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Cutting It Fine
from album (Asia) by Asia
The door swings open but you won't go in You hate the movie that you've never seen You could.. 
Here Comes The Feeling
from album (Asia) by Asia
All through the winter I thought I'd never see you again Oh God, where were you when I needed yo.. 
One Step Closer
from album (Asia) by Asia
Loneliness, a constant friend and lover I know well Crowded rooms, the iron bars that surround me Tr.. 
Sole Survivor
from album (Asia) by Asia
When I ride the hounds of hell Twist my foot, I nearly fell I was lucky I was alive One look back, I.. 

Time Again
from album (Asia) by Asia
Fate looks certain byt then nothing's guaranteed Want for nothing, but is nothing what you need.. 
Wildest Dreams
from album (Asia) by Asia
They decorated all the generals Who fought the war behind the lines They had forgotten all the soldi.. 
Without You
from album (Asia) by Asia
Gazing at a sunrise reflected in your clear eyes Misty morning forest, smoke fires Make our way thro.. 
Asian Girl
from album (Asian Girl) by Kai
oh, yeah yeah, ohh, ohh (etc.) being with you, makes me believe the sun will always shine and i'.. 
Alone With 20 Bucks
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Living, barely surviving Freebasing life till its end Divided soulless vices Death before life co.. 
Ant In The Dope
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I would fast for days And call you a god I would do anything even say I'm in love Just to pene.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Public Domain) Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright 'Round yon vir.. 
Closer To Coma
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Have you seen my sanity? I seem to have left it at home I feel pushed up against the wall Like som.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Like ecstasy to the spine A moment of lost words no memory of time A twist from within Like the ca.. 
Human Pinata
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Directions say assembly required Nothing's admired the majority's been Hired, wired, the tr.. 

from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong Jesus forgive for I have sinned Jesus I belief bo.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Shaffer/Arvizu/Morrill/Silveria) Jesus take me in your arms Jesus where do I belong? Jesus forgi.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone) I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst car.. 
L.S.D. (Lucifer's Stained Dress)
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst care I'm not.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/J. Gonzalez/G. Gonzalez) Translated by Reptilian You roll with the sick dog We come.. 
Powertools For Girls
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Dirt and grease The seductive sin Green tattoos, hands all over Life starts over again The cemen.. 
The Devil's Sweepstakes
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Up the stakes, up the stakes, up the stakes In the devil's sweepstakes This road is paved with.. 
Ty Johnathan Down
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock and key Someone help me So.. 
from album (Videodrone) by Videodrone
(Videodrone/Jonathan Davis) Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock.. 
Cast Me Aside
from album (Cast Me Aside) by Drowning Pool
So you think that you got it all figured out I told you, you have no idea what it is all about Now.. 
De Que Me Sirve Llorar
from album (De Que Me Sirve Llorar) by OBK
Noches enteras sin poder dormir buscando razones para no perder todo lo que te di. Nunca en la vida.. 
Tu Sigue Asi
from album (De Que Me Sirve Llorar) by OBK
Eran tiempos para enloquecer luego ya todo cambió el espejo en la pared el reflejo del ayer cualqui.. 
Abrazame Asi
from album (Abrazame Asi) by Roberto Carlos
Abrázame asi Que esta noche yo quiero sentir De tu pecho el inquieto latir Cuando estás a mi la.. 
No Me Dejes Asi
from album (No Me Dejes Asi) by Miranda
He pasado semanas en velas tratando de dar luz a mi oscuridad Soporte todas noches en vela pensan.. 
from album (Asia) by Amedeo Minghi
[in japanese] tooi kanata umi no mukoo e haruka takaku hatate o koete tooi kanata umi no mukoo e h.. 
Video Game
from album (Video Game) by Stiliti
Anche se tu mi chiamerai Ora sarò solo come non mai Ricorderò cose che tu Non cercherai quando mi.. 
Asi Es El Rock & Roll
from album (Asi Es El Rock And Roll) by La 25
Las horas que haz perdido Peinándote en la suciedad La noche te dejo en la boca una bolsa de sal.. 
Video Demons
from album (Video Demons) by Dead Inside The Chrysalis
Soy Asi
from album (Soy Asi) by Valentin Elizalde
Valentin Elizalde Soy Asi Eso que tu me pides es imposible yo se que no he nacido para rey ni para.. 
Go Zone
from album (Blow Up Your Video) by AC/DC
want some relaxation need to get some r n r that's rest and recreation don't need no vacatio.. 
Kissin Dynamite'
from album (Blow Up Your Video) by AC/DC
Here she come, here she come Eating up the thrill Sugar cane, sugar cane Dressin' up to kill Lik.. 
Don't Cry
from album (Don't Cry) by Asia
Hard times you had before you I knew when I first saw you You girl you've always been mistreated.. 
from album (Don't Cry) by Asia
Dig for victory, go for gold I don't wanna die before I get old And I wonder where I'm going.. 
Midnight Sun
from album (Don't Cry) by Asia
(Wetton/Downes) As far as the eye could see From the horizon to infinity Static forces down the line.. 
Only Time Will Tell
from album (Don't Cry) by Asia
You're leaving now It's in your eyes There's no disguising it It really comes as no surp.. 
Smile Has Left Your Eyes
from album (Don't Cry) by Asia
I saw you standing hand in hand And now you come to me the solitary man And I know what it is that m.. 

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