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Let There Be Light/ Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
from album (Spirits Dancing In The Flesh) by Santana
Chorus: Let there be light Let there be joy Let there be love And understanding Let there be peace.. 
from album (Spirit) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Many years has passed and a day Still we walk, in the path That leads, to the light Shining down,.. 
Celtic Spirit
from album (Celtic Spirit) by Blind Guardian
Hear my cry in my hungering search for you Taste my breath on the wind See the sky as it mirrors my.. 
Terminal Spirit Disease
from album (Terminal Spirit Disease) by At The Gates
Can you feel the pain I feel? I've lost all sense of what is real I'm lost, in a world I det.. 

Spirit Dreams Inside
from album (Final Fantasy: Spirits Within) by L'Arc-En-Ciel
I wake from a nightmare now In the day it haunts me It slowly tears me apart With dreams of a distan.. 
from album (Spiritech) by Alchemist
[intro with dude talking] We offer you the key to your spirituality, the answer that links us to ou.. 
I Worship You In The Spirit
from album (I Worship You In The Spirit) by Shekinah Glory Ministries
Spiritual Healing
from album (Spiritual Healing) by Death
Always blocking the doors to your mind Escaping the reality that surrounds you Using faith as an exc.. 
That Spirit Of Christmas
from album (The Spirit Of Christmas) by Chuck Brown
Christmas is the time of year To be with the ones you love Sharing so much joy and cheer What a wond.. 
Spiritus Sanctus
from album (Spiritus Sanctus) by Cargo
Nu cred ca-mi pasa, dar seara iar se lasa Nu-mi vine nici sa ies din casa NU e o gluma, cerul ca de.. 
Spirit Never Dies
from album (Spirit Never Dies) by Masterplan
There was a place - a little town Where we used to play and laugh around We went too far - reaching.. 
Hengittömiltä Hengiltä (From The Dead People's Spirit)
from album (Spirit Of The Forest) by Korpiklaani
Virui vanha tainnoksissa Noidan vita tehdessansä Sielun tietä etsimässä Tuolta tuonelan metsäst.. 
The Spirit Of Ukko
from album (The Spirit Of Ukko) by Kiuas
Greetings, we are here tonight To bring the flames of Ukko to your hearts On this black night the st.. 
The Emptiness Of Spirit
from album (Spirits And August Light) by Omnium Gatherum
How many paths must a man walk down until you call him a man - and if it isn't good i understand.. 

Binding Of The Spirit Onto Earth
from album (Binding Of The Spirit) by Throes Of Dawn
There is a tragedy deep within this soul A dark aura made of stones of sadness and vast void of long.. 
Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
from album (Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be) by Stormlord
Roma I Hail your timeless glory overwhelming's your might (no) mortal man stood against you the.. 
Ancient Spirit Rising
from album (Ancient Spirit Rising) by Domine
[I. A Moment Frozen In Time] When I long for the truth When I search for my youth That's when I.. 
The Spirit Of The Hawk
from album (Hold Me For A While) by Rednex
Wa-hey, wa-hey, wa-hey, Hey-um ah hey-ah mama hey-ah mama ya-hay ah mia oh wa-hey. The spir.. 
from album (Different Stages) by Rush
Inspired by 'The Spirit of Radio' in Toronto, alive and well (so far). Words by Neil Peart,.. 
Spirit In The Night
from album (Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.) by Bruce Springsteen
Crazy Janey and her mission man Were back in the alley tradin' hands 'Long came Wild Billy.. 
My Life (Through The Spirit In Your Eyes)
from album (Angel) by Jon Secada
I know, I know now, I understand But if you hear me, were there any words I could have said to make.. 
Spirit Voices
from album (Rhythm Of The Saints) by Paul Simon
We sailed up a river wide as a sea And slept on the banks On the leaves of a banyan tree And all of.. 
from album (Beyond Appearances) by Santana
One day you¡¯re up, next day You¡¯re down Where does it end War in the east, war in the south.. 
When Spirits Rise
from album (Street Fighting Years) by Simple Minds
Instrumental Words And Music : Simple Minds Reproduced without permission.. 
The Spirit Of Life
from album (Love And The Russian Winter) by Simply Red
Are you the best? Or the equal of every man on this earth? I introspect. I can have anything that I.. 
Spiritual Fantasy
from album (A Fool's Fantasy) by Steppenwolf
Humanity grew weary Of it's doubtful state of mind So it summoned from far and near All the wise.. 
Spirits In The Material World
from album (De Do Do Do) by The Police
There is no political solution To our troubled evolution Have no faith in constitution There is no b.. 
Spirit Of Survival
from album (Magnification) by Yes
In this world the gods have lost their way Can't keep this picture from out of my mind This fea.. 
Spiritual High (State Of Independence)
from album (The Best Of) by The Pretenders
This isn't actually recorded by Pretenders, but by Moodswings with Chrissie Hyne (the Pretenders.. 
from album (Trial By Fire) by Journey
We are one, we are one Distant rhythm in a troubled sky Angry clouds divide the sun Feels like th.. 
Spirit In The Dark
from album (30 Greatest Hits) by Aretha Franklin
I-I'm gettin' the spirit in the dark - um-hum-hum I'm gettin' the spirit in the dark.. 
Spirit Of The Underdog
from album (Start From The Dark) by Europe
Seen you round I know your face Watched you try to grow up with grace Seen that heart out on your sl.. 
Spiritual Walkers
from album (In Square Circle) by Stevie Wonder
They knock on your door You laugh in their face They tell you it¡¯s time to pray They give you a b.. 
Spirits Rebellious
from album (The Eyes Of Alice Cooper) by Alice Cooper
I can`t do right when all I wanna do is wrong My conscience sounds alarm like the waning of a Chines.. 
The Spirit Moves Me
from album (Stereopathetic Soulmanure) by Beck
Walkin' back to the burnin' schoolhouse And the kids drinkin' in the park Late at night.. 
from album (Country Roads Collection) by John Denver
This song appears on three albums, and was first released on the Windsong album, and also on the The.. 
Spirits Having Flown
from album ((The Lights Went Out In) Massachussets) by The Bee Gees
Spirits Having FlownBee GeesI never fell in love so easilyWhere the four winds blow I carry onI'.. 
from album (Introduce Yourself) by Faith No More
She looked at me and did the bosa nova I smiled at her and then just walked away then the lights cam.. 
Rich Man's Spiritual
from album (Lightfoot!) by Gordon Lightfoot
Gonna but me a long white robe Yes Lord to help me home I'm gonna buy me a long white robe Yes L.. 
Operation Spirit
from album (Mental Jewelry) by Live
Heard a lot of talk about the ocean Heard a lot of talk about the sea Heard a lot of talk about a lo.. 

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