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Wagahai Wa, Korusuke Nari...
from album (Wagahai Wa, Korusuke Nari...) by Vidoll
konna wa, hazuja... nakatta, konna wa zuja, konna wa zuja... migite someta akai ei wa marude mayaku.. 
Wag Your Tail
from album (Among The Trees) by Arrested Development
Wag Your Tail Yeah can I have a big bimbo box meal hold the bimbo sauce two super sized freaky frie.. 
Wagon Wheel
from album (Transformer) by Lou Reed
Won�t you be my wagon wheel Won�t you tell me, baby, how do you feel Hey you g.. 
Wages Of Sin
from album (Tracks) by Bruce Springsteen
When we fight and I wanna talk it out You won't say nothing, nothing at all You just sit there,.. 

All I Need
from album (Album Unknown) by Jack Wagner
Kissing you is not what I had planned And now I'm not so sure just where I stand I wasn't lo.. 
Too Young
from album (Album Unknown) by Jack Wagner
Hello love it's been way too long Since I realized that you're the most important thing in m.. 
Just Someone I Used To Know
from album (Album Unknown) by Porter Wagoner
There's a picture that I carry One we made some time ago When they ask who's in the picture.. 
When You're Hot You're Hot
from album (Album Unknown) by Porter Wagoner
Well me and Homer Jones and Big John Talley Had a big cra.. 
Wagon Wheels
from album (Album Unknown) by Paul Whiteman
Wagon wheels, wagon wheels, Keep on a-turnin', wagon wheels, Roll along, sing your song, Carry m.. 
On The Wagon
from album (Shenanigans) by Green Day
Sometimes it gets real hard, And I need some kind of output. For input twice the size of my one inch.. 
Slave To The Wage
from album (Black Market Music) by Placebo
Run away from all your boredom Run away from all your whoredom and wave Your worries, and cares, goo.. 
from album (Dude Ranch) by Blink 182
Watching your house shrink away in my rear-view mirror as i drive away. Wishing that I coul.. 
Minimum Wage
from album (Fenix TX) by Fenix TX
Politically correct and mentally erect I'm doing everything I can to conserve the best Bu.. 
Sin Wagon
from album (Fly) by Dixie Chicks
He pushed me ‘round Now I'm drawin' the line He lived his life Now I'm gonna.. 

Wagon Wagon
from album (The Ringmaster) by Insane Clown Posse
Wagon Wagon "If I'm gonna die I'm going out riding the wagon" [Violent J].. 
Wages Of Sin
from album (The Dark Roads) by Seagram
featuring Bushwick Bill Vell Ganksta Nip [Bushwick Bill] Yo! Bushwick Bill in the motha.. 
Lay Your Wager Down
from album (Carnival Of Voices) by Ellis Paul
You're my flesh and blood But we're not the same a common name and now a common distance.. 
Love On A Farmboy's Wages
from album (Mummer) by XTC
High climbs the summer sun High stands the corn And tonight when my work is done We will borrow y.. 
Minimum Wage
from album (Flood) by They Might Be Giants
Minimum Wage!.. 
Off The Wagon
from album (The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum) by L7
Been dry long enough My brain and body need some abuse Rake me over the coals And I¡¯ll try to thi.. 
Working Man's Wage
from album (More...) by Trace Adkins
(Wynn Varble/Leslie Satcher) I've seen mornings when a thousand bales of hay Looked like a moun.. 
from album (Rough Dreams) by Shivaree
70 bucks on Congaree, That you'd end up with me At a rumble in the jungle Like Muhammad Ali, T.. 
Gandalf The Magician
from album (Celtic Spirit) by Blind Guardian
Gandalf's Rebirth
from album (Battalions Of Fear) by Blind Guardian
Lag Wagon (All Aboard)
from album (Duh) by Lagwagon
Unemployment is my scene Brain dead - the fumes I breath Blah Blah Blah BlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBla Carp is a.. 
Wer Nichts Wagt, Kann Nichts Verlieren
from album (Hier Sind Die Onkelz) by Böhse Onkelz
Du bist die Wolke, die den Mond verdunkelt Bedauernswert Toter als tot Lebendig doch leer Mit 30.. 
Behind The Smile
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
Sands of time Running through my fingers My life slipping away And I feel nothing Swallow the tears.. 
Burning Angel
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
Dark shadows from above Ravens fly, obliterate the sun "It's a sign of the devil. He will c.. 
Dead Bury Their Dead
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
I leave the anguish behind Scars are healing - I am set free The chains of guilt are in the past The.. 
Enemy Within
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
Dark thoughts rise up Deep in your mind The killing of hope The end has begun The locked psycho-doo.. 
Heart Of Darkness
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
You can't kill me I am living inside you I am a part of your existence Twisted thoughts in a twi.. 
Savage Messiah
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
Meet your maker Rising from the ashes Like a phoenix to the sky So intense, so glorious... Uncontro.. 
Shadows And Dust
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
At the mercy of our conscience Confined within our fate Never really questioned why We are refugees.. 
Snow Bound
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
The First Deadly Sin
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
Step inside the circle of fire Flames of desire enlighten the night Follow your instinct Burn and wr.. 
Web Of Lies
from album (Wages Of Sin) by Arch Enemy
Weaving a web - of lies and deceit It's a dangerous game - we play All this time - the pain eat.. 
Im Wagen Vor Mir
from album (Here's Die Roten Rosen) by Die Toten Hosen
Im Wagen vor mir fährt ein junges Mädchen Sie fährt allein und sie scheint hübsch zu sein Ich we.. 
The Wagon
from album (Green Mind) by Dinosaur Jr.
There’s a way I feel right now Wish you’d help me, don’t know how We’re all nuts so who helps wh.. 
Fat Cop
from album (Eduardo & Rodriguez Wage War On T-Wrecks) by Regurgitator
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah fat cop heh...look what you got it's not a lot when you're out.. 
Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (*** Led Zeppelin)
from album (Telepathic Surgery) by The Flaming Lips
I got this can of gasoline, you know what I mean I got it just for burnin' and it keeps the sire.. 

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