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Rain Yr Hand
from album (Rainer Maria EP) by Rainer Maria
how important all ages shows have been to the identity formation for me. that night, you grasp and p.. 
Bad Rain
from album (Bad Rain) by The Allman Brothers Band
Don't come around here no more, bringing me all of your bad rain. Can't you see I've g.. 
Candy Rain
from album (Candy Rain) by Soul For Real
1-My love, do you ever dream of Candy coated raindrops? You're the same, my candy rain Have.. 
Purple Rain
from album (Purple Rain) by Prince
I never meant 2 cause u any sorrow I never meant 2 cause u any pain I only wanted 2 one time see u l.. 

The Rainbow Children
from album (The Rainbow Children) by Prince
With the accurate understanding of God and His law they went about the work of building a new nation.. 
92 Days Of Rain
from album (92 Days Of Rain) by Corey Hart
Devastation in the gardens A virgin beast betrayed cries out in need What have you done to my existe.. 
Black Cloud Rain
from album (92 Days Of Rain) by Corey Hart
We say that believing was yours and mine to break Colors bled each glittered night, the sky was cryi.. 
Rainbow (Interlude)
from album (Rainbow) by Mariah Carey
I know there is a rainbow For me to follow To get beyond my sorrow Thunder precedes the sunlight S.. 
Let It Rain
from album (Let It Rain) by Tracy Chapman
Let it rain As I walk these streets unknown To no one named Not even myself When I'm low Give m.. 
Can You Stop The Rain
from album (Can You Stop The Rain) by Peabo Bryson
Here's another morning without you Here's another day; will I get through it Without breakin.. 
Monday's Rain
from album (Monday's Rain) by The Bee Gees
I can see the sun shinin' down on me Is it you my love that I can see Don't let me.. 
Acid Rain
from album (Acid Rain) by Firehouse
We're clueless, and we got all the answers We're brilliant, we got no cure for cancer Don&.. 
Rain All Day
from album (Rain All Day) by Fleming And John
We've got nothing but tomorrow to keep us in today And we walk around in circles like everything.. 
Healing Rain
from album (Healing Rain) by Michael W. Smith
Healing rain is coming down It's coming nearer to this old town. Rich and poor, weak and strong.. 

Hard Rain Don't Last
from album (Hard Rain Don't Last) by Darryl Worley
Girl tonight it's pouring down on us It's been building for so long Yeah, it's dark I kn.. 
Rainy Dayz (Dalvin Remix)
from album (Rainy Dayz 12") by Raekwon The Chef
featuring Ghostface Killer (Blue Raspberry) These rainy days... (Raekwon) Doin this for n.. 
Black Rain
from album (Black Rain) by Staind
Well, I know the words, But I can’t really speak them, To you. And I hide all the pain, That I’ve.. 
Rain Dogs
from album (Rain Dogs) by Tom Waits
Inside a broken clock Splashing the wine With all the Rain Dogs Taxi, we'd rather walk. Huddle a.. 
Cry Like A Rainstorm
from album (Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like The Wind) by Linda Ronstadt
Life isn't easy Love never lasts You just carry on And keep moving fast I pulled off the highw.. 
Raining Down Arrows
from album (Raining Down Arrows) by Mundy
It's raining down arrows on my heart again. I still can't believe you let me down this way... 
The Beauty Of The Rain
from album (Beauty Of The Rain) by Dar Williams
And you know the light is fading all too soon You're just two umbrellas one late afternoon You.. 
Rainy Day
from album (Rainy Day) by Guster
i will dig a hole save my pennies for a rainy day i will dig a hole saving pennies for a rainy day i.. 
Southern Rain
from album (Southern Rain) by Billy Ray Cyrus
Times were rough when times were lean Most the time nobody seemed to care No more peace than a south.. 
The Rainy Season
from album (The Rainy Season) by Marc Cohn
Clouds move in From off the horizon Feels like nighttime In the middle of the day And I don'.. 
Fly To The Rainbow
from album (Fly To The Rainbow) by Scorpions
Life is empty, can't remember anytime before, On a plain lit cold December, see it evermore, Gli.. 
Cold Rain
from album (Cold Rain) by John Wythes
well ive been walking on the wrong side on a cold and lonely night wishing old lady love would leave.. 
Tiger In The Rain
from album (Tiger In The Rain) by Michael Franks
Most of the time He's the lord of the jungle Everyone grins while he gripes Usually he's.. 
Rain Of A Thousand Flames
from album (Rain Of A Thousand Flames) by Rhapsody
Dies irae Regna nell' oscurita' Guardians of the moonlight bring the spell alive Through th.. 
Rainbow In The Dark
from album (All Night Long) by Rainbow
When there's lightning - it always bring me down Cause it's free and I see that it's me.. 
Rainbow Eyes
from album (Long Live Rock'n'Roll) by Rainbow
She's been gone since yesterday Oh I didn't care Never cared for yesterdays Fancies in the a.. 
A Light In The Black
from album (Rainbow Rising) by Rainbow
Cant forget his face, what a lonely place Has he really let us flow All the time thats lost, what.. 
Do You Close Your Eyes?
from album (Rainbow Rising) by Rainbow
Oh na na na na Mystery to me is something I can't see But I see you very well You're slinky,.. 
Run With The Wolf
from album (Rainbow Rising) by Rainbow
In the light of the day You can hear the old ones say Was the sound last night the wind? Can you fee.. 
from album (Rainbow Rising) by Rainbow
High noon, oh I'd sell my soul for water Nine years worth of breakin' my back There's no.. 
from album (Rainbow Rising) by Rainbow
If I'm high on a hill She'd still been looking down at me What does she see that brings her.. 
Tarot Woman
from album (Rainbow Rising) by Rainbow
I don't wanna go Something tells me no, no, no, no But traces in the sand The lines that set my.. 
Catch The Rainbow
from album (Ritchie Blackmore's R-A-I-N-B-O-W) by Rainbow
When evening falls She'll run to me Like whispered dreams Your eyes can't see Soft and warm.. 
Man On The Silver Mountain
from album (Very Best Of Rainbow) by Rainbow
I'm a wheel,I'm a wheel I can roll,I can feel And you can't stop me turning Cause I'.. 
Pray For Rain
from album (Pray For Rain) by PFR
(Verse 1) Born in a dry season Wind and sand have blown through me Haven't found shade anywher.. 
Hide In The Rainbow
from album (Hide In The Rainbow) by Dio
Yes! The best steel goes through the fire And you seem to burn The dead man's always a liar Look.. 




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