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We're The Pet Shop Boys
from album (Between Two Islands) by Pet Shop Boys
Suburbia's a slipstream to a memory of a time when you were close to me I pretend I'm there.. 
from album (Actually) by Pet Shop Boys
(Tennant/Lowe) ----------- We're buying and selling your history How we go about it is no myster.. 
from album (Shoplifter) by Green Day
Shoplifter You'll Never Learn When You Commit The Crime Shoplifter Your Getting Burned And Now Y.. 
Pawn Shoppe Heart
from album (Pawn Shoppe Heart) by Von Bondies
I found my heart In a pawn shop, baby You took me for dead - dead By the way - you still I am wa.. 

The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughter)
from album (Our Favourite Shop) by The Style Council
Dont get settled in this place The lodgers terms are a disgrace No peace for the wicked - only war.. 
Coffee Shop
from album (One Hot Minute) by Red Hot Chili Peppers
I am just a lousy bum Searching for the unknown crumb The crumb the crumb Something or someone to co.. 
Shop Around
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Just because you've become a young woman now There's still some things that you don't un.. 
Video Shop
from album (Think Visual) by The Kinks
The local factory's been pulled down By an overseas corporation Now all of my brothers are loo.. 
Shop Around
from album (Do That To Me One More Time) by The Captain & Tennille
Just because you've become a young woman now There's still some things that you don't un.. 
Shoppin' For Clothes
from album (50 Coastin' Classics: Anthology) by The Coasters
I was shopping for a suit the other day And walked into the department store I stepped on the elevat.. 
from album (Everything To Everyone) by Bare*** Ladies
Well you know it's going to be all right I think it's going to be alright Everything will al.. 
Shopping Bags (She Got From You)
from album (The Grind Date) by De La Soul
(We not goin to JC Penney's, we not goin to Macy's either) [Chorus: Daniel Wallace] Shoppin.. 
Baby's Gone Shopping
from album (Hot Water) by Jimmy Buffett
Baby's gone shoppin' she's lookin' around She's checkin' out the boys and th.. 
Shopping Bag Lady
from album (Power In The Music) by The Guess Who
City lights and the pretty sights beckoned you to roam, Leavin’ now and you’re knowin’ how, you’.. 

Shop Around
from album (Album Unknown) by The Miracles
Shop AroundCaptain & TennilleWords and Music: William "Smokey" Robinson and Berry Gord.. 
Girl From The Pawn Shop
from album (Sho' Nuff) by Black Crowes
With a pawnshop eyes and a second hand frown she sat silent at the table Her boots were brown, shoul.. 
Gift Shop
from album (Trouble At The Henhouse) by The Tragically Hip
the beautiful lull, the dangerous tug we get to feel small from high up above and after a glimpse ov.. 
Pawn Shop
from album (Sublime) by Sublime
Down there at the pawn shop It's a nifty place to shop What has been sold is not stri.. 
Closin' Down Shop
from album (Bossalinie) by C-Murder Featuring Soulja Slim & Magic
Intro (Talking) C-Murder: Say Magic, Slim bro, nigga we gotta go ahead and close that little quarte.. 
Freedom Like A Shopping Cart
from album (Heavy Petting Zoo) by NOFX
A Christian an anarchist slash prostitute figures out the true meaning of freedom Not freedom like A.. 
Coffee Shop
from album (High Society) by Kottonmouth Kings
We love it in the palace when we smokin' off the chalice, Quiet as a mouse on the couch we sit,.. 
Homer At The Springfield Shopper
from album (Bagged Me A Homer) by The Simpsons
I like pizza. I like bagels. I like hot-dogs with mustard and beer. I could eat egg-plants. I could.. 
Go Shoppin'
from album (Discosis) by Bran Van 3000
Follow me go shopping Me go shopping Gonna follow me go shopping Then me go shopping with you Broo.. 
More Shopping
from album (Discosis) by Bran Van 3000
Momus : Moloch passed the message to the Behemoth Whose master passed it on to Zebedee It was sent b.. 
Little Shop Of Horrors
from album (Take Your Time EP *) by Shabazz The Disciple
* EP on Red Hook Records. [Intro] At 3:47 more than 150 rounds of ammunition were fire.. 
Closin Down Shop
from album (Bossalinie) by C Murder
[Featuring Soulja Slim Magic] Intro (Talking) C Murder: Say Magic Slim bro nigga we go.. 
Coffee Shoppe
from album (Lost) by Eightball
[Featuring Redman] [Redman Talking] You are now witnessing the effects of the BUDDHA! Y.. 
Window Shopper
from album (Follow Me Gangster) by 50 Cent
(Intro) Ohh The top feels so much better than the bottom So much better (Chorus) Ja you's a win.. 
Candy Shop
from album (Valentine Day's Massacre) by 50 Cent
[Intro - 50 Cent] Yeah! Uh huh! So seductive! [Chorus - 50 Cent & (Olivia)] I'll take you t.. 
The *** Shop
from album (As Nasty As They Wanna Be) by 2 Live Crew
"I know a place just down there two streets. Baby, they'll ask you no questions and.. 
The Splak Shop
from album (Greatest Hits) by 2 Live Crew
Verse 1: Brother Marquis I won't take a bitch to my house Don't have to see where I.. 
Barber Shop
from album (Foreign Affairs) by Tom Waits
Good morning Mister, snip snip snip With your hair cut just as short as mine Good morning Mister, sn.. 
from album (BEST...1) by The Smiths
Learn to love me Assemble the ways Now, today, tomorrow and always My only weakness is a list of.. 
Window Shopper
from album (Curb) by Nickelback
Forevers a lonely time and the dogs aren't always Aren't always on my mind Cause I didn'.. 
Wreck Shop
from album (Down With The King) by Run-D.M.C.
We wreck shop, you know we wreck shop (3X) You know we know we know we wreck shop We wreck shop, y.. 
Window Shopping For Blinds
from album (Quench) by The Beautiful South
(Heaton/Rotheray) One day I'm loaded, next day I'm broke Spent all my money on whisky and co.. 
El Shopping
from album (Miami) by Babasonicos
Mentes maestras nos tienen atontados, dicen: "entrá que está climatizado", y esto aparen.. 
Couldn't Do It (Happy Shopper Mix)
from album (Tu-Plang) by Regurgitator
if i could calculate a score of unbelievable acts stand my head juggle three alley cats take out the.. 
Thrift Shop Junkie
from album (Firme) by Voodoo Glow Skulls
everyday when i go to school people say i look like a fool- they don't like the way i dress- hey.. 

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