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United Kings
from album (United Kings/Destroy The Scenery/Braveheart 12" EP) by United Kingdom
[Intro: Hell Razah] Yo, son, I've got something to tell you. You know what I'm saying?.. 
Savior Of My Universe
from album (All Star United) by All Star United
I don't propose that we preserve All the world inside a fragile ball of glass 'Cause I'm.. 
The Unimaginable Life
from album (Unimaginable Life) by Kenny Loggins
I know we were born to be here again In the kind of love that you die for Somethin' in the innoc.. 
Unified Rebelution
from album (Unified Rebelution 12") by Jurassic 5
Party people are you with me? Are you with me party people? (Repeat 4x) To the beat y.. 

Universal Magnetic
from album (Universal Magnetic 12") by Mos Def
[Mos Def] Yeah ha ha ha A B boys rock the world CD's and tapes help generate papes.. 
Across The Universe
from album (Across The Universe) by Fiona Apple
Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, They slither while they pass, they slip aw.. 
Around The Universe
from album (Across The Universe) by Fiona Apple
Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, They slither wildly as they slip away acro.. 
Masters Of The Universe
from album (Masters Of The Universe) by Binary Star
[Intro] (These styles is unknown to).. The two headed dragon ...(these styles is unknown to) ...the.. 
from album (Unit) by Regurgitator
see the unit eat the unit love the unit kiss the unit touch the unit (x2) lick the unit feed the un.. 
Another Universe
from album (Another Universe) by Arno Carstens
Let's take the final bow Let's make the silent sign Nobody needs to know where we're off.. 
G-Unit Soldiers
from album (Angels Around Me) by G-Unit
[Tony Yayo] Yea... Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo [50 Cent] Yea...Niggas salute me Uh huh [Tony Yayo] We t.. 
G-unit That's Up
from album (Angels Around Me) by G-Unit
[ Intro - 50 Cent talking ] Oh, oh, Gggga Gggga G-UNIT (UNIT, haha), yeah, it's 50 CENT (CENT) a.. 
from album (Beg For Mercy) by G-Unit
[50 Cent] Yeah! 50 Cent.. Lloyd Banks.. Young Buck... G G G G G-Unit! Haha! [Young Buc] Vacate yo.. 
from album (Universe) by Sarah Slean
Once I took the universe to dinner When she failed to yeild the earth's demands 'Oh,' sh.. 

United States Of Blöedsinn
from album (United States Of Blöedsinn) by Jbo
Von der Steinzeit bis heute, die selbe Geschichte Dog eat dog - jeder macht jeden zunichte Die Polit.. 
Worldwide Socialites Unite
from album (International Anthems For The Human Race) by All Star United
At the top of the social ladder I speak Let me welcome you here officially To the back drop of mar.. 
I Was Born (A Unicorn)
from album (Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?) by The Unicorns
DIAMONDS i was born a unicorn i missed the ark but I could've sworn you'd wait for me GINGE.. 
from album (Unity) by Rage
I Love A Man In A Uniform
from album (I Love A Man In A Uniform) by Gang Of Four
Time with my girl I spent it well I had to be strong for my woman (you must be joking, o man you mus.. 
Universe - Strings Version
from album (Universe) by Kyoko Fukada
Universe-tte, hate no nai jiyuu no koto o iu no yo Donna saibou mo yume o miteru Happiness-tte, o.. 
Unicornz Are My Best Friends For Life
from album (Album Unknown) by Rainbow Colored Unicorns
Why can't love be easier you make this so hard for me Uni please try to make it easy I love y.. 
El Pueblo Unido
from album (El Pueblo Unido) by Los Miserables
De pie cantar que vamos a empeza, Avanzan ya banderas de unidad, Y tu vendras luchando junto a mi, Y.. 
Unidos Da Tijuca
from album (2005) by G.R.E.S. Unidos Da Tijuca
Entrei por um lado, saí pelo outro a cantar E quem quiser invente outro lugar O meu paraíso, local.. 
The Soul Of The Universe
from album (The Soul Of The Universe) by Aeons Confer
Awaken – from a aeonic dream Enlighted with answers - of the perenial quest I realize - we´re capt.. 
Unidos Do Porto Da Pedra
from album (2005) by G.R.E.S. Unidos Do Porto Da Pedra
Ô joga água que é de cheiro Confete, serpentina Lança perfume no cangote da menina O rei mand.. 
Unidos De Vila Isabel
from album (2005) by G.R.E.S. Unidos De Vila Isabel
É carnaval um Rio de prazer Cada turista que chegar vai ver É linda a Vila balançando nas ondas d.. 
Union Verdadera
from album (Union Verdadera) by Culcha Candela
Refrain: es culcha candela union verdadera es culcha candela wer denn sonst ? Por mi clica represen.. 
from album (Universal) by Downset
Universal a universal, bring it to all bring it to all Universal just like the sun, moon, star, man,.. 
Asleepers Union
from album (Asleepers Union) by Les Savy Fav
You know who built this house and you know who will tear it down. It broke the back of the trees i.. 
from album (To The Ends Of The Earth) by Hillsong United
You reached out and rescued me Answer to my dreams and love hung on a cross so we could meet Calmed.. 
'Til Death Do Us Unite
from album ('Til Death Do Us Unite) by Sodom
La Unión Verdadera
from album (La Unión Verdadera) by Resistencia Suburbana
United Abominations (European Version Of The Song)
from album (United Abominations) by Megadeth
Within striking distance from Ground Zero sits a smoldering international cauldron, the "United.. 
from album (Uni***blues) by Katarzyna Nosowska
I'm getting older I'm getting older But there's still Lot of space in my bed I'm ge.. 
from album (Unikat) by Prnata Przemyk
A co to da ? Milczysz ty milcze ja Puchnie nam od tego krtan Nie chce juz w kacie stac Usprawie.. 
Holographic Universe
from album (Holographic Universe) by Scar Symmetry
Bathe in laser light, the beam will underline The birth of universe from nothingness Prime awakening.. 
from album (Unisono) by Kasia Wilk
W unisonie gra rozum serce i dwie struny ktore mam w unisonie gra ja tak duzo mam mowi tak mowi nie.. 
Your Universe
from album (Your Universe) by Rico Bllanco
Tell me something When the rain falls on your face How do you quickly replace It with A golden summe.. 
Design Your Universe (A New Age Dawns Part VI)
from album (Design Your Universe) by Epica
We're blind and eager Avarice will set us back to blank Those who wager all will have to name.. 
Grand Unification Part II
from album (Grand Unification) by Fightstar
[Narration] Mankind has always wondered about the kind of universe it lives in. Mankind has always i.. 

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