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Worlds Within The Margin
from album (Whoracle) by In Flames
Raindrop hits the leaf changing it's position slightly on the street next to polls of monotonous.. 
Worlds Within Worlds
from album (Jar Of Kingdom) by Alchemist
Like creatures within the deepest oceans, you are existing unaware of worlds outside your own. Disre.. 
The Dream Within
from album (Final Fantasy: Spirits Within) by Lara Fabian
Free the dream within The stars are crying a tear A sigh escapes from heaven, and worlds end Breath.. 
All Will Fade
from album (The Blackbox Within) by The Blackbox Within
You make me feel like I want it I ask myself if I really need it Will it make me look as good as the.. 

And I'm Not Sorry
from album (The Blackbox Within) by The Blackbox Within
You ask me these questions And I wonder who I am But today's a new day The only reason I try aga.. 
There With You
from album (The Blackbox Within) by The Blackbox Within
When the saints go marching in When the saints go marching in Lord, I want to be in that number When.. 
Deep Within
from album (Mother Earth) by Within Temptation
Is there a place deep within A place where you hide your darkest sins There's a strange kind of.. 
Within A Mile Of Home
from album (Within A Mile Of Home) by Flogging Molly
Dust falls on the empty halls of my old school Where the memories fade like the casualty, a forgotte.. 
Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
from album (Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds) by Amon Amarth
(Balder) Nightmares Demons haunt my taunted mind I'm scared My death's forseen ungloryful Pl.. 
The Invasion From Within
from album (The Invasion From Within [EP]) by Tsunami Bomb
Enemy inside of me! I'm caught! I cannot kick them out Their claws are wrapped around my throat.. 
Fire Within
from album (Fire Within) by Lullacry
Eternity Is Within
from album (War Within) by Shadows Fall
Man has programmed himself to die A death wish has been ingrained Almost with our first breath We ar.. 
Worlds In Collision
from album (Worlds In Collision) by Pere Ubu
Any day is half a night I'll be the moon You hold the light You don't want to know what'.. 

Torn Between Two Worlds
from album (Torn Between Two Worlds) by Allegiance
Cross the fie line Between the barrier of time Invading conscious soul Taking conscious soul Taking.. 
Rise From Within I (Mystical Provocation)
from album (Rise From Within) by Astarte
No chosen path lies among their ways. Inner emptiness must be fed by destiny. Cut the fields of the.. 
Rise From Within II (Selenium Erring)
from album (Rise From Within) by Astarte
I wear a storm of tears, Till the day my time will come. The idol upon the iron mask Will lie for th.. 
Rise From Within III
from album (Rise From Within) by Astarte
As the symbolic darknight inspires The conventus of their spiritual union, Inner lust turned into as.. 
Carnage In The Worlds Beyond
from album (Carnage In The Worlds Beyond) by Enthroned
[music: Nornagest] [Instrumental].. 
Within Our House
from album (Within Our House) by Gary Brooker
So many came before you The prisoners of fate A history of bloodshed A legacy of hate. But where wi.. 
Nine Worlds
from album (Nine Worlds) by Bethzaida
Creeping upon my soul, the disease was blinding me The vulture's shadow was out of reach The car.. 
Pierced From Within
from album (Pierced From Within) by Suffocation
Penetrate the minds of those misfortuned at birth. Murder is etched in the deepest chasms of the sou.. 
Best Of Both Worlds
from album (The Best Of Both Worlds) by R. Kelly Featuring Jay-Z
[J] Yeah, yeah, it's here niggaz! (wooo-WEEE!) [J] Rockland/Roc-A-Fella collaboration [R] What,.. 
Worlds Apart
from album (Worlds Apart) by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Random lost souls have asked me "What's the future of rock'n'roll?" I say &quo.. 
Break The Worlds Divide
from album (Worlds Beyond The Veil) by Mithras
(Pulled to the surface I see the sky is ablaze The portal opens! The heavenly facade is broken. The.. 
Worlds Beyond The Veil
from album (Worlds Beyond The Veil) by Mithras
That which lies beyond Open your eyes, awaken your senses This I show you, now you shall see And it.. 
Ostavi Me Nece Boleti
from album (Ostavi Me Nece Boleti) by Branislav Mojicevic
ostavi me nece boleti mnogo je bilo dobro da bi vecno trajalo.. nestalo je ono sto nas je spajalo.. 
Wheels Within Wheels
from album (Wheels Within Wheels (2003)) by Rory Gallagher
If you keep on walkin', You'll walk right outta sight. And if you keep your eyes closed, You.. 
Cinta Yang Hilang
from album (OST Cinderella) by OST Cinderella
* hilang semua janji semua mimpi-mimpi indah hancur hati ini melihat semua ini lenyap telah lenyap k.. 
Pictured Within
from album (Pictured Within) by Jon Lord
Here be friends Here be heroes Here be sunshine Here be grey Here be life Here love lies bleeding Me.. 
Beast Within
from album (Beast Within) by Katra
Two eyes lurk in the darkness Can you see, can you see that creature fallen from the grace Once joy.. 
Man's Road
from album (The Last Unicorn OST) by America
Horizon rising up to meet the purple dawn Dust demon screaming, bring an eagle to lead me on For i.. 
Two Different Worlds
from album (Album Unknown) by Don Rondo
TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS Don Rondo Nothing matters if I am yours and you are mine. Two different word.. 
The Enemy Within (Part I Of Fear)
from album (Grace Under Pressure) by Rush
Things crawl in the darkness That imagination spins Needles at your nerve ends Crawl like spiders on.. 
Worlds Apart
from album (The Rising) by Bruce Springsteen
I hold you in my arms, that's when it starts I seek faith in your kiss, and comfort in your hear.. 
What In The Worlds Come Over You
from album (Album Unknown) by Jack Scott
What in the world's come over you? Seems we never get along (ooh, ah, ah, ah) Ev'ry night I.. 
The Flirt
from album (Cry Baby OST) by Shirley & Lee
Hello girl where are you going? Let me take you for a ride Jump in my car and I'll take you home.. 
When Two Worlds Collide
from album (Real Life) by Simple Minds
Shots ring out in Paris, the bells ring out in Rome Your photo's in the paper, buy you're ge.. 
The Ostrich
from album (Steppenwolf) by Steppenwolf
We'll call you when you're six years old And send you to the factory To train your brain for.. 
I Go To Rio
from album (Worlds Away) by Pablo Cruise
Oooooo... When my baby, When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio De Janeiro. My-o me-o... I go wild a.. 




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