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Heavy Metal Machine
from album (Machina/the Machines Of God) by The Smashing Pumpkins
If I were alive If I were real Would you survive? What would you feel? Heavy metal h.. 
Deus Ex Machinae
from album (Deus Ex Machinae) by Machinae Supremacy
Come summon all your deities they stand on trial before a tribunal of humankind We are but childr.. 
Macho (A Real Real One)
from album (Macho (A Real Real One)) by Celi Bee
Macho ( a real, real one)Celi Bee(Hello, baby)Strong, cool, deceivinghe gets into your lifesomehow c.. 
World Machine
from album (World Machine) by Level 42
Some folks try to multiply >From sunrise to sunset Leave behind more of their kind So no-one will.. 

Perpetual Motion Machine
from album (Pepertual Motion Machine) by 13 Engines
Perpetual motion machine, it came to me in a dream Let's catch some air, that's if yo.. 
Extraordinary Machine
from album (Extraordinary Machine) by Fiona Apple
i certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes, and i certainly haven't been spreading.. 
from album (Machine) by Static-X
We've entered the shadow zone I see your bleeding dark side I feel your angry heart Reveals f.. 
Washing Machine
from album (Washing Machine) by Sonic Youth
[Kim] yeah, I take my baby down to the street and I buy him a soda-pop he's so sweet alright no.. 
Silver Machine
from album (Silver Machine) by Hawkwind
I just took a ride in a Silver Machine And I'm still feeling mean Do you want to ride See yours.. 
Enter The Machine
from album (Doomsday Machine) by Arch Enemy
from album (Doomsday Machine) by Arch Enemy
Flying high on blackened wings Vengeance in my eyes Colder than steel instantly real A new power.. 
Rock And Roll Killing Machine
from album (Rock An Roll Killing Machine) by Drowningman
take one for the team. cool kids know what I mean. can still stand up we're in control thro.. 
Chainheart Machine
from album (Chainheart Machine) by Soilwork
I am the sledgehammer messiah, waiting for sins to be born And if you stop for a moment you can hear.. 
Machinegun Majesty
from album (Chainheart Machine) by Soilwork
I play the game of piercing fear. Is this the only sound ill ever hear? Of hate I'll rise of thi.. 

Hot Animal Machine I
from album (Rollins Band : Hot Animal Machine/And Some Of Do It) by Rollins Band
Looking at the bottom, what do I see I see the bottom staring back at me You have to part animal par.. 
Hot Animal Machine II
from album (Rollins Band : Hot Animal Machine/And Some Of Do It) by Rollins Band
I ran outside in the colored lights I saw a scene of freaks dancin' in the streets Like monkeys.. 
Sound Of The Machine
from album (Of Machines And Men) by Pale Forest
Turn your head and face the hole from where the white illutions shine Cast a glance upon the mole.. 
Pinball Machine
from album (Pinball Machine) by Fall
[], I drove a big truck Shot the pinball machine, but it brought me bad luck. If oceans was whiskey.. 
You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
from album (You're A Woman, I'm A Machine) by Death From Above 1979
Take what you want My head is full Take what you need My price is good You want it all I've seen.. 
Taiyou No Machi No Shita De
from album (Taiyou No Machi No Shita De) by Nicotine
I met you one day It was a fine day Felt it was our fate Now you are my friend It was my best day Ca.. 
Shovel Headed Kill Machine
from album (Shovel Headed Kill Machine) by Exodus
Tank treads crushing over piles of broken bones Siege engine revving and coming to atone Poisonous b.. 
The Genocide Machine
from album (The Genocide Machine) by Circle Of Dead Children
I can feel the Earth's erratic pulsations below its filthy thick rippled foreskin This feeling.. 
Aerosol Grey Machine
from album (The Aerosol Grey Machine) by Van Der Graaf Generator
Just one breath, and it's instant death, it's the Aerosol Grey Machine! Just one breath, and.. 
Brain Machine
from album (Brain Machine) by Timoria
(Pedrini-Galeri-Pedrini) Per il giovane ribelle non c'è soluzione Lobotomia Lobotomia Lobotomia.. 
Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht
from album (Auf Dem Mond Ein Feuer) by Totenmond
Radios laufen Platten laufen Filme laufen TV's laufen Reisen kaufen Autos kaufen Haeuser kaufen.. 
Man And Machine
from album (Man And Machine) by U.D.O
Mean Machine
from album (Mean Machine) by U.D.O
The horror of a mad dog Is chilling my blood in my brains The lights disappearing The cloud getting.. 
Deus Ex Machina
from album (Deus Ex Machina) by Liv Kristine
Deus ex machina... After ten rainy summers And nine destructive winters There was hardly nothing le.. 
Machines Of Mental Design
from album (Machines Of Mental Design) by Guardians Of Time
"After the completion of the tower in 2069, and also in the aftermath of the riots of 2062, she.. 
Der Macher
from album (Der Macher) by Volker Lechtenbrink
Er ist ein Geber er wird ihr was geben was sie vorher selbst nicht gekannt Er ist ein Lehrer er wir.. 
Kondition: Macht!
from album (Kondition: Macht! - Das Musikwerk) by Goethes Erben
Auch ich war ein Mensch Als Rebell strebte ich zur Macht jetzt habe ich die "Kondition:Macht!&q.. 
from album (Kondition: Macht! - Das Musikwerk) by Goethes Erben
Ist es nicht das, was dir verloren ging? Wärme - ein wenig Wärme Verlist dessen, diese Tempera.. 
Teil Der Macht Zur Gewalt
from album (Kondition: Macht! - Das Musikwerk) by Goethes Erben
Es ist die Macht, die nie schläft Es ist die Macht, die dich sucht Es ist die Macht, die dich sie.. 
Enslaved To The Machine
from album (Enslaved To The Machine) by Necrosis
drowned in the sea of ink blinded by the bright screen deaf from airwave thunders networked chaos wi.. 
Time Machine
from album (Time Machine) by Axxis
Hear the clock as time goes by We're born, we live, we die Clockwork burns in my brain Flashes a.. 
Machine Gun
from album (Third) by The Soft Machine
I saw a saviour, a saviour come my way I thought I'd see it in the cold light of day But now I r.. 
Machine 15
from album (Machine 15) by Millencolin
Drop the gun, the one that's stuck to my head. It's just begun, you're gone, you came wa.. 
Heathen Machine
from album (Heathen Machine) by Balance Of Power
Heathen machine... Find a way or make a way. There's nothing sacred Cut me off so amputate What.. 
She's A Machine
from album (She's A Machine) by Alice In Videoland
It's just a matter of time before she ***s up your mind She's gonna play with your head, ju.. 
She's My Machine
from album (Your Filthy Little Mouth) by David Lee Roth
[Verse1] It's gettin' late I don't know `Bout 3 a.m. And I'm drivin' in my '.. 

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