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Tell Me What You Want
from album (Human Television) by Human Television
Tell me what you want me to do Tell me what you want me to do I'll do what you want I'll do.. 
Tell Me There's A Heaven
from album (Tell Me There's A Heaven) by Chris Rea
The little girl she said to me What are these things that I can see Each night when I come home from.. 
Can't Even Tell
from album (Can't Even Tell) by Soul Asylum
I may never get what I want But I’m happy just to die trying And I hope I ain’t done nobody wrong.. 
I Can Tell
from album (I Can Tell) by Jesse Powell
(intro)-I know you want me, the way that I want you (verse 1) So why you peepin' from afar, do.. 

You Tell Me Your Dream Ill Tell You Mine
from album (Album Unknown) by The Ink Spots
You Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You MineThe Ink SpotsWritten in 1908 by Charles N. Daniels, Ja.. 
Tell It To The Telephone
from album (I Wanna Be A Star) by Chilliwack
Well I woke up in the morning one terrible day?All of my dreams had dried up and blown away?No more.. 
Dont Tell Me Lies
from album (Dont Tell Me Lies) by Breathe
Don't Tell Me LiesBreatheEvery move you made before was never meant for realOver my naivety is t.. 
You Won't Tell I Won't Tell
from album (Dangerous 12") by Busta Rhymes
featuring Greg Nice [Greg Nice] Hella hella hella 1997 style hey hey hey hey What what?.. 
Coconut Telegraph
from album (Coconut Telegraph) by Jimmy Buffett
Tuesday on the island Not much goin' on The parties are all over They ended just past dawn But t.. 
Tell Me...Tell Me, Baby
from album (Clelebrity) by 'N Sync
Oh Hold on, uh You know what? Can we back it up Just a little bit? Said I Said I Why Tell me oh.. 
Tell Me
from album (Tell Me) by Groove Theory
Tell MeGroove TheoryOh ooh ooh, yeahI've been doing my own thingLove has always had a way of hav.. 
Dont Tell Me You Love Me
from album (Dont Tell Me You Love Me) by Night Ranger
DON'T TELL ME YOU LOVE MENight RangerWritten By: Jack Blades It ain't the way you move It ai.. 
Tell Me Something
from album (Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison) by Van Morrison
You say the world is mad You say that you've been had You don't like your part in the floor.. 
I Can Tell You Wanna
from album (I Can Tell You Wanna) by 504 Boyz
I Can Tell You Wanna by 504 Boyz album: (Jamo) You ain't gotta say too much From the look in.. 

Tellin Everybody
from album (Telling Everybody) by Human Nature
Ain't no doubt about it Girl you drive me wild Seems you're wastin' over My punish.. 
Don't Need You To (Tell Me I'm Pretty)
from album (Don't Need You To (Tell Me I'm Pretty)) by Samantha Mumba
I don't need you to, tell me I'm pretty To make me feel, beautiful I don't need you to,.. 
Gotta Tell You
from album (Gotta Tell You) by Samantha Mumba
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Your love for me came as a waterfall Flowin' inside me like neve.. 
Tell Me Boy, Tell Me Girl
from album ( Greatest Freestyle Hits, Vol. 2) by Collage
I remember the night i saw you I knew that in there you were the one for me Till eternity You nev.. 
Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am
from album (Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am) by Orange Blue
There are times when the earth is trembling and we all get lost When the colours fade away and the d.. 
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
from album (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised) by Gil Scott Heron
you will not be able to stay home, brother you will not be able to plug in, turn on, and cop out you.. 
Don't Tell The Band
from album (Don't Tell The Band) by Widespread Panic
As a boy I had a gig with a travelin' show Way back in '63 We did a little pickin' for t.. 
Television, Television
from album (Oh No) by OK Go
Look at the hottie in the tight jeans, Look at the pipe dreams, Look at the fat man bursting the s.. 
Let Me Tell You
from album (Let Me Tell You) by Mike Tidwell
Verse 1. A preacher went to|| a brother one day||, said what you gone do|| if I pass away||, mans li.. 
Tell It Goodbye
from album (Tell It Goodbye) by Kyle Vincent
Who saved you when the earth shook my stands 'Cause I owed you for being the world's greate.. 
Telling Lies
from album (Telling Lies) by Katie And Breezy
You know you always tell those lies You are just like the other guys But dont you know that life is.. 
Time Shall Tell
from album (Time Sall Tell) by Therion
Death Evicerate a child Violence evokation Insousiance of life Face the truth Governments is shit.. 
Tell Me When
from album (Tell Me When) by Human League
Tell me when Will I? Tell me when Will I? Tell me when Will I see you again? Tell me when Kelly too.. 
Anti Teletubbie Lied
from album (Anti Teletubbie Lied) by Jbo
Vier dumme kleine Stoffgesellen oh, möge sie doch jemand killen ich kann die Fratzen nicht mehr seh.. 
7 Words You Can't Say On Television
from album (7 Words You Can't Say On Television) by George Carlin
I love words. I think if you're hearing my words, I wanna tell you something about words that I.. 
Tellin' Stories
from album (Tellin' Stories) by The Charlatans
Come see me in the morning Can't you see I'm tellin' stories My sweet angel's everla.. 
San Telmo 1940
from album (San Telmo) by Saratoga
Fuiste a caer a este sitio sin igual Mucho hay aqui, que debamos ocultar Los mas valientes que se qu.. 
Telescope Eyes
from album (Telescope Eyes) by Eisley
Oh, you humor me today Calling me out to play With your telescope eyes, metal teeth I can’t be s.. 
Detox Television
from album (Detox Television) by INDK
It's DTTV I got no beer in me I start to D.T. This show is so cheesy I'm feelin so bad This.. 
Tell Mama
from album (Tell Mama) by Savoy Brown
Quit my job, ain't got no money Seems I have to leave this town Packed my bags, run to the stati.. 
from album (Televise) by Calla
On, sound is on Infecting everything that is on As long as You're aware not to stare to close.. 
Dia Telah Pergi
from album (Dia Telah Pergi) by Naff
Menabur bunga Menetes air dimata Dedaun berguguran Aku bersedih Dingin hati terasa Separuh jiwaku m.. 
De Siatris Od Teloch
from album (Omega Telocvovim) by Enochian Crescent
Come bringers of sickness and death Ogiodi, Iopgna, Atoglo and Rmlaon I invoke thee evil angels Come.. 
Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest
from album (Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest!!) by Trollfest
SKÅL!!!!! JA-HAHAHA... ein, zwei, drei, vier... Nu ist es trinken tid, Der Uhr hatt schelgt kvar.. 
Don't Know What To Tell Ya
from album (I Care For You) by Aaliyah
ad-libbing hook- You wanna hand-cuff me?/well, yo I don't know what to tell ya/don't know.. 
Tell Her This
from album (Twisted) by Del Amitri
Tell her not to go I ain't holding on no more Tell her something in my mind freezes up from time.. 



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