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Fantastic Voyage
from album (Fantastic Voyage) by Coolio
Come on y'all let's take a ride don't you say shit just get inside It's time to take.. 
Soy Como Quiero Ser
from album (Soy Como Quiero Ser) by Luis Miguel
Soy como quiero ser, sin mandatos ni fronteras, soy como quiero ser, la que quiera, que me quiera la.. 
Je Suis Voyou
from album (Je Suis Voyou) by Georges Brassens
Ci-gît au fond de mon cœur une histoire ancienne, Un fantôme, un souvenir d'une que j'aim.. 
Voy A Pasarmelo Bien
from album (Voy A Pasarmelo Bien) by Hombres G
Hoy me he levantado dando un salto mortal He echado un par de huevos a mi sarten Dando volteretas he.. 

No Soy De Ti
from album (No Soy De Ti) by Lil' Rob
You know ever since you've been gone I find myself unable to sleep at night To some people it.. 
Dicen Que Soy
from album (Dicen Que Soy) by India
Así Soy Yo
from album (Así Soy Yo) by David Bustamante
Asi soy yo (x4) Es q en cada paso yo te siento al caminar Eres mi poesia la razon para soñar Es q e.. 
Soy Tu Nena
from album (Soy Tu Nena) by Emanuel Horvilleur
Efervescente como sirena como la nena que viene y que pide mas mas poesias yo no te puedo dar vos so.. 
Bon Voyage!
from album (Bon Voyage!) by Bon-Bon Blanco
BON VOYAGE! mabushii hikari o mezashite bokura no KIRAMEKI wa shizumanai taiyou yukou hito kakera no.. 
No Soy***
from album (No Soy***) by Magmamix
I Wanna be a Cowboy, and you could be my cowgirl Cierro el ojo al salir, pero no soy***. Me corto.. 
Soy Evangelico
from album (No Soy***) by Magmamix
Soy ejecutivo de ventas de dios (2x) tengo mi terno, tengo mi banjo tengo mi pandero, me pongo a cam.. 
Soy Paranoico
from album (No Soy***) by Magmamix
Soy paranoico, soy paranoico soy paranoico, soy paranoico Mi vecino hijo de puta me avisó mi vecin.. 
Soy Un Otaku
from album (No Soy***) by Magmamix
Soy un otaku Soy un otaku Soy un otaku Soy un otaku El Gokú en mi repisa me miró El Gokú en.. 
Voy A Buscarte
from album (Voy A Buscarte) by Ivan Noble
En el borde de una herida que no duerme a la orilla de la sombra del dolor, empiezo a calmar mis pie.. 

Jo No Soy De Aqui
from album (Jo No Soy De Aqui) by Analia Selis
Miro para atras, cuando no me duele mirar Tanto que jo ande, tantos son los que deje. No era un ilus.. 
Soy Asi
from album (Soy Asi) by Valentin Elizalde
Valentin Elizalde Soy Asi Eso que tu me pides es imposible yo se que no he nacido para rey ni para.. 
from album (The Best Of Voyage) by Voyage
Souvenirs are signs that take you away Souvenirs will make you leave here today For a world of joy a.. 
from album (Claire Voyant) by Claire Voyant
If you become the odds educated in words around the starless nights you write and you are speaking t.. 
from album (Claire Voyant) by Claire Voyant
Sunlight moves through darkened halls the same voice is calling me home time goes back and round aga.. 
I Love You Dancer
from album (Voyage 3) by Voyage
I love you, dancer (I love you) All around the world You sweet romancer I want you, dancer (I want.. 
The Voyager
from album (Afternoons In Utopia) by Alphaville
now, she's touched the earth - you feel her love pouring down like an endless rain of colours.. 
Soy Una Mujer (Fading Like A Flower)
from album (Baladas En Espanol) by Roxette
Puede ser qua la tonta sea yo qua sin saberio algo fall¨®. Puede que si ... puede que no. E] caso.. 
Yo Me Voy
from album (Mis Mejores Canciones-17 Super) by Selena
Yo s¨¦ que usted tiene algo que decirme Y no encuentra c¨®mo hacerlo, tal vez porque siente mie.. 
Yo Me Voy (English Translation)
from album (Mis Mejores Canciones-17 Super) by Selena
"I'm Leaving" ---------------------------------------------------- Please rememb.. 
Soy Amiga
from album (Siempre Selena) by Selena
Vuelvo a amanecer perdida, perdida en la obscuridad Me quedo aqu¨ª pensando, sonando que est¨¢s.. 
Soy Amiga (English Translation)
from album (Siempre Selena) by Selena
"I'm A Friend" ----------------------------------------------- Please remember! This.. 
Voyage To Atlantis
from album (Go For Your Guns) by The Isley Brothers
Can I go on my way without you can I know If I go on my way without you Whoa...where woul.. 
Si Voy A Perderte
from album (Cuts Both Ways) by Gloria Estefan
Por Ultima vez Tenemos que hablar Mejor que sea ya, pues mi valor Me puede faltar Por mas que trate.. 
Mary Jane (I'm In Love With)
from album (Fantastic Voyage) by Coolio
she's my inspiration my part time occupation the catalyst and my consumation in my quest for ed.. 
Too Hot
from album (Fantastic Voyage) by Coolio
Everybody listen up cuz I'm about to get my speak on Fools be trippin' when it's time to.. 
Fantastic Voyage (Timber Mix)
from album (It Takes A Thief) by Coolio
Aight (uhh yeah oh yeah that's right... peace!) (yeah yeah that's the ticket) C.. 
The Voyage
from album (The Ghosts That Haunt Me) by Crash Test Dummies
It may be that I'd like to But I won't fall in love with you We won't spend the rest of.. 
from album (Bette Davis Eyes) by Kim Carnes
When voices through the thin walls speak of aberrant behavior and the video's her only savior sh.. 
I Want To Give (Ahora Que Soy Libre)
from album (And I Love You So) by Perry Como
I want to give I want to give my love to you completely.... I beg of you, I beg of you to listen to.. 
All I Ever Need
from album (Voyeur) by Berlin
You can't kiss a yacht Or cuddle a Rolls Have a fight with a mansion Or hug your pole You can.. 
Blink Of An Eye
from album (Voyeur) by Berlin
I believe in the one love nation I believe in the human integration I believe that there's magic.. 
from album (Voyeur) by Berlin
I was fine, I was alone and I was strong Now you're here and I'm so weird, it must be love N.. 
Lost My Mind
from album (Voyeur) by Berlin
I need you When I look at the lines on my face And the little kid behind my eyes I want you When I.. 
from album (Voyeur) by Berlin
Beneath the silver sun It's dark and life's begun Thousands strong Feel as one Lights and se.. 
The World Is Waiting
from album (Voyeur) by Berlin
She never sleeps, never laughs, never feels the sun And when you ask her how she is Tired and broken.. 

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