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Broken Promises
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
I made myself a promise, the day you put me down, That I wouldn't see you if you came around. Bu.. 
Promised Land
from album (Promised Land) by Queensryche
Watching the sand fall, listening for the knock upon my door, and waiting... for Promised Land. Sta.. 
Promises And Lies
from album (Promises & Lies) by UB40
All the sorrow and the pain All the sacrifice in vain I was much too blind to see You make a l.. 
Broken Promise Land
from album (Broken Promise Land) by Mark Chesnutt
There¡¯s a Bible on the dresser and a sign hung on the door And a woman in my arms who shouldn¡¯.. 

The Promise
from album (The Promise) by Kai
I turn back the hands of time, to see what i've left behind. All the memories within my heart an.. 
The Promise
from album (The Promise) by Plus One
I know that lately Things have been so hard and looking out Through your broken heart All you ca.. 
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
from album (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) by Loretta Lynn
I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine, There's gotta be.. 
You Promised Me
from album (You Promised Me) by In Grid
You promised me Just me and you You promised me the moon and the sun, the birds and the sky You pro.. 
Promise Me
from album (Promise Me) by Vince Neil
My Friend You’ve been with me From the beginning Of everything The beginning of you The beginn.. 
Promise Of Love
from album (Promise Of Love) by American Analog Set
Oh no you get so drunk that you can't tell Or maybe you're too young and you can't tell.. 
Promise Keeper
from album (Promise Keeper) by Fred Hammond
Seasons come and then they go But all You’ve established shall hold fast And on that we can rest as.. 
Baby It's You
from album (Promises) by Promises
You're here with me now but you're saying you don't want me any more you're holding.. 
Truth To Promises
from album (Truth To Promises) by Symphorce
Alone in a secret garden of stones Alone with the fear, all answers are gone Afraid of the sunlight,.. 
Burn The Promised Land
from album (Burn The Promised Land) by Rebaelliun
We lead the battle to conquer We bring the inverted cross to burn the promised land Behind a line dr.. 

Promises Kept
from album (Promises Kept) by Champion
Alone in a crowd, but we're still standing strong With X'ed up fists and sing alongs Times.. 
Promises Like Pie-Crust
from album (No Promises) by Carla Bruni
Promise me no promises, So will I not promise you: Keep we both our liberties, Never false and never.. 
The Promise Of A New Day
from album (Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up) by Paula Abdul
Eagle's calling And he's calling your name Tides are turning Bringing winds of change Why do.. 
Lick And A Promise
from album (Adam's Apple) by Aerosmith
Johnny come lately on a Saturday night singin' how-de-do * backstreet boogie in the house of del.. 
The Promise
from album (So Red The Rose) by Arcadia
Those tears on a gaping voice Who's stretching arms match the hunger of mine There lips will the.. 
from album (Promise) by Sade
Music: Adu, Matthewman Blue is the colour of the red sky Will he, will he come home tonight Blue i.. 
from album (Promise) by Sade
Words: Adu Music: Adu, Hale, Denman Maureen it's hard to explain I'm never gonna see you.. 
Mr. Wrong
from album (Promise) by Sade
Words: Adu Music: Adu, Matthewman, Denman, Hale He don't care where he's been playing He.. 
Punch Drunk
from album (Promise) by Sade
Music: Hale Instrumental.. 
Tar Baby
from album (Promise) by Sade
Words: Adu Music: Adu, Matthewman Grandma came to see something she could not believe How could h.. 
War Of The Hearts
from album (Promise) by Sade
Words: Adu Music: Adu, Matthewman I could aim but I could not fire Got a bullet to spare to kill my.. 
You're Not The Man
from album (Promise) by Sade
Words: Adu Music: Adu, Matthewman You're not the man who gave me everything I've ever wa.. 
from album (All I Ask Of You) by Barbra Streisand
Here by my side Are you close enough to take me to your paradise Or am I going down to my loneline.. 
The Promise
from album (18 Tracks) by Bruce Springsteen
Johnny works in a factory and Billy works downtown Terry works in a rock and roll band Lookin' f.. 
The Promised Land
from album (Darkness On The Edge Of Town) by Bruce Springsteen
On a rattlesnake speedway in the Utah desert I pick up my money and head back into town Driving cros.. 
Promises Promises
from album (A House Is Not A Home) by Dionne Warwick
Promises, promises I'm all through with promises, promises now I don't know how I got the ne.. 
from album (Savage Garden) by Savage Garden
Well don't you know I need a little indulgence? Listen to the hunter becoming hunted.. 
Promised You A Miracle
from album (Live In The City Of Light) by Simple Minds
Promised you a miracle Belief is a beauty thing Promises promises As golden days break wondering Cha.. 
20th Century Promised Land
from album (Sister Feelings Call) by Simple Minds
Stories came like the wind Joining every bridge in the wind Ringing out footsteps Calling out stell-.. 
Promises Broken
from album (Can't Even Tell) by Soul Asylum
streets are filled with broken glass you get burried by the past n give me just a little taste lay t.. 
A Moment Isn't Very Long
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
Yesterday, as I talked with a friend in town, I forgot to remember that you'd gone. For a moment.. 
Any Old Arms Won't Do
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
I'd like to rush into somebody's arms And lose myself inside But just any arms won't do.. 
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
I'm so ashamed of my eyes cause they still cry for you After they both watched my hand wave good.. 
Blame It On The Times
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
As you sit there in your loneliness, Confused as you must be. I'm sure a dozen questions come to.. 
December Day
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
This looks like a December day. This looks like a "time to remember" day. And I remember t.. 
End Of Understanding
from album (Broken Promises) by Willie Nelson
Each time you hurt me, you say you're sorry. I try to understand, and say: "OK." But t.. 

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