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Hey Paula
from album (Album Unknown) by Paul & Paula
Paul: Hey, hey Paula, I wanna marry you Hey, hey Paula, no one else will ever do I.. 
from album (Paullelujah!) by MC Paul Barman
What will we do when we have our own kids give 'em twelve year bids just after the bars come of.. 
Tall Paul
from album (Album Unknown) by Annette With The Afterbeats
Chalk on the sidewalk Writin' on the wall Everybody knows it I love Paul Tall Paul, tall Paul.. 
Me And Paul
from album (Yesterday's Wine) by Willie Nelson
It's been rough and rocky travelin' But I'm finally standing upright on the ground Afte.. 

Rosie And Pauly
from album (Delilah Blue) by Joshua Kadison
Rosie and Pauly in the back alley... The funniest twosome that you ever did see. Standing on a trash.. 
Paul Revere
from album (Licensed To Ill) by Beastie Boys
How here's a little story - I've got to tell About three bad brothers - you know so w.. 
Paul's Revenge
from album (Buhloone Mindstate) by De La Soul
(Yo yo yo do it!) PAUL: Yo what up. It's Paul. Got ten minutes each. I'm here.... 
from album (No Doubt) by No Doubt
Paulina She's on the cover of a magazine Paulina A woman in my nightly dreams Pauli.. 
Paul (First Version)
from album (3 Verses) by Eminem
Em, what's goin' on this is Paul Rosenburg here. I listened to the rough copy of your album,.. 
Em Calls Paul (Skit)
from album (Encore) by Eminem
Yo Paul it's Em I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing and I know he's not thrilled.. 
Paul Calls Em
from album (Encore) by Eminem
Hey Em, it's Paul, listen I just got a call from the label and you're probably not gonna be.. 
Paul Calls Em (Skit)
from album (Encore) by Eminem
Hey Em, it's Paul, listen I just got a call and you're probably not gonna be surprised, but,.. 
Paul Rosenberg
from album (The Eminem Show) by Eminem
Em, it's Paul... Listen, Joel just called me and he said you're in the ***in back behind hi.. 
Paul (Skit)
from album (The Marshall Mathers LP) by Eminem
Em, what's goin' on, it's Paul, Eh. Dre gave me a copy - of the new album, .... and I.. 

Paul McCartney
from album (Now You See Inside) by SR-71
Last night I had a dream It wasn't about anything But it made me smile It made me scream We sho.. 
A Box For Black Paul
from album (From Her To Eternity) by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Who'll build a box for Black Paul? Ah'm enquirin on behalf of his soul Ah'd be beholdin.. 
Paul Cezanne
from album (Singer Songwriter Beggarman Thief) by 5 Chinese Brothers
Well, I love Cubism, it's my favorite style When I see a Cubist painting I've just go.. 
from album (Heads Are Gonna Roll) by The Hippos
You think I'm square don't like the clothes I wear, the way I comb my hair, the way I sit an.. 
Paula & Janet
from album (Short Dog's In The House) by Too Short
Bitch! That's a trademark I was at my house not doing anything Half past ten I heard the phone.. 
from album (Debil) by Die Ärzte
Paul, Paul, Paul ist toll Paule heisst er, ist Bademeister im Schwimmbad an der Ecke Paule heisst e.. 
Der Afro Von Paul Breitner
from album (Le Frisur) by Die Ärzte
Hätt' ich den Afro von Paul Breitner, und das Hirn von Bela B. . Wär' ich der Freund von H.. 
Lapdance (Paul Oakenfold Swordfish Mix)
from album (Lap Dance (Nine Inch Nails Remix)) by N.E.R.D.
Dirty Dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog I'm a dirty dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog Dirty Do.. 
Gene And Paul, I Hate Most Of All And Ace, You're The Ace And Peter You're The Cat!
from album (Live In A Dive) by No Use For A Name
Gene and Paul I hate you most of all Ace your the ace and Peter your the cat.. 
from album (Teen Punks In Heat) by Screeching Weasel
she was cute but not too cute, an average girl in combat boots. she photographed the punk rock bands.. 
Sao Paulo Rain
from album (Tom McRae) by Tom McRae
There's always a party on Funeral Row, where the cross flashes red to the street/And gasoline dr.. 
I Love Apostle Paul
from album ((Don't Fear) The People) by ApologetiX
I saw him standin' there writin' letters to me I knew he once had been a proud Pharisee His.. 
Standing In The Shadow Of Ellis Paul
from album (That Oriental Guy) by Kevin So
I'm standing in the shadow of Ellis Paul I might get some gigs but I won't get them all I.. 
His Name Is Robert Paulson
from album (End Of Discussion) by The Swellers
Mr. President, when I turn 18 I know I can go to war, but that's just obscene! You want me to fi.. 
The Ballad Of Paul K
from album (Wonderland) by Mcfly
He's drinking cold corona Feels like he's getting older now and noticing how he's findin.. 
from album (Ke Patine La Risa) by Tronic
Suena el despertador en la casa de paul esta despierto esta despierto hace mas de media hora otra ve.. 
Paul Revere
from album (Any Given Day) by Meg Hutchinson
The thunder of hooves on cobblestone Mid April and the air is warm He rides for the world that he kn.. 
When Paula Sparks
from album (Beneath Medicine Tree) by Copeland
Sleep now moon I'll watch over her while the sun is up And you'll have her eyes again soon I.. 
I Love John She Loves Paul
from album (Handsome Western States) by Beulah
hardcore and feelin retro it feels so fake it feels so hollow not better than the first time but bet.. 
O Paul
from album (There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You) by Palace Brothers
O Paul I know you feel disoriented tonight But Paul I hope you know that we're all here and we w.. 
Mr. Paul McCartney
from album (Album Unknown) by Marianne Rosenberg
Zwölfmal schrieb ich dir, doch alleine sitz ich hier, und ich denk an dich die ganze Zeit. Ich h.. 
Ghosts Of St. Paul
from album (Album Unknown) by Moxie Bliss
You just ran away together hand-in-hand with you And you wonder what became of younger dreams Could.. 
My Brother Paul
from album (Demons Dance Alone) by Residents
I still remember that day in December When you pretended to fall on the stairs You said you were sca.. 
Misty Eyed Adventures (For Paul)
from album (Misty Eyed Adventures) by Maire Brennan
Gently reach for the blossom Part the leaves and journey on Don’t be afraid Seas are deep Stay clos.. 
Paul Newman's Eyes
from album (Please Describe Yourself) by Dogs Die In Hot Cars
I wish I had Paul Newman's eyes And every day came with some surprise I wish I had Paul Newman&#.. 
Paul Robeson (Born To Be Free)
from album (Home Of The Brave) by Black 47
You can wreck my name, vilify me, stretch me on the rack But I won't bow down to any man, be he.. 

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