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One In A Million
from album (One In A Million) by Aaliyah
Love it, baby, love it, baby... Baby, you don't know (know) what you do to me (me) Between me a.. 
from album (Milagro) by Santana
We can make it work We can make it work We can make it work We can make it work We heal the people.. 
1,000 Miles Away
from album (1,000 Miles Away) by Jewel
It's morning time, wonder where you are Wonder who you're talking to Wonder if the sun has r.. 
Under The Milkway
from album (Under The Milkway) by The Church
UNDER THE MILKY WAYChurchSometimes when this place gets kind of emptySound of their breath fades wit.. 

If I Had A Million Dollars
from album (If I Had A Million Dollars) by Bare*** Ladies
If I had a million dollars (If I had a million dollars) I'd buy you a house (I would buy you a.. 
Never In A Million Years
from album (Dont Be That Way) by Mildred Bailey
Never In A Million Years- Artist: Linda Scott- peak Billboard position # 56 in 1962- introduced in t.. 
One In A Million You
from album (One In A Million You) by Larry Graham
A One In A Million YouLarry GrahamLove had played its game on me so long.I started to believe I'.. 
Grits Ain't Groceries (aka) All Around The World)
from album (Little Milton Greatest Hits) by Little Milton
If I don't love you, baby Grits ain't grocery Eggs ain't poultry And Mona Lisa was a man.. 
60 Miles Per Hour
from album (60 Miles Per Hour) by New Order
I don't know if I told you, but I'm seeking sanctuary You'll never guess the things that.. 
After The Ball/Million Miles
from album (After The Ball/Million Miles) by Paul McCartney
After the ball, after the ball, you were the one out in the hall You were the one, the one who would.. 
from album (A MILLION LOVE SONGS) by Take That
Put your head against my life What do you hear A million words just trying to make The love song.. 
8 Mile Free Style Vs Papa Doc
from album (8 Mile Battles) by Eminem
Now everybody from the 313 Put ya mother ***in'hands up and follow me Everybody from the 313 Pu.. 
8 Mile
from album (8 Mile Soundtrack) by Eminem
Sometimes I just feel like Quitting I still might Why do I put up this fight? Why do I still writ.. 
8 Mile Free Style Pt.2 Vs Lotto
from album (8 Mile Soundtrack) by Eminem
Yo, it's time to get rid of this coward once and for all. I'm sick of the motha ***a! Check.. 

8 Mile Free Style Vs Lickty Split
from album (8 Mile Soundtrack) by Eminem
This guy's a choke artist Ya catch a bad one Your better off shootin yourself With Papa Doc'.. 
from album (Milkshake) by Kelis
My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard, and there like, its better than yours, damn right its.. 
10 Miles High
from album (10 Miles High) by Nine Inch Nails
i'm going to get so high you'll never get inside i swore i'd never turn into you i'm.. 
Ten Miles High
from album (10 Miles High) by Nine Inch Nails
I'm getting closer, [4x] All the time, I'm getting closer, All the time, I'm getting clo.. 
Great Milenko
from album (The Great Milenko) by Insane Clown Posse
Great Milenko (Ha Ha ha Ha Ha) Great Milenko (Hm hm Hm hm Ha ha ha ha) Great Milenko (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.. 
Intro (Great Milenko)
from album (The Great Milenko) by Insane Clown Posse
"Pumpkin put some music on I feel like dancin'." "Hold on suga I'm fi.. 
100 Miles And Running
from album (100 Miles And Running) by N.W.A.
You don't really think you're gonna get away do you? We haven't spotted them yet.. 
The Militia Remix
from album (The Militia Remix 12") by GangStarr
[Featuring Rakim W.C.] "A special guest" "It's the militia... It's the m.. 
10 Million Ways
from album (10 Million Ways) by Mack 10
Chorus: [Ice Cube] X4 Cause if you *** with us we leave scars [Mack 10] Tick tock around the clock.. 
from album (7 Mile) by 7 Mile
Like a sweet melody Memories of your love still linger on inside of me A reocurring dream.. 
Can I Come Over
from album (7 Mile) by 7 Mile
I know it's late Baby but my love won't wait I've gotta get with you Got to g.. 
Do Your Thing
from album (7 Mile) by 7 Mile
Lately you been acting like There is something else on your mind And everything I say or do.. 
I Love You (Interlude)
from album (7 Mile) by 7 Mile
I love you, and it's this feeling I have so true that I know I love you, But I just wai.. 
Without You (Intro)
from album (7 Mile) by 7 Mile
Lord, You know this album wouldn't be complete Unless we gaev You thanks for all that You.. 
You Got My Heart
from album (7 Mile) by 7 Mile
Ordinary sentiments won't represent, The passion that my heart bleeds for you You gave.. 
Blood, Milk, And Sky
from album (Blood, Milk, And Sky) by White Zombie
The siren sings a Lonely song of all the Wants and hungers The lust of love a brute Desire - the.. 
2000 Miles
from album (2000 Miles) by Coldplay
She's gone 2000 miles It's very far The snow came down Gets colder day by day I miss he.. 
Five Miles Out
from album (Five Miles Out) by Mike Oldfield
what do you do when you're falling you've got 30 degrees and you're stalling out and it&.. 
Doctor Rey
from album (Katydids) by Katydids
Doctor Rey wakes up. Picks up his case and his coat. And with any luck, He'll be on the next tra.. 
Girl In A Jigsaw Puzzle
from album (Katydids) by Katydids
You can do anything you want to I won't get upset. You can have anything you ask for I will go a.. 
Heavy Weather Traffic
from album (Katydids) by Katydids
She walks out He stays in It's heavy weather traffic again. Man or dog Crawl inside It's hea.. 
Miles From Our Home
from album (Miles From Our Home) by Cowboy Junkies
No one in sight for fifty miles, sleeping fields sigh as I glide across their spines If I could just.. 
Could You Walk A Mile
from album (Could You Walk A Mile) by John Wiggins
(Jimmy Alan Stewart/Jim Rudd) He'd known the ten commandments From the time he was five But in.. 
Stick To Milly
from album (Trusted By Millions) by 54-40
You don't suppose he would seduce her If he thought she would refuse it She consented, too gla.. 
from album (Christina Milian) by Christina Milian
Baby every now and then you disappear from this earth And where you been and where you go I don'.. 
Until I Get Over You
from album (Christina Milian) by Christina Milian
Woke up today thinking of you Another night that I made my way through So many dreams still left in.. 



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