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Por Mujeres Como Tu
from album (Album Unknown) by Pepe Aguilar
Me estoy acobardando y lo ha notado, Y eso no es muy bueno para mí, Si quiero retenerla entre mis b.. 
*** For Pyros
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Came home last night There was fire and smoke on the T.V. Cops and the Army People running out in th.. 
Petticoats Of Portugal
from album (Petticoats Of Portugal) by Dick Jacobs & His Orchestra
When breezes blow petticoats of Portugal. There's quite a show on the streets of Portugal; Each.. 
from album (***graffiti) by Extreme
***! *** on the brain Pumped in my veins Flowing from my head to my feet *** on tv Rotation heavy Y.. 

from album (***graphy) by The Cure
A hand in my mouth A life spills into the flowers We all look so perfect As we all fall down In.. 
Dreamer's Holiday
from album (Young Perry Como) by Perry Como
Verse 1 Climb aboard a butterfly and take off on the breeze, Let your worries flutter by and do.. 
Family Portrait
from album (Family Portrait) by Pink
Uh, uh, some deep shit, uh, uh Momma please stop cryin, I can't stand the sound Your pain is.. 
All Mine
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
All the stars may shine bright All the clouds may be white But when you smile Ohh how I feel so good.. 
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
Did you sweep us far from your feet Reset in stone this stark belief Salted eyes and a sordid dye To.. 
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
No one has said what the truth should be And no one decided that I'd feel this way If you felt a.. 
Half Day Closing
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
In the days, the golden days When everybody knew what they wanted It ain't here today Through th.. 
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
Closer No hesitation Give me All that you have And it's been so long, that I can't explain A.. 
Mourning Air
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
Did I see a moment with you In a half lit world I'm frightened to believe But I must try If I st.. 
Only You
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
We suffer everyday, what is it for These crimes of illusion, are fooling us all And now I am weary a.. 

from album (Portishead) by Portishead
I can't hold this day Anymore Understand me Anymore To tread this fantasy, openly What have I do.. 
Seven Months
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
How can I forget you Disregard how I feel Silently listen To the words I can't see For as long a.. 
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
Your softly spoken words Release my whole desire Undenied Totally And so bare is my heart, I can'.. 
Western Eyes
from album (Portishead) by Portishead
Forgotten throes of anothers life The heart of love is their only light Faithless greeds, consolidat.. 
Pork Soda
from album (Pork Soda) by Primus
Now listen up you know ya come home from working that nine to five and lay yourself down on burgundy.. 
Georgy Porgy
from album (Georgy Porgy) by Eric Benet
featuring Faith Evans [Eric]: It's not your situation I just need contemplation ove.. 
Gluey Porch Treatments
from album (Gluey Porch Treatments) by Melvins
You! You learned how to cry And I don't think your sorry You need a little smack of reality And.. 
Soy Como Quiero Ser
from album (Soy Como Quiero Ser) by Luis Miguel
Soy como quiero ser, sin mandatos ni fronteras, soy como quiero ser, la que quiera, que me quiera la.. 
from album (Polaroids Et ***graphie) by AqME
Parfois l'idée me ronge Pour avoir tant songé je sens Le vice et la luxure font de moi un ren.. 
Así Como Tú
from album (Así Como Tú) by Jaguares
Hay un alma que es pedida que se derrama en cada herida que se contempla en los espejos de la carne.. 
Call The Ships To Port
from album (Call The Ships To Port) by Covenant
a billion words ago the sailors disappeared a story for the children to rock them back to sleep a m.. 
Porpoise Head
from album (Good God's Urge) by *** For Pyros
Here I lay waiting For the bubbles to settle I'm going down low Where your sleep meets your ment.. 
Bad Shit
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Got some bad shit Then i walked the beat in Venice I went outside I been in too long Outside For so.. 
Black Girlfriend
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Ever since the riots All I really wanted Was a black girlfriend They don't play around They'.. 
Blood Rag
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Somebody handed me a bloody rag Oh that rag got thick and red And I wish and I hope And I hope and I.. 
Cursed Female
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Cursed to be born Beautiful, poor and female There's none that suffer more She's the queen.. 
Cursed Male
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
All the guys That really have the money Are too old To have a good time with it Too old to turn the.. 
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Where are you going Meija? You got your money In your hand And you mind Already out of the door Get.. 
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Met a girl Who'd never had An orgasm I couldn't beliebe She's never had one I said, &quo.. 
Packin' .25
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Yesterday morning I went Out for a cup of coffee I shaved Then I combed my hair A man who didn'.. 
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
Children are innocent A teenager's ***ed up in the head Adults are even more ***ed up And elde.. 
from album (*** For Pyros) by *** For Pyros
I got the devil in me It's just a cloud It's sadness It's just a cloud Then I find com.. 
from album (Porretas) by Porretas
No se porque hay gente que siempre nos señala cuando nos fumamos un poquito marihuana si es muy nat.. 
Alguien Que Bese Como Tu
from album (Alguien Que Bese Como Tu) by Pedro Suarez Vertiz
"Quisiera encontrar, alguien que bese como tú alguien que me hable igual que tú Y que me abra.. 
Como É Grande O Meu Amor Por Você
from album (Abrazame Asi) by Roberto Carlos
Eu tenho tanto pra lhe falar Mas com palavras não sei dizer Como é grande o meu amor por você E n.. 
from album (Porcelain) by Emil Bulls
Now all my people come on ... whatever gets you off... you will find it here Now all the things beco.. 




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