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Can't Lose What You Never Had
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
baby you´re so beautiful and when i´m near you i can´t breathe a girl.. 
Change The World
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
since you´ve gone, well it seems like everything is wrong and deep inside, i know that i&.. 
Don't Calm The Storm
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
You say you need some time on your own You say we should put our love on hold But, baby, do.. 
Everybody Knows
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
It's never too hard to find the words The words to say to you You make it so easy just to tal.. 

Fool Again
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
Baby, I know the story I've seen the pictur.. 
I Don´t Wanna Fight
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
i don´t wanna fight... i can´t sleep everything i ever knew is a lie, without y.. 
I Don't Wanna Fight
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
I can´t sleep everything i ever knew is a lie, without you I can´t breathe When.. 
I Need You
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
baby baby i swear to you baby baby i´m here for you i don´t know why why i did.. 
If I Let You Go
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
Day after day Time pass away And I just can't get you out my mind Nobody knows I hide it inside.. 
If Tomorrow Never Comes
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
Sometimes late at night I lie awake and watch her sleeping She's lost in peaceful dreams So I.. 
Let's Make Tonight Special
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
I'll give the world to make you mine 'Cause I can't go on without you this time.. 
Miss You
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
i can´t sleep, i just can´t breathe when your shadow is all over me baby don´t wanna be, a fool.. 
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
if i die tonight, i´d go with no regrets if it´s in your arms i know that i was.. 
More Than Words
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
Saying I love you Is not the words I want to hear from you It's not that I want you.. 

No No
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
once we had it all for the taking love was just me and you you better think twice about the plans.. 
Open Your Heart
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
i didn´t mean yo let you down you have to believe it i don´t know what went thr.. 
Seasons In The Sun
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
Goodbye to you my trusted friend We've known each other since we were nine or ten Together we.. 
Swear It Again
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
I wanna know who ever told you I was letting go of the only joy that I have ever known girl, they.. 
Try Again
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
Hush now don't you cry, There will be a better day I promise you. We can work it out But.. 
Until The End Of Time
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
Until the end of time I'm longing for you And if you feel the same Then show me your.. 
We Are One
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
two very different people too scared to get along till two hearts beat together underneath one sun o.. 
What I Want Is What I've Got
from album (Westlife) by Westlife
all that i want in my life is the feeling of peace deep within me truly i took a chance i let go i.. 
from album (In The Shadows) by Mercyful Fate
[Music & lyrics by King Diamond] When the darkness eats away the day And the moon bears witness.. 
Illusions (Shadows Are Security)
from album (Shadows Are Security) by As I Lay Dying
How could i ever go back.... back to the life where i lived amongst the dead those who have forgo.. 
Sweet Shadows
from album (Sweet Shadows) by Daughter Darling
April how dare you Bring me a life new And now I sit and stare Soul bare, soul bare, soul bare He s.. 
The Summoning Of Shadows
from album (Shadows Of Old) by Aeternus
Thundering chains of truth Entwining the immortal souls Of those darkened through eras Of hatred - w.. 
World Of Shadows
from album (Tall Shadows) by The Floating Men
Don't say a word Words won't change things 'Cause if I thought it was right, you could s.. 
The World Where Shadows Come To Life
from album (The World Where Shadows Come To Life) by Archontes
I see the Starlight And I feel the pain So it's been And shall be tomorrow My wings are clipped.. 
In Memory Of Shadows' Madame
from album (The Shadows Madame) by Cadaveria
Diaphanous figure who silent rides death's wisdom It's said you came when the weary sky was.. 
In Shadows & Dust
from album (In Shadows & Dust) by Kataklysm
in shadows & dust... in shadows & dust... as i walk through the valley of shadows & dus.. 
Shadows Temple
from album (Shadows Temple) by Moi Dix Mois
Shadow's dream of truth and false. You were selected to be on this stage by a stroke of fate... 
Suffer The Shadows
from album (Shadows) by Creepmime
I'm seeing the parts in me that which I hate to see suffer the shadows suffer the shadows The c.. 
Shadows In The Deep
from album (Shadows In The Deep) by Unleashed
Shadows in the deep, once flesh and blood Promised to finally see the light Taking farewell of this.. 
Ghosts And Shadows
from album (Ghosts And Shadows) by Civic
Calm your eyes and throw them to the storm. Wrap them in cold fire and call them your own. Stop your.. 
In Shadows Lost From The Brave
from album (In Shadows Lost From The Brave) by Saint Deamon
Trapped in the dark where the sun dont shine No one escapes from these eyes Hes chasing you down Unt.. 
Shadows Of Darkness
from album (Shadows Of Darkness) by Emerald Sky
Sea of Spirit, wasted on the sands Dunes too high, run deep across the land Ou, Desert Child See th.. 
Masquerade Of Shadows
from album (Masquerade Of Shadows) by Misteria
masquerade of shadows in my head masquerade of shadows in my mind in the theatre of disillusion in a.. 
Shadows Of The Big Man
from album (The Blue Café) by Chris Rea
Oh you've been so long In the shadows of the big man How long can you take it How far can you go.. 
Love In The Shadows
from album (Alice In Wonderland) by Neil Sedaka
In the shadows You get to know your lover mostly by feel Got to put your faith in things you can tou.. 
from album (Blondes Have More Fun) by Rod Stewart
(Eddie Holland / Lamont Dozier / Brian Holland) Standing in the shadows of love I'm getting rea.. 



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