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from album (Mescalero) by ZZ Top
Mescalero es lo que quiero Combinacion peligroso Y es nada especial Este cosa es bueno, I know, I.. 
Secret Messages
from album (Secret Messages) by Electric Light Orchestra
A moving stream of information That is floating on the wind The secrets never end And now they call,.. 
Another Shoulder At The Wheel
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Gary Burr/John Jarrard) There are times when the winds blow every word I cry back again And it get.. 
Do You Wanna Make Something Of It
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Bob DiPiero/Terry Anderson) There's a little bitty flame burnin?deep in my heart You wanna mak.. 

He'd Never Seen Julie Cry
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Max T. Barnes/Leslie Winn Satcher) His heart was tougher than a piece of leather Had a will carved.. 
Heads Carolina, Tails California
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Tim Nichols/Mark D. Sanders) Baby, what do you say we just get lost? Leave this one horse townlike.. 
I Didn't Have To Leave You
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Jill Wood) Remember me The one who picked up all the pieces, me The one whos love for you increase.. 
Let It Go
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Will Rambeaux/Jamie Kyle/Ron Bloom) Still thristy But the well has run dry I could fill it with te.. 
On A Wing And A Prayer
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
She sits in the dark Quietly cursing him and this love While she's rehearsing every line She'.. 
Walk To The Light
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Walt Aldridge) I've never been one to believe much in ghosts, But to tell you the truth now, m.. 
You're Not In Kansas Anymore
from album (Jo Dee Messina) by Jo Dee Messina
(Tim Nichols/Zack Turner) He said "I grew up in Wichita In a Mayberry kind of town" He ne.. 
2000 Miles
from album (Mest) by Mest
did i miss your call again? no, you never called it was a thought inside my head. did i take the fal.. 
25 To Life
from album (Mest) by Mest
this is my story and here's how it goes. don't tell nobody cause nobody knows. the gov't.. 
Burning Bridges
from album (Mest) by Mest
It was a late Thursday night, when I decided to write this song Just me, bow wow, my dirty floor Ev.. 

Chance Of A Lifetime
from album (Mest) by Mest
the end of the worlds in front of me. hard to believe all i see. it comes so close but pulls away to.. 
from album (Mest) by Mest
There's a time and place for everything There's a reason why certain people meet There's.. 
Lost, Broken, Confused
from album (Mest) by Mest
did you get scared standing alone in the crowd? did you give up when i was nowhere to be found? did.. 
Night Alone
from album (Mest) by Mest
This wasn't just another night alone My mind has cornered me against the wall Bleeding, scratchi.. 
Paradise (122nd And Highland)
from album (Mest) by Mest
shot memory and a ***ed up mind. can't remember what i left behind. a dead end street nights wi.. 
Return To Self Loathing
from album (Mest) by Mest
sick of the way i am feeling. waking up watching myself slipping. should i just take out my eyes? no.. 
from album (Mest) by Mest
Starin' at the broke street light, Some of those lonely nights, I didn't know if we would ma.. 
Shell Of Myself
from album (Mest) by Mest
the nightmares not over. the sky is still covered. the blood that we both spilled. that night we las.. 
Until I Met You
from album (Mest) by Mest
Shaking on the outside Because of what I'm feeling inside My chest is *** hurting And my sto.. 
Walking On Broken Glass
from album (Mest) by Mest
Time goes by, I just try To hold my head up high People try to deny Classify, or just hide The feel.. 
Your Promise
from album (Mest) by Mest
i'm looking for answers to all the questions no one knows. pleaded and begged asked you for noth.. 
Could You Be Messiah?
from album (Could You Be Messiah?) by Gary Valenciano
could you be HEALER? to a heart that's been wounded in a battle that's never seen? could you.. 
from album (Mesmerize) by Ja Rule Featuring Ashanti
[Chorus: Ja Rule] + (Ashanti) Girl your stare, those eyes I (love it when you look at me baby) Your.. 
from album (***Messiah) by Rufus Wainwright
He will then be reborn From 1970's *** Wearing tubesocks with style And such an innocent smile.. 
Messiah Complex Blues
from album (Messiah Complex Blues) by Clem Snide
I wouldn't die for your sins 'cause what if I lose---and you win? Our friendship is all that.. 
Don't Mess With My Man
from album (Don't Mess With My Man) by Lucy Pearl
Don’t mess with my man Don’t mess with my boy Don’t mess with my man Don’t mess with my man Don.. 
Messa Di Vespiri
from album (Messa Di Vespiri) by Articolo 31
erche' dico messa BHO! Ok, ci vuole una messa a fuoco, messa a punto la messa in onda e spiego.. 
A Message To You, Rudy
from album (A Message To You, Rudy) by The Specials
Stop your messing around Better think of your future Time you straightened right out Creating pro.. 
Jaded (These Years)
from album (Mest) by Mest Featuring Benji Madden
theres a time and place for everything there a reason why certain people meet theres a destination f.. 
Silicon Messiah
from album (Silicon Messiah) by Blaze
Look what you've done to your world Do you think you deserve all the freedom you have Watching.. 
A Perfect Mess
from album (A Perfect Mess) by Sahara Hotnights
You haven't slept You've been out all night You've seen it getting lighter You're a.. 
A Message From Poet
from album (A Message From Poet 12") by (Blaq) Poet
"Hello please record a message after the tone" [Intro: Poet] Yo, what's the deal, yo.. 
Abe Messiah
from album (Abe Messiah) by The Tribe
liberty this is our destiny liberty this is our destiny As long as we are keeping our dignity As lon.. 
Le Vent Soufflait Mes Pellicules
from album (Le Vent Soufflait Mes Pellicules) by Daniel Belanger
Le vent soufflait mes pellicules tout partout dans l'air j'avais lair davoir faite affaire a.. 
Last Song Meso Kacak
from album (Album Unknown) by Gackt Meso
Atemonaku hitori samayoi arukitsuzuketa Kasuka na toiki o tada shiroku somete Utsuri kawari yuku kis.. 
Mirror Afura Kei Luv Meso
from album (Album Unknown) by Gackt Meso
kanjin na toki ni wa itsumo soba ni inai nani ga taisetsu na mono na no ka wakarou to mo shinai dare.. 



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