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from album (Venus) by Claire's Birthday
you want to get married he wants to screw you know that he's at it can't say the same about.. 
Venus And Mars
from album (Venus And Mars) by The Wings
Sitting in the stand of the sports arena Waiting for the show to begin Red lights, green lights, s.. 
Venus And Mars (Reprise)
from album (Venus And Mars) by The Wings
Standing In The Hall Of The Great Cathedral Waiting For The Transport To Come Starship 21zna9 A.. 
Venus Doom
from album (Venus Doom) by HIM
Leave all behind now to watch her crawl Through our dark gardens of insanity She'll be the light.. 

Venus Reprise
from album (Venus Isle) by Eric Johnson
Venus Isle
from album (Venus Isle) by Eric Johnson
Long ago, from the wonderland, was a girl, named Eve. She came to earth from the mermaid sea, That i.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Frankie Avalon
Hey, Venus! Oh, Venus! Venus if you will Please send a little girl for me to thrill. A girl who wan.. 
Subway To Venus
from album (Mother's Milk) by Red Hot Chili Peppers
step right up and listen please you're gonna get it with the greatest of ease everybody gather r.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by The Shocking Blue
A goodess on a mountain top, was burning like a silver flame. The summit of beauty she was, and Venu.. 
Venus De Milo
from album (Parade) by Prince
from album (Cyberpank) by Billy Idol
Aha aha Aha aha You know you, me, we are so lonely You look to me I'll be there my only 'Ca.. 
*** O Matic Venus Freak
from album (On How Life Is) by Macy Gray
Superlove is something that they say is very rare In the dark In your world it's everywh.. 
***-O-Matic Venus Freak
from album (On How Life Is) by Macy Gray
Superlove is something that they say is very rare In the dark, In your world it's everywhere A.. 
Venus' Flytrap And The Bug
from album (Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants) by Stevie Wonder
Hello flower Boy, do you look juicy And you know just what I¡¯m coming to get, right Don¡¯t eat.. 

Venus In Blue Jeans
from album (Album Unknown) by Jimmy Clanton & His Rockets
She's Venus in blue jeans Mona Lisa with a ponytail She's walkin' talkin' work of ar.. 
from album (Cruel Summer) by Bananarama
VenusBananarama- from the 1986 album "True Confessions" by BananaramaGoddess on the mounta.. 
Nightflight To Venus
from album (Gold) by Boney M
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the starship Boney M for our first passenger flight to Venus... 
Venus And Mars
from album (After The Ball/Million Miles) by Paul McCartney
Venus And Mars/Rock ShowPaul McCartney & WingsSitting in the stand of the sports arenaWaiting fo.. 
Venus Man Trap
from album (Eight Arms To Hold You) by Veruca Salt
(woohoooo woohoooo woohoooo woohoooo) Waiting for opportunity to strike I have be.. 
Venus Is Breaking
from album (By 7:30) by Vonda Shepard
Words and Music by Vonda Shepard I kissed this man with one of my lips I bumped this man with one o.. 
Murder Venue
from album (Dirty Weaponry) by Killarmy
Chorus: Islord 2x Aiyyo everything is real like blue steel Being pulled out at sold out.. 
Venus As A Boy
from album (Debut) by Bjork
his wicked sense of humour suggests exciting ***! his fingers they focus on her touches he's ve.. 
Venus In Fear
from album (Cruelty And The Beast) by Cradle Of Filth
Venus (In Our Blood)
from album (Dark Light) by HIM
Her Heaven's a lie to those who threw away the key Her God is alive and well when the higher bel.. 
*** Action (Intra-Venus Remix)
from album (Greatest Hits & Black Beauties) by L.A. Guns
Talk about love Talk about love I've been around this great big world, yeah Had my share of shad.. 
La Espuma De Venus
from album (Avalancha) by Heroes Del Silencio
en frìo, a flor de labio boca de cosecha senos de clavel curvas nieves rincones de voces y cuchillo.. 
Barco A Venus
from album (Donde Esta El Pais De Las Hadas) by Mecano
Dices que siempre estas viajando pero me estas engañando yo se que tu estas solo y que no sales de.. 
Queen Of Venus
from album (Remy Zero) by Remy Zero
I fell down, tried to keep hands numb, Languished on the lizard skin divan, Stared into the sun. Th.. 
Venus In The Morning
from album (Destiny) by Stratovarius
It´s 4 in the morning I´m gazing the sky with Millions of stars A moment before the Dawn The e.. 
from album (Talkie Walkie) by Air
You could be from Venus I could be from Mars We would be together Lovers forever Care for each other.. 
from album (Pure) by No Angels
Goddess on the mountain top Burning like a silver flame The summit of beauty and love And Venus w.. 
Venus Blue
from album (Paegan Terrorism Tactics) by Acid Bath
Creeping like frost As slow as grave moss Like drowning in dry oceans of bone dust I taste the wr.. 
from album (Dancetaria) by Indochine
Ouohoohohoh Si tu penses à moi Ouohoohohoh Si tu rêves de moi Ouohoohohoh Même si je n'y arri.. 
Venus Man
from album (Kasmodiah) by Deine Lakaien
Bones and flesh hair and skin And the smell of a king He touched you and you fell Once again like a.. 
Venus In Furs
from album (Velvet Underground And Nico) by Velvet Underground
Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather Whiplash girlchild in the dark Comes in bells, your servant,.. 
Venus Stopped The Train
from album (California Stars) by Wilco
Venus stopped the train While the brakeman lost his place Satellites were spinning In outer space Th.. 
Venus And Mars
from album (Greatest Hits) by Army Of Lovers
I saw a star Venus and Mars The sky Across the rainbow I find my halo Venus and Mars I saw a star V.. 
from album (Aegis) by Theatre Of Tragedy
Circa mea pectora multa sunt suspiria De tua pulchritudine, que me ledunt misere. Venus! - I trow&#.. 
Dark Venus Persephone
from album (Sirius B) by Therion
Together in underworld, Hades and Persephone Daughter of Ceres, a tragic fate It fell to your lot th.. 
Birth Of Venus Illegitima
from album (Vovin) by Therion
Aphrodite is rising from the shell. A newly born to be seen to expel from from the paradise, to drin.. 

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