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Lonely Grill
from album (Lonely Grill) by Lonestar
Box speaker talkin' out a tune Two for one on a blue lagoon Another lost and found.. 
I Don't Want To Be Lonely
from album (I Don't Want To Be Lonely) by Az Yet
Verse 1 My bags are packed and I'm about to go you said you needed time to be alone but just i.. 
Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
from album (Come An' Get It) by Whitesnake
(Coverdale) I've been burning my bridges For too many years, Drowning the sorrow Of too many te.. 
4 Seasons Of Loneliness
from album (4 Seasons Of Loneliness) by Boyz II Men
I long for the warmth of days gone by When you were mine But now those days are memories in time.. 

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
from album (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) by The Beatles
It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play, They've been going in and.. 
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
from album (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) by The Beatles
We're Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band We hope you have enjoyed the show. Sergean.. 
Lonely Boy
from album (Lonely Boy) by Andrew Gold
LONELY BOYAndrew GoldHe was born on a summer day 1951And with a slap of a hand He landed as an only.. 
Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)
from album (Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room) by Dwight Yoakam
She wore red dresses with her black shining hair She had my baby and caused me to care Then coldly s.. 
Long Stretch Of Lonesome
from album (Long Stretch Of Lonesome) by Patty Loveless
(Gary Scruggs) Never mind the struggle Never mind these tears I cry Through it all I will stay humb.. 
A Lonely Jew On Christmas
from album (A Lonely Jew On Christmas) by South Park
It's hard to be a Jew on Christmas My friends won't let me join in any games And I can't.. 
High Lonesome Sound
from album (High Lonesome Sound) by Vince Gill
Whenever my soul is lonely Whenever I'm feeling blue I start thinkin' 'bout my blue eyed.. 
Woman Gets Lonely
from album (Woman Gets Lonely) by Lisa Angelle
It's not your fault, I know you try And I'm not the only thing in your life But these long n.. 
The Lonely One
from album (The Lonely One) by Alice Deejay
You don't have to be the lonely one You don't have to be the lonely one You don't have t.. 
from album (Lonesome) by Unwritten Law
Well I'm here, but I don't wanna stay Cause you're not around and I'm feeling lonel.. 

from album (Lonesome Crow) by Scorpions
Music :Michael Schenker, Rudolf Schenker Lyrics:Klaus Meine, Wolfgang Dziony, Lothar Heimberg Sun.. 
I Feel Lonely
from album (I Feel Lonely) by Sasha
All across the universe every boy and every girl is looking for this thing called love so why do all.. 
I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)
from album (Get Behind Me Satan) by The White Stripes
Well I miss my mother And I miss being her son As crazy as I was I Guess I wasn't much of one So.. 
You Won't Ever Be Lonely
from album (You Won't Ever Be Lonely) by Andy Griggs
Life may not always go your way And every once in awhile you might have a bad day But I promise you.. 
A Little Bit Lonesome
from album (A Little Bit Lonesome) by Kasey Chambers
I'm a little bit lonesome I'm a little bit blue I can't stop crying Since I lost you The.. 
Another Lonely Day
from album (A Little Bit Lonesome) by Kasey Chambers
Yes indeed I'm alone again And here comes emptiness Crashing in It's either love or hate I c.. 
Lonely Christmas, Lonely Day
from album (A Blue Eyed Christmas) by Bobbi Lee Justice And The Scepters
Lonely Christmas,lonely day, Lonely Christmas,go away. I need no presents,neath my tree, Nor Christ.. 
California's Lonely
from album (California's Lonely) by Smile Empty Soul
Wait.. It's coming to me.. I'm starting to see.. So very clearly.. Why I'm never happy.. 
Are You Lonely
from album (Are You Lonely) by All About Eve
Do you feel so small On sunday afternoon In your loveless house Full of empty rooms Once a place of.. 
Sick Of Being Lonely
from album (Sick Of Being Lonely) by Field Mob
[Verse 1] Little shawty, we used to be on the phone all day Talkin' to the sunshine shinin'.. 
Perfecting Loneliness
from album (Perfecting Loneliness) by Jets To Brazil
I'm a long list with no time, sunset panic on the street. Sugar and light bulbs, the milk of kin.. 
from album (Lonely) by Leo
Love has no meaning for me now where did you go The neon signs the blazing signs just hitting me up.. 
Lonely Old Lies
from album (Lonely Old Lies) by Neko Case
Sittin' here lost in my senses Drownin' in old memories Brought down from on high When you s.. 
The Heart's A Lonely Hunter
from album (The Heart's A Lonely Hunter) by Thievery Corporation
The Truth is unspoken, a promise is broken I’m under surveillance, they know what my name is I need.. 
Lonely Lonely
from album (Let It Die) by Feist
Water water on the seeds To my left they rose and leaf To my right cross Seven Seas Maybe maybe the.. 
Lonely For The Last Time
from album (Lonely For The Last Time) by Seven Places
Driving on the road to home, a few cars back maybe three in front. I don't know, all I know is w.. 
How Do You Get That Lonely?
from album (How Do You Get That Lonely?) by Blaine Larsen
It was just another story Printed on the second page Underneath the Tiger's football score It s.. 
Lonely Angel's Land
from album (Lonely Angel's Land) by Jamie Winchester & Hrutka Róbert
Someone sent an angel To watch over me Someone sent an angel So beautiful to see Say you know the r.. 
Lonely White Idols
from album (Lonely White Idols) by Interitus Dei
Standing still Through the ages, Throwing shadows To the lowlands, Standing tall When the winds.. 
Lonely In Gorgeous
from album (Lonely In Gorgeous) by Tommy February6
Gozen neiji, tobidashita Tobira wo keritobashite GARASU no kutsu ga warete DORESU mo yabureta Nee a.. 
Consoler Of The Lonely
from album (Consoler Of The Lonely) by The Raconteurs
(Daddy, will you tell me the story about the chicken? hahahahaha...) (ahahahaha... ahahaha Let'.. 
Lonely Again
from album (Lonely Again) by Eddy Arnold
(Lonely again, no one to love me) You told me that others before you Were foolish to cause me to cr.. 
Another Lonely Song
from album (Another Lonely Song) by Tammy Wynette
Time won't ease my memory, it's killing me now And Lord how I need him here, just to feel hi.. 
The Lonely One
from album (The Lonely One) by Alice Deejay
Another day just passed away As I watch the old setting sun Couldn't ever think of you out the.. 
Only The Lonely
from album (Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely) by Frank Sinatra
Each place I go only the lonely go Some little small cafe The songs I know only the lonely know Each.. 
It's A Lonesome Old Town
from album (Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely) by Frank Sinatra
It's a lonesome old town, when you're not around, I'm lonely, as I can be. I never kne.. 

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