised land While angels tell of love Don.. 
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Desert Eagle Discs Remix)
from album (Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See 12") by Busta Rhymes
featuring Kwesi Be [Busta Rhymes] Good evening wonderful women and men When Disaster St.. 

Clap Your Hands
from album (Walking With The Panther) by L.L. Cool J
[LL Cool J] Yeah.. Yeah I like that guitar man, yeah Yo E-Love I like the way you flipped that guita.. 
Hanky Pankym
from album (All By Myself) by Madonna
Hanky PankyMadonnaCome over here! Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind, I'.. 
Hanky Panky
from album (I'm Breathless) by Madonna
(Spoken) Come over here! Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind, I'll sett.. 
Put Your Hand In The Hand
from album (Put Your Hand In The Hand) by Ocean
REFRAIN Put your hand in the hand of the Man who stilled the water Put your hand in the hand of the.. 
(In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame
from album ((In Dreams), I Kiss Your Hand Madame) by Vaughn Monroe
Hard To Handle
from album (Hard To Handle) by Black Crowes
Baby here I am I'm the man on the scene I can give you what you want But you gotta' come hom.. 
The Back Of Your Hand
from album (The Back Of Your Hand) by Dwight Yoakam
when you give it up for gone but your still digging in the mind and your staring out the window say.. 
Mister Hankey Song
from album (Mister Hankey's Christmas Special Album) by South Park
Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo
from album (Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics) by South Park
We all know of Rudolph and his shining nose And we all know Frosty who's made out of snow But al.. 
from album (Pangaea) by Visionaries
[CHORUS] We started as one, then we drifted separated as continents that shifted all the pieces fit.. 
Hands In The Air
from album (Hands In The Air) by Eightball
[Eightball] Okay; comin' from the top of my Dome when I'm droppin' my Own type of style,.. 
The Tongue Song
from album (The Tongue Song) by Strings
This is what bitches talk about About what niggaz need to do With what's in the thong Ya heard?,.. 
She Hangs Brightly
from album (She Hangs Brightly) by Mazzy Star
She hangs brightly from the tree Wonders what she's done to me I'm aware of your game Come a.. 
Hanky Panky
from album ((Waltz Me) Once Again Around The Floor) by K.D. Lang
k.d. lang/G. Matthews When I wink at you with one of my eyes Mean to meet behind the barn in 5 I&.. 
Ballad Of Hank Williams
from album (A Country Boy Can Survive) by Hank Williams Jr.
Well in 1950 I took a little nip Along with Mr. Williams on the Way to Mississipp' We was stack.. 
If You Don't Like Hank Williams
from album (A Country Boy Can Survive) by Hank Williams Jr.
I like Charlie Daniels and I love big John Cash And I think Waylon "Woktosha" Jennings I.. 
Hanky Panky Nohow
from album (Paris 1919) by John Cale
If the sacheting of gentlemen Gives you grievance now and then What's needed are some memories o.. 
Born To Hang
from album (Born To Hang) by Morrissey
I am born to hang that's all healthy news in a nutshell this means that I never have to live.. 
Hands Down
from album (Hang Around) by Granian
Laying around in the mud with my face down Throw rocks and stones across it it's alright If I sa.. 
Hang Around
from album (Hang Around) by Granian
wait with me 'til morning rises as, you turn to go for just one moment, just one time this time.. 
Left Hand Path
from album (Left Hand Path) by Entombed
I am my own God Master slave and I will be beyond the grave No one will take my soul away I carry my.. 
Daddy's Hands
from album (Daddy's Hands) by Holly Dunn
DADDYS HANDS I remember daddys hands folded sighlently in prayer And reaching out to hold me when i.. 
All Those Yesterdays
from album (Jennifer Hanson) by Jennifer Hanson
They say you can't hold on. To time when it's gone. But somehow I've saved. All those.. 
Baby I Was Wrong
from album (Jennifer Hanson) by Jennifer Hanson
I know I come across. A little hard headed sometimes. Cause I hate to admit it. When I'm not.. 




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