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My Private Nation
from album (My Private Nation) by Train
Why you gotta treat me like I'm a low down dirty Climbin' up on thirty Dress like a kid to m.. 
Private Times
from album (Private Times...And The Whole 9!) by Al B. Sure!
Understand! Alright can you feel it baby? 'Cause I work...'ya know what I'm saying? Alri.. 
from album (Letters Never Sent) by Carly Simon
[Chorus:] Can you be private when the juice is sweet And the secret is crimson Can you be quiet when.. 
from album (Knee Deep In The Hoopla) by Starship
Know what she's done to me, and I have been around She sure can bring you pleasure, and she can.. 

Private Property
from album (Priest...Live) by Judas Priest
You think you're cool and got it all You think you run the scene I don't believe how you'.. 
Privat Joy
from album (Controversy) by Prince
My little secret, my private joy I could never let another play with my toy My little angel from hea.. 
from album (Isle Of View) by The Pretenders
Private Eyes
from album (Adult Education) by Daryl Hall & John Oates
I see you, you see me watch you blowin' the lines when you're making a scene Oh girl, you.. 
Private Goes Public
from album (Left Of The Center) by Suzanne Vega
Smile no smile On this face today Jerk like a thing on a string And go join the parade Code wil.. 
Private Universe
from album (Together Alone) by Crowded House
No time, no place to talk about the weather the promise of love is hard to ignore who said the chanc.. 
Private Helicopter
from album (Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?) by Harvey Danger
i'm on a private helicopter with my favorite ex girlfriend tiny little cabin in the sky now.. 
Private Idaho
from album (Wild Planet) by The B-52's
Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo You're living in your own Private Idaho Living in your own P.. 
Private World
from album (All I Know) by Art Garfunkel
Now I recall things that you said Times that you laughed, tears that you shed Gone are the days when.. 
Private Ale
from album (Kerplunk!) by Green Day
I wander down these streets all by myself Think of my future now I just dont know I don't see to.. 

Private Show
from album (Can't Take Me Home) by Pink
Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah oh Silly you silly me To let you in and put a move on me.. 
My Private Movie
from album (Ain't That A Kick In The Head) by Westlife
Yeah check it out) Pretty girls are all around I'm looking up and down ‘Til my viewfinder fi.. 
Private Party
from album (Chain Reaction) by Cuban Link
Getcha hands up now, get your hands up, people if you want to party get your hands up now, get it cr.. 
Private Emotion
from album (Livin' La Vida Loca) by Ricky Martin
Every endless night has a dawning day Every darkest sky has a shining ray And it shines on you bab.. 
Be My Private Dancer
from album (Shake A Lil' Somethin') by 2 Live Crew
Intro: Astrid Hey y'all mother***ers out there, whassup? You know your boys are back,.. 
Private Affair
from album (Alchemy) by Leah Andreone
Wish me a good night It's not a good night night For me tonight You'll dream of me Me tonigh.. 
Private Investigations
from album (Money For Nothing) by Dire Straits
It's a mystery to me - the game commences For the usual fee - plus expenses Confidential informa.. 
Private Man
from album (Internationalist) by Powderfinger
I tell you he's a private man In a public circumstance He's eyeing off an old doorframe Look.. 
Private Life
from album (Dead Man's Party) by Oingo Boingo
This is my private life I have no friends to fear I've got no problems no cross to bear If yo.. 
from album (Live In Europe) by Tina Turner
(M. Knopfler) Producer: Carter Albums: Private Dancer (84), Simply The Best (91), The Collected Re.. 
Riding With Private Malone
from album (Album Unknown) by David Ball
I was just out of the service thumbing through the classifieds when an ad that said old.. 
Private Radio
from album (Harmonium) by Vanessa Carlton
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Gotta get a little Gotta get a little All the world has gone to bed And I am drow.. 
Private Life
from album (Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot) by Blackfoot
Verse Now everywhere you look, you see her face, Television, magazines, all over the place. With co.. 
Private Laughter
from album (Even So) by Bonnie Pink
katakuna ni tsubutta me o assari to hodoita miwaku no kotoba nakanaori easy as pie demo nigiru te to.. 
Private Eye
from album (From Here To Infirmary) by Alkaline Trio
I dragged this lake looking for corpses Dusted for prints, pried up the floorboards Pieces of planes.. 
Private Hell
from album (Push Comes To Shove) by Jackyl
Look at me ain't got no money Look at me ain't got no ride Look at me I'm so together Bu.. 
I'm Private Army
from album (Sell Our Soul) by Tha Blue Herb
'98's 1st is still fresh, at least it won't die out before I do. My right arm is the exp.. 
Private Eyes
from album (I Can't Go For That) by Hall & Oates
I see you, you see me Watch you blowin' the lines when you're making a scene Oh girl, you.. 
The Shark's Own Private ***
from album (How Good It Feels To Be Something On) by Sunny Day Real Estate
we choke on the poison wind well these sad eyes can tell the story walk along an empire's path.. 
Private Life
from album (Island Life) by Grace Jones
J'en ai marre of your theatrics, Your acting's a drag, It's ok on TV, but you can turn i.. 
The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
from album (Carnival Of Chaos) by Gwar
FOOLS, how dare you try to make a slave of me, Techno Destructo scumdog of the universe. it only all.. 
Barrett's Privateers
from album (Album Unknown) by Stan Rogers
Oh, the year was 1778, HOW I WISH I WAS IN SHERBROOKE NOW! A letter of marque come from the king, To.. 
Private Road
from album (Programmed To Love) by Bent
My heart from now is a private road No thoroughfare No heavy load No slow traffic, no graphic detail.. 
The Mourning After / Private Bleeding
from album (The Killing Kind) by Overkill
What you say... hey...! Comin' into somethin' that leave you empty, something so strong. Wha.. 
Paint Pellet Privateer
from album (Seven Stories High) by Love Seed Mama Jump
What lay between us I raise my voice to bathe this scene No lesson learned It falls so gently And it.. 
Private Eco
from album (State Of Mind Report) by Acid Drinkers
The lava kept on flowing The islands was covered The lava kept on flowing An information river My pr.. 

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