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Say, Say, Say
from album (2000 Watts) by Michael Jackson
(Paul) Say Say Say What you want But don't play games With my affection Take take take What you.. 
Say Say Say
from album (After The Ball/Million Miles) by Paul McCartney
SAY, SAY, SAY- words and music by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson- as recorded by Paul McCartney.. 
Say Say Say
from album (Album Unknown) by Hi Tack
(i waited for Chorus All alone I sit home by the phone I waited for you... baby!.. 
More Than Words Can Say
from album (More Than Words Can Say) by Alias
Here I am at six o'clock in the morning Still thinking about you It's still hard, at six o&#.. 

Say The Word
from album (Say The Word) by Arcadia
There's a skill It's nothing we could learn at school With a will To survive and make this r.. 
Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight
from album (Decade Of Rock & Roll) by REO Speedwagon
Here I come again I don't really care to turn back Trying to find you directions But I seem to b.. 
Say You Say Me
from album (All Night Long (All Night)) by Lionel Richie
SAY YOU, SAY ME Lionel Richie (Chorus:) Say you, say me; say it for always That's the way it sh.. 
from album (Back To Front) by Lionel Richie
(Chorus:) Say you, say me; say it for always That's the way it should be Say you, say me; say it.. 
Don't Say No
from album (Don't Say No) by Billy Squier
We live in confusion times---my world is a vice Nobody gets out alive...but you can break through th.. 
More Than I Can Say
from album (Easy To Love) by Leo Sayer
Oh oh yea yea I love you more than I can say I'll love you twice as much tomorrow Oh love you m.. 
Say You Will
from album (Say You Will) by Fleetwood Mac
Something in you brought out something in me That I've never been since That part of me that was.. 
Say It
from album (Say It) by Voices Of Theory
Oh-ohoh-ohoh oh-ohoh-ohohoh oh-ohoh-ohoh Am I givin enough, is it all it sould be When the water ge.. 
Don't Say It's Over
from album (Don't Say It's Over) by White Lion
You say goodbye 'Cause you can't take no more I guess I've seen you cry A thousand times.. 
Never Say Never
from album (Never Say Never) by Brandy
Who would thought a guy Would want a girl like me Who would ever thought that I Would fal.. 

Children Say
from album (Children Say) by Level 42
I keep to myself what I might share with others but they don't seem to understand I open my m.. 
Kiss And Say Goodbye
from album (Kiss And Say Goodbye) by The Manhattans
Kiss and Say GoodbyeThe Manhattans[Spoken]This has got to be the saddest day of my lifeI called you.. 
God Says No
from album (God Says No) by Monster Magnet
Fireing my friend But I come back again and again I just can't pretend One more step and I'l.. 
Say What You Say
from album (The Eminem Show) by Eminem
Intro (Dre) Oh, so I'm out the game, huh (Eminem) Yo Dre, we ridin'? (Dre) Whatever... (Emin.. 
Jane Says
from album (Jane Says) by Jane's Addiction
Jane says I'm done with Sergio He treats me like a ragdoll She hides The television Says "I.. 
Don't Say Goodnight, Say Good Morning
from album (Reba Nell Mcentire) by Reba McEntire
Thought we could make it on our own Looks like we didn't get too far Love has found its way back.. 
Say My Name
from album (Say My Name) by Xzibit
Don't Say No, Just Say Yes
from album (Ecstacy) by Avant
Oh... yes.... oh babe.. yes babe...(x2) Open your heart and let me pour my love inside of you (ins.. 
Say What You Want (All Day, Every Day) (Extended Mix)
from album (Say What You Want 12") by Texas
featuring Wu-Tang Clan [Verse 1] Method Man As I walk in the shadow of death 16 men o.. 
Time To Say Goodbye
from album (Time To Say Goodbye) by Sarah Brightman
If You Can't Say Love
from album (If You Can't Say Love) by Visionaries
[CHORUS] (Since you were) always here (I even) wrote the songs (and all the) time we shared and.. 
Don't Say You Love Me (single)
from album (Don't Say You Love Me [CD SINGLE]) by M2M
Verse 1: Got introduced to you by a friend You were cute and all that baby you set the tre.. 
Say Won't You Say
from album (Breathe On Me) by Jennifer Knapp
Oh say won't You say Say that You love me with love ever, love, love everlasting All my devotion.. 
He Say She Say
from album (Runaway Slave) by Showbiz & A.G.
[A.G.] He say she say brothers be yapping Running they mouths and don't even know wha.. 
Before We Say Goodbye
from album (Before We Say Goodbye) by 2Ge+her
Before we say goodbye Before we turn and walk away Lets give it one more try Before we say goodbye.. 
Say It (Don't Spray It)
from album (Before We Say Goodbye) by 2Ge+her
Girl, I can't understand you It's like reading a big fat book in Hebrew I can tell by the wa.. 
I've Got Something To Say
from album (I've Got Something To Say) by Reef
I've Got Something To Say We have come a long way After all the things that we have been throu.. 
Never Say Die
from album (Never Say Die) by Black Sabbath
People going nowhere, taken for a ride Looking for the answers that they know inside Searching for a.. 
Sayap-Sayap Patah
from album (Bintang Lima) by Dewa 19
Sayangku ku mohon tetap disini temani jasadku,yang belum mati rohku melayang, tak kembali bila kau p.. 
Say Something
from album (Say Something) by Ellis Paul
Carrie's a cold one, colder than the winter sun I should warn you, you better dress for it And.. 
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me
from album (Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me) by Faith Hill Featuring Tim McGraw
If I could win your heart If you'd let me in your heart I'd be so happy, baby Just for these.. 
Can't Say No
from album (Can't Say No) by Poe
It ain't so much a question Of not knowing what to do I've known what's right and wrong.. 
To Say Or Not To Say
from album (Album Unknown) by Minus One
You Gotta Say Yes
from album (You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess) by Yello
One two three A little fool I want to be Two three four You can give me more Five six seven I don.. 
Don't Say Goodbye
from album (Don't Say Goodbye) by Paulina Rubio
The circle of the moon The rising of the sun We'll be together soon Our story's just begun T.. 
What I Really Meant To Say
from album (What I Really Meant To Say) by Cyndi Thomson
It took me by surprise When I saw you standing there Close enough to touch Breathing the same air.. 



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