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Tougher Than Nails
from album (Tougher Than Nails) by Joe Diffie
Little boy walks in with a bloody nose, Got beat up on his way home from school, aga-in, His dad cau.. 
Tooth And Nail
from album (Tooth And Nail) by Dokken
Desperate living- driving me mad Writings on the wall Crushed all our hopes and the dreams we once h.. 
Lap Dance (Nine Inch Nails Remix)
from album (Lap Dance (Nine Inch Nails Remix)) by N.E.R.D.
Dirty Dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog I'm a dirty dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog Dirty Do.. 
Mein Rasend Herz
from album (Mein Rasend Herz) by In Extremo
Die Saat der Liebe Gebar das reine Kind Mit dem Pulsschlag Mein Herz zu rasen beginnt Mit meinesgl.. 

G Mein Weg
from album (G Mein Weg) by Sido
Ich hab noch mal für 5 Jahre unterschrieben Ich konnte nicht anders sie ham gesagt, dass sie mich l.. 
Du Hast Mein Herz Gebrochen
from album (Farben Meiner Welt) by Yvonne Catterfeld
Oh, oh, oh, oh Hör mir zu, was mir in diesem Leben fehlt bist Du – mein Schatz Was ist nur gesch.. 
Farben Meiner Welt
from album (Farben Meiner Welt) by Yvonne Catterfeld
Mit all der Kraft meines Lebens steh´ ich nun hier Getragen von Gefühlen – spür' keine Frem.. 
Heut Nacht Ist Mein Tag
from album (Oh Luna Mein) by Samsas Traum
Zum Firmament seh' ich auf, Denn beim Blick in die Weiten Zählt wenig, was zwischen uns liegt.. 
Mein Flaggschiff In Die Sonne
from album (Oh Luna Mein) by Samsas Traum
Luna Tausendschön! Gefolgt vom Sternenwind fliegt sie durch das Weltenall Und löscht uns aus! S.. 
Janay Mein
from album (Maazi Haal Mustaqbil) by Mizraab
(1st Verse) Aaj bhi zulm-o-sitam kay rung wesay hi Mazi ki aahon say seekha kuch bhi nehin. Aaj.. 
In Köln Und Dann In Meinem Zimmer
from album (Du Weißt Was Ich Meine) by Tomte
Ich war so betrunken, daß ich vergaß was ich auf den Bierdeckel schrieb den ich in der Kneipe lie.. 
In Meinem Kopf Ist Eine Bombe
from album (In Meinem Kopf Ist Eine Bombe) by Früchte Des Zorns
Sie laufen durch die Straßen Die meisten rennen hier Amok Die Augen ausgepickt In ihrem Herzen st.. 
Mein Todestag
from album (Mein Todestag) by Letzte Instanz
Angstgepeitscht bin ich erwacht denn ich träumte heute Nacht dies sei mein letzter Tag Heut an m.. 
Chronik Meines Alkoholismus
from album (Chronik Meines Alkoholismus) by Joint Venture
Ich kam nüchtern auf die Welt. Mit 3 das erstes Malz bestellt, mit fünf den Schnapsschrank auf.. 

Sie Liegt In Meinen Armen
from album (Sie Liegt In Meinen Armen) by Muhabbet
Refrain Sie liegt in meinen Armen ich kann es nicht ertragen. Es war ihr allerletztes Wort Ich liebe.. 
Zindai Ke Safar Mein
from album (Zindai Ke Safar Mein) by Kishor Kumar
zindagi ke safar mein,guzar jate hain jo makam woh phir nahin aate, woh phir nahin aate phool khilte.. 
Mein Leid
from album (Mein Herz) by Hammerschmitt
Es waren die Worte so wie Du sie sagtest ich glaubte Dir Ich fühlte mich sicher geborgen durch D.. 
from album (Yael Naim) by Yael Naim
Baby, can't you see I'm falling A guy like you Should wear a warning It's dangerous I.. 
Too Long
from album (Yael Naim) by Yael Naim
I waited for so long Outside myself You see I was pretenting To be someone else I was longing to s.. 
from album (Yael Naim) by Yael Naim
You are not alone I am here with you Even when you're scared I'll never leave you Standing.. 
from album (Yael Naim) by Yael Naim
Combien de coleres j'ai garde specialement pr toi. Tu m'es cher. Combien d'amertume j.. 
Far Far
from album (Yael Naim) by Yael Naim
Far far, there's this little girl She was praying for something to happen to her Everyday she wr.. 
Nailed. Dead. Risen.
from album (Nailed. Dead. Risen.) by Impending Doom
Nailed. Dead. Risen A perfect life, divine sacrifice A despised Saviour, despise me Silenced by the.. 
Irodori No Nai Sekai
from album (Irodori No Nai Sekai) by Yousei Teikoku
ikutsu no yoru o koete mezame o izanau kaze itsu shika asa o mukae itetsuku karada tokete sameta k.. 
Bulla Ki Jana
from album (Bulla Ki Jana) by Rabbi Shergill
Na maen momin vich maseet aan Na maen vich kufar diyan reet aan Na maen paakaan vich paleet aan Na m.. 
Kimi No Shira Nai Monogatari
from album (Kimi No Shira Nai Monogatari) by Supercell
itsumo doori no aru hi no koto kimi wa totsuzen tachiagari itta "kon'ya hoshi o mi ni yukou.. 
Hit The Nail On The Head
from album (Stacked Deck) by Amazing Rhythm Aces
I saw you last night Sittin' alone at the bar Came back this evenin' Just to find out who yo.. 
Another Nail For My Heart
from album (ArgyBargy) by Squeeze
The case was pulled from under the bed She made a call to a sympathetic friend And made arrangements.. 
from album (After The Gold Rush) by Neil Young
It's awful hard to find a job On one side the government, the other the mob Hey, hey ain't t.. 
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
from album (Speaking In Tongues) by Talking Heads
Home is where I want to be Pick me up and turn me round I feel numb - burn with a weak heart (So I).. 
Nails In The Road
from album (Viva El Amor) by The Pretenders
If this is public transportation What are you doing here? Royalty and people like thee Should queue.. 
The Big Nail
from album (Not 4 Sale) by Sammy Hagar
Headin north on 101 Blastin Highway 61 I know every song Bob Dylan sung Yeah this old Mustang sti.. 
Bed Of Nails
from album (Trash) by Alice Cooper
(Alice talking) Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! yeah we're gonna fight we do it every night baby when you s.. 
Nail In The Coffin
from album (3 Verses) by Eminem
[Eminem] This mother***er here, just wont shut up will you? Talk about I owe you, bitch you owe me.. 
Harder Than A Coffin Nail
from album (Getting Away With Murder) by Papa Roach
God bless the coffin they carry me off in God bless the coffin they carry me off in They carry me of.. 
10 Miles High
from album (10 Miles High) by Nine Inch Nails
i'm going to get so high you'll never get inside i swore i'd never turn into you i'm.. 
from album (10 Miles High) by Nine Inch Nails
I've tried to take this all just one step at a time I'd love to reason but I'll end this.. 
Black Bomb (Jerry In The Bag)
from album (10 Miles High) by Nine Inch Nails
taking over, assisting with my revelation empty spaces, as if it was an invitation your invasion, ex.. 
Non Entity
from album (10 Miles High) by Nine Inch Nails
The sky is not the same shade of blue Every single thing I believe isn't true Missing in a maze.. 
Something I Can Never Have
from album (10 Miles High) by Nine Inch Nails
I still recall the taste of my tears. echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears. my favori.. 



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