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Too Hot To Sleep
from album (Too Hot To Sleep) by Survivor
Sweat rollin down my hands and face, Big fan on the screen porch turnin', Cat looking for a hidi.. 
Pushin Too Hard
from album (Pushin Too Hard) by The Seeds
You're pushin' too hard, uh-pushin' on me You're pushin' too hard, uh-wh.. 
Too Low For Zero
from album (Too Low For Zero) by Elton John
Six o'clock alarm I get the wake up call Let that sucker jingle-jangle Ring right off the wall I.. 
Mr. Too Damn Good
from album (Mr. Too Damn Good) by Gerald Levert
Ooooooo Yeah yeah yeah yeah Oohhhhhhh Yeah Ummmm hmmmm Guess you never know a good thing When it&.. 

Too Fast For Love
from album (Too Fast For Love) by Motley Crue
Oh no oh no Oh no oh no Living on a jet Making love to someone else's dream Say i.. 
Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
from album (Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too) by New Radicals
Consider the fact that Maybe you've been brainwashed too Many will tell you otherwise.. 
Too Long In Exile
from album (Too Long In Exile) by Van Morrison
Too long in exile Too long not singing my song Too long in exile Too long like a rolling stone Too l.. 
All Too Well
from album (All Too Well) by Joydrop
Down in the valley where the veins don't go And the tied up tigers smoke the dope And dream of r.. 
Too Much Stereo
from album (Too Much Stereo) by The Urge
Last night was a bitch for me. I didn't even see it coming. Whoa. The bad part: it was realit.. 
from album (Toon Time) by N-Toon
baby i'm takin for you but I don't want to rushin to somethings that you just ain't read.. 
Tooth And Nail
from album (Tooth And Nail) by Dokken
Desperate living- driving me mad Writings on the wall Crushed all our hopes and the dreams we once h.. 
Born Too Slow
from album (Born Too Slow (CD Single)) by The Crystal Method
Just like seventies goofballs He’s waiting on last calls Well listen to Method Man Cause if you lea.. 
Life Is Too $hort
from album (Ain't No Bitches) by Too Short
I remember how it all began I used to sing dirty raps to my East Side fans Back then I knew ya could.. 
Way Too Real
from album (Ain't No Bitches) by Too Short
[Too $hort] Way too real, Short Dog is just way too real It's the T Double, some call me $hort I.. 

from album (Life Is Too Short) by Too Short
So you mother***ers thought I was gonna change my style? - So what are you saying Todd? To all y.. 
3 Inch Tool
from album (3 Inch Tool) by Bob Rivers
(Parody of "I Only Wanna Be With You" by Hootie And The Blowfish) Little me, my nuts are.. 
Yesterday Went Too Soon
from album (Yesterday Went Too Soon) by Feeder
Sitting in today watching traffic buzzing by and faces closing in A victim of regret it glitters and.. 
All Your Jeans Were Too Tight
from album (All Your Jeans Were Too Tight) by American Music Club
Everything I say sounds clumsy and dumb Trying to make you feel better Is like trying to trick St. P.. 
You're Too Cool
from album (Too Late No Friends) by Gob
i know that you're not too enthused you've got just me around all night. i'm totally bor.. 
Before Too Long
from album (Before Too Long) by Paul Kelly
Before too long The one that you're loving Will wish that he'd never met you Before too long.. 
Never Too Far
from album (Never Too Far) by Dianne Reeves
Call from you long distance. Rang the midnight phone. Can't forget the words you've said, “.. 
Too Tough To Die
from album (Too Tough To Die) by Ramones
I am a tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tough tough guy I tell no tales I do no lie I am a tu tu tu tu tu tu.. 
Far Too Far
from album (Far Too Far) by Trespassers William
Love, don't leave a single piece of you When you go Far too far and far too cold of you If you.. 
Everything's Too Cold, But You're So Hot
from album (Rooms Too Cold) by The Early November
You’re smile’s like the sun to me So bright it’s weakening You’re so sweet But of all that you l.. 
Bazooka Tooth
from album (Bazooka Tooth) by Aesop Rock
[Verse 1] Diamond colored spine Armadillo armor that bends around the blades Bugs in the beard Ebony.. 
Born Too Late
from album (Born Too Late) by Saint Vitus
Every time I'm on the street People laugh and point at me They talk about my length of hair And.. 
A Day Is Far Too Long
from album (Sky Is Too High) by Graham Coxon
On sticks and sand, lost my money, lost my hands Blood on my brain, too much salt in my veins And.. 
A Fridge Too Far
from album (A Fridge Too Far) by G.B.H
I've seen the carnage that you've caused, smelt the power you've absorbed. Been a witnes.. 
Too Dumb For New York City
from album (Too Dumb For New York City Too Ugly For L.A.) by Waylon Jennings
When I first saw New York City I was green down to the core You could see my red neck glowing For.. 
Too Much Love
from album (Too Much Love) by Death From Above 1979
If I didn’t forget you my heart would explode. Yeah. There is too much love. Yeah way too much love.. 
Only Tools And Corpses
from album (Only Tools And Corpses) by Gorerotted
Only tools and corpses in an easy game I find live people and I play with them I love a scaloel or a.. 
Wish God Was A Woman Too
from album (Wish God Was A Woman Too) by Humane
your scent still sleeps in my bed the click and clacking from your high heels in my head and now m.. 
Too Strong Meets Business
from album (Die Drei Vonne Funkstelle) by Too Strong
Too Strong - Too Strong Meets Business (1999) bereit als Einheit in Teamarbeit ein MC bÃÂ.. 
In Too Deep
from album (In Too Deep Soundtrack) by Nas And Nature
Nature: (talking) Yo Yo Yo Son You ever felt a funny vibe What you supposed to do? And ya man's.. 
from album (Too Phat) by Too Phat Featuring KLG Squad
Chorus Now get ready it’s time for the show Time to get live and it’s time to blow. Whoa!!.. 
Morning Always Comes Too Soon (Mark Knight & Martin Ten Velden Vocal Remix)
from album (Morning Always Comes Too Soon) by Brad Carter
Once, twice Three times I would love you More than anyone can claim....nice Tonight won't last.. 
Fight With Tools
from album (Fight With Tools) by Flobots
[Spoken: Transmitted.... signals coming through? .....okay] Echo echo one-nine Hear the call throug.. 
Touch Too Much
from album ((New) Satellite Blues) by AC/DC
It was one of those nights When you turned out the lights And everything comes into view She was tak.. 
Touch Too Much (Original)
from album (Volts) by AC/DC
Yeah, yeah, yeah Bottles on the floor Room is spinnin' 'round You ask for more Me I'm [.. 
She's A Little Too Good For Me
from album (Room Service) by Bryan Adams
She got the brains - she got the looks She knows all the right people - reads all the right books Sh.. 



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