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from album (Pissed) by Dangerous Toys
Oh I can see it's gonna be a long day And I'm sick and tired of this hell I pay I please dem.. 
The Stench Of Piss
from album (The Stench Of Piss) by Pro-Pain
look, there's hard luck willie he begs for bucks sometimes he ain't never bothered nobody an.. 
Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues
from album (Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues) by Meursault
I will build myself a home out of the cinders and the dust I won't surface for a year I'll d.. 
Don't Piss Me Off
from album (The Best) by David Lee Roth
You know I'd never lie to ya, baby don't get me wrong And though I wasn't true to ya, ba.. 

from album (Pisces Iscariot) by The Smashing Pumpkins
Got me a raygun Got me an altitude Can't help feelin' something's wrong With everyone of.. 
Pissed With Me
from album (Give Yourself A Hand) by Crash Test Dummies
You try to play it cool, but you're pissed with me In the swimming pool where you kissed with me.. 
Piss On The Wall
from album (Freeze Frame) by J. Geils Band
Now some people think the world is what it ain't To some I'm a sinner, to others a saint Som.. 
Territorial Pissings
from album (Nevermind) by Nirvana
When I was an alien cultures weren't opinions Never met a wise man if so it's a wom.. 
Shit Piss *** Cunt Cocksucker Mother***er Tits
from album (A Letter To Elise) by Blink 182
Shit Piss *** Cunt Cocksucker Mother***er Tits fart to the twat. (x4) I ***ED YOUR MUM i wanna.. 
Rest In Piss
from album (Season Of The Sick) by Brotha Lynch Hung
(Brotha Lynch) (talking) Yeah Im back up in this mother***er For the 9 whatever the ***.. 
Cat Piss
from album (Weirdo Magnet) by Stinkin Rich/Buck 65
On the longest day of the year I was married And kissed my wife while she was being buried.. 
Pissin On Your Steps
from album (I Wish My Brother George Was Here) by Del The Funky Homosapien
It's D E L the Funkee Homosapien to the rescue I'm solo and threw a bolo and left t.. 
Piss On Your Grave
from album (Steal This Album) by The Coup
(Chorus) Uhhhh!! I wanna piss on your grave! make me feel alright! Yaa Yaa Yaa!! (Rep.. 
from album (Demanufacture) by Fear Factory
Where are we now? When we are blind Abandoned faith You left behind Were you betrayed? Or did you li.. 

from album (Scenery And Fish) by I Mother Earth
Lost all my friends pulling down my/ Pants just to say hi and I'm still/ Alive without a tan, tr.. 
Piss You Off
from album (The Color Of Silence) by Tiffany
Have you ever been kicked to the curb When the party finally ends Just when I thought that you left.. 
Pissin' In The Parking Lot
from album (***graphic Lullabyes) by Nibiru
Pissin' In The Parking Lot It's been a shit day So go away Life is out of style.... It took.. 
Piss Off
from album (Act Your Age) by Home Grown
Abuse me with all of your words But tell me something I haven't heard You think that you're.. 
The Pissy Cat's Revenge
from album (Sweat & Sway) by Sylvyr
Don't you really hate it how they all pee on the seat? Those good-for-nothing losers who do litt.. 
from album (12 Golden Country Greats) by Ween
My dinner's on fire while she watches TV And if you've ever wondered what it's like to.. 
Pissing In The Wind
from album (The Hour Of Bewilderbeast) by Badly Drawn Boy
I've, been pissing in the wind I chanced a foolish grin, and dribbled on my chin Now the ground,.. 
from album (American Hardcore) by L.A. Guns
I said go away I don't want to play today I kicked my dog today Didn't like him anyway I kil.. 
Piss It All Away
from album (Come Clean) by Puddle Of Mudd
What I feel is real What I do is the truth When I drink I can't think When I use I need more.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Law
once I thought that I could tone it down the way that life comes 磖ound - that day, that.. 
Piss And Vinegar
from album (Violence) by Nothingface
As if the word was ending Things seem to spin uncontrolled They're all paper faces Some withered.. 
I Piss Alone
from album (Unit) by Regurgitator
i piss alone, ugh hoh i don't want nobody to know that i don't have the pressure of some of.. 
Pissing In The Mainstream
from album (Destroy The Opposition) by Dying Fetus
The media is a tool designed to mold us into slaves Drugging us into an empty, apathetic daze. The t.. 
Blood And Bullets (Pissin' Against The Wind)
from album (Blood & Bullets) by Widowmaker
Long ago and far away Out on the endless road Town to town and day after day Talkin' about an ov.. 
Angels Pissing On Your Head
from album (Byo Split Series, Vol. 2 [split W/ Youth Brigade]) by Swingin Utters
if i thought for just one second that i could get away with it i'd make a bid for the foundry an.. 
Piss On You
from album (Chapplle Show) by Dave Chappelle
I say, rollin' around, settin' on doves(?) Got(?) my eye was high on shrubs, Coolin' in.. 
Piss Virus
from album (We Have Come For Your Parents) by Amen
This virus - piss virus I *** hate you well I *** hate myself Tear me off these computer win.. 
Piss Test
from album (Absolutely No Alternative) by Anvil
Invading your privacy by authoritative rule Finding a culprit or maybe a mule Law breaking citizen t.. 
from album (Creation To ExeQtion) by Q Strange
Walkin down the street and I'm clenchin my fists I'm waitin for a punk bitch to even start t.. 
Piss Factory
from album (1959) by Patti Smith
Sixteen and time to pay off I got this job in a piss factory inspecting pipe Forty hours thirty-si.. 
Pissing In A River
from album (1959) by Patti Smith
Pissing in a River Pissing in a river, watching it rise Tattoo fingers shy away from me Voices vo.. 
Pissed Me Off Again
from album (Are You Happy) by Instruction
pissed me off again, test my patience you wish sentiments weren't contagious pissed me off again.. 
She Frickin' Blocked Me (PissTake)
from album (Keranamu Malaysia) by Various
Met a girl over the net, Saved our chats on a floppy diskette, It went well for a week or two, then.. 
Don't Piss On My Neck And Tell Me It's Raining
from album (Death For Life) by Death By Stereo
The more we fail, the higher the ratings, higher the ratings, The more we fail, it's the image y.. 
I Wouldn't Piss In Your Ear If Your Brain Was On Fire
from album (Into The Valley Of Death) by Death By Stereo
No, no, no, NO MORE! It's just another day, you and your pretty face Your little lying lips won&.. 
My Heart Pisses Blood For You
from album (Read The Book Seen The Movie) by Cadillac Blindside
gather around and place your bets whether it will happen to you. i've seen it happen too many ti.. 

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