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The Revelations Of Black Moses
from album (Revelations) by Vader
see three peaks: one for Hell, one for heaven, one for Grand Mystery In Hell three lakes: of burning.. 
from album (Piece Of Mind) by Iron Maiden
(Dickinson) "O God of Earth and Altar, Bow down and hear our cry, Our earthly rulers falter, O.. 
from album (Blackout) by (Hed) P.E.
You are witnessing the falling of my pride You are listening as I crumble from inside ShhhhÂ… There.. 
from album (Valley Of The Damned) by Dragonforce
Coming down from the mountain on high Towards the battle we go side by side Our hearts are filled w.. 

from album (Happiness?) by Roger Taylor
from album (Demo 2003) by Short Of Daybreak
One last breath, I'll save for you I hope you'll listen 'fore it's too late One last.. 
My Evil Revelations
from album (Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion) by Old Man's Child
[3:59] I can hear the demons call from within my inner self I can feel destruction roars from bey.. 
from album (Days Of Rising Doom) by Aina
[Narrator:] Blessed land, the shining star In the west she rests in light Dark skies, hard times kep.. 
Prophetic Revelations
from album (Testimony Of The Ancients) by Pestilence
["Ancient wisdom in present reality"] Philosophy of time The knowledge of the unknown Age.. 
Revelations Of A New Dimension
from album (Sklavengott) by Astaroth
Visions, of your burning kingdom The crash of your jewish throne Commentments of the great beast (wi.. 
from album (Concrete Eden) by Aztec Jade
I've lived my life believing that our souls would never die We'll all end up someplace one d.. 
Revelations 101
from album (The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good) by Burnt By The Sun
Just you wait until this ends. Just you wait till we learn. Just you wait till we know. Just you wai.. 
New Revelations
from album (Perpetual Twilight) by Axenstar
Far away from twilight I'm searching for my soul But still I can't find what I've journe.. 
The Caitiff Choir: Revelations
from album (The Caitiff Choir) by It Dies Today
Can you hear them? Their weary screams of agony, Traveling back, From the blackest regions of their.. 

Suicidal Revelations
from album (Hate Campaign) by Dismember
Shallow mind of a weakened kind Unavoidably falling behind Eyes open staring blind Unshaped never di.. 
from album (A Long Hot Summer) by Masta Ace
[Verse One] At times I don't know who I be And when I look in the mirror its like I don't kn.. 
Revelations Carved In Flesh
from album (Pariah) by Naglfar
I stand above the norm Reptile in human form With jaded eyes I look upon the rest of you with scorn.. 
Cursed Revelations
from album (Primal Massacre) by Vomitory
Revelations, an illusion swallows all existence All religions have to die One mans god, transformed.. 

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