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With Teeth
from album (With Teeth) by Nine Inch Nails
She comes along She gets inside She makes you better than anything you've tried It's in her.. 
To The Teeth
from album (To The Teeth) by Ani Difranco
the sun is setting on the century and we are armed to the teeth we're all working together now t.. 
Got Some Teeth
from album (Got Some Teeth) by Obie Trice
[Obie Trice - talking] WOO! Damn .. There's a lot of bitches up in here tonight boy I'm abou.. 
Lying Through Your Teeth
from album (Lying Through Your Teeth Single) by Head Automatica
Everybody knows you're a liar Why dont I? I just heard about your loving on the side You're.. 

Kicked In The Teeth
from album (Powerage) by AC/DC
Two faced woman with the two faced lies I hope your two faced living made you satisfied Tell me baby.. 
from album (Countdown To Ecstacy) by Steely Dan
Got a feeling I've been here before Watching as you cross the killing floor You know you'll.. 
from album (Katy Lied) by Steely Dan
Who are these children Who scheme and run wild Who speak with their wings And the way that they smil.. 
Born With Teeth
from album (Cock Robin) by Cock Robin
It's not pretty, though it never is But nothing that's too hard to bear Pay no attention to.. 
Cyber Teeth Tigers
from album (Who Got The Gravy?) by Digital Underground
[Featuring KRS One] Yeah.. aiyyo Kris tell em whassup though [KRS One] Yo.. yo yo! One.. 
Pulling Teeth
from album (Dookie) by Green Day
I'm all busted up Broken bones and nasty cuts Accidents will happen But this time I can't.. 
(Anesthesia)--Pulling Teeth
from album (Kill 'Em All) by Metallica
(Bass instrumental).. 
Don't Forget Your Teeth
from album (Always Read The Label) by Fatboy Slim
Come forward and get your teeth Come forward and get your teeth smoked smoked smoked smoked smoked.. 
Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth
from album (Fly Shit) by Playa Fly
Wakin shakin the early morn Playa Flizay you know its on Nappy Hair and some golden teeth.. 
Hang My Teeth On Your Door
from album (Low Estate) by 16 Horsepower
your sympathy is my simple joy your bossom my mobile home free from the thunder that tore m.. 

Skin O' My Teeth
from album (Countdown To Extinction) by Megadeth
Dave Mustaine I had wrists donning slits Flowing constantly My broken body in a wreck Wrapped aroun.. 
Shoehorn With Teeth
from album (Lincoln) by They Might Be Giants
He wants a shoehorn, the kind with teeth People should get beat up for stating their beliefs He want.. 
from album (Hips And Makers) by Kristin Hersh
I could get a piece of meat from a barren tree nothing ever spoiled on me You brought this you dipsh.. 
With Teeth
from album (Lysol) by Melvins
You got the part that's slippin' now It's a tiny bit nasty But it's a part now jus.. 
Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
from album (The Lonesome, Crowded West) by Modest Mouse
From the top of the ocean - Yeah From the bottom of the sky -Goddamn Well I get claustrophobic I can.. 
Crooked Teeth
from album (Plans) by Death Cab For Cutie
It was one hundred degrees As we sat beneath a willow tree Whose tears didn't care, they just h.. 
Reduced To Teeth
from album (Say Hello To Sunshine) by Finch
Behind a mask, a man can bask only For so long before being exposed To the sun The moon is up, a whi.. 
My Shiny Teeth And Me
from album (Album Unknown) by Chip Skylark
Verse 1 When I'm feelin lonley as sad as I can be all by my self in an uncharted island or an en.. 
Summer Teeth
from album (Summerteeth) by Wilco
Like a cloud his fingers explode On the typewriter ribbon, the shadow grows His hearts in a bowl beh.. 
Fistful Of Teeth
from album (War Party) by Gwar
Too soon the killing was over The stench of death was all that remained Death he commands in this po.. 
Estrogen Oxygen Aches In The Teeth Again
from album (The Red Record) by Loudermilk
birthing a nation we just can't fail out of the entrace so lost and so frail if i wasn't wit.. 
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
from album (I Love Christmas) by Spike Jones And His City Slickers
Entire song is done in a falsetto little boy's voice and on most sibilant "S"'s, a.. 
Kick In The Teeth
from album (Road To Rouen) by Supergrass
It's a kick in the teeth Can make it hard to smile I'm turning to a dirty dastard style What.. 
Only Teethin'
from album (Tellin' Stories) by Charlatans UK
I've been lookin' to save the city; looks like the biggest thing, and now you seem like you&.. 
Perfect Teeth
from album (I Am The Movie) by Motion City Soundtrack
someday i fear i will be rescued from the boredom line with lack of memory i fail to question why wi.. 
Revenge Tastes Like Blood And Broken Teeth
from album (Mercury Lift) by Haste
Parade your black-heart, a Judas kiss laced with nicotine. With a chance to know you, some parts are.. 
Porcelain Hearts And Hammers For Teeth
from album (Anvil Pinata) by The Bled
I'd burn alive to keep you warm when you're alone. Shiver under blankets in the basement whe.. 
Acid *** And Marble Teeth (You-Phoria)
from album (The Symmetry Of I The Circle) by ...And Oceans
...and still I dream about the colors Or was it smoke that surrounded my thoughts When I was sittin.. 
Cheap Teeth
from album (The Manifesto) by Goldie Lookin' Chain
Loadsa cheese, loadsa cheddar, loadsa cheese... I want a ***y *** vampire to touch me up Allll d.. 
A Kick In The Teeth
from album (Odyssey) by Fischerspooner
Sawing, With my jaw tooth down. Guarded, Down upside frown. I‘m, I‘m looking for a pill, Somethi.. 
Gnashing Of Teeth
from album (Right Time) by Mighty Diamonds
Weeping and wailing and mourning And gnashing of teeth, Ah ah, Weeping and wailing and mourning.. 
Only Teething
from album (Tellin' Stories) by The Charlatans
I've been lookin' to save the city, Looks like the biggest thing And now you seem like you&#.. 
Right Through Your Teeth
from album (Reinventing A Lost Art) by Tokyo Rose
What would you do if you were me? Impatience wears so easily. How many times is a second chance? Can.. 
Grit Your Teeth
from album (Ahead) by Disharmonic Orchestra
Your votes go To him who Made it look As shiny as his teeth Don't waste All your good time By re.. 
Teeth In The Grass
from album (Our Endless Numbered Days) by Iron & Wine
And when you give me your clothes And when we’re lovers at last Fresh air, perfume in your nose.. 
Skin O' My Teeth
from album (They Will Return) by Kalmah
I had wrists donning slits Flowing constantly My broken body in a wreck Wrapped around a tree A cros.. 

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