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Secret Rendezvous
from album (Karyn White) by Karyn White
Happiness is when I, I think of you, and we'll be gettin' together for a rendez-vous, I.. 
Tell Me Tomorrow
from album (Karyn White) by Karyn White
Lately I've seen a change in you Your touch is not the same You close the door to all your emoti.. 
The Way You Love Me
from album (Karyn White) by Karyn White
Hey baby, you're drivin' me crazy, with that special lovin' feelin' that you give t.. 
from album (The Karelian Isthmus) by Amorphis
"The sound of thousand warriors The fields of thousand battles Still, in our hearts we can hear.. 

from album (Karma) by Kamelot
I am a king of honor gold and glory but every king must also die have I been just and righteous what.. 
from album (Karma) by Hey
from album (Karma) by Superheist
It's in the sky, chronicled The colour gleams, ultra clean Stripped back to expose one eye Alway.. 
Karna Ku Sayang Kamu
from album (Karna Ku Sayang Kamu) by Dygta
Seandainya, kau ada disini denganku Mungkin ku tak sendiri Bayanganmu, yang selalu menemaniku Hiasi.. 
Intro Karma
from album (Zavrti život) by Karma
Svatko slijedi neki svoj put ima svoje svjetlo i svoju tamu nikada nisi stjeran ukut ti samo ziviš.. 
from album (Karina) by Karina
No vas a cambiar, se que me mientes... me vas a dejar y aunque te cueste, no vas a jugartela por.. 
Me Voy A Acostumbrar
from album (Karina) by Karina
Te vas a acostumbrar a no buscarme, A calentar tu cuerpo sin mi piel, Te vas a acostumbrar a no to.. 
Karar Verdim
from album (Karar Verdim) by Nilüfer
Karar verdim unutmaya, Karar verdim ayrılmaya.. Çekip gitsem buradan, Gitsem çok uzak.. 
Karaca Sudma
from album (Furia Interior) by Karma Sudaca
Peluca turca, piel de algodón que Perez compact, que Troika boomp Litle Richard, Miranda quaid zu.. 
Javhe Karma
from album (Javhe Karma) by Kilcrops
La lucha estaba en su apogeo se acercaba la edad de Acuario no había un rayo de esperanza ent.. 

Mou Hitotsu No Birthday
from album (Karin) by Karin
The moment when I'll meet you will be the happiest The moment when I'll meet you will be the.. 
from album (Karma) by Apache Indian
karma nandomo onaji koto no kurikaeshi no naka o ochiteitte wa karma kono mi wa rasen no you umare.. 
Broken Glass
from album (Say What You Will Clarence...Karl Sold The Truck) by Soul Asylum
Long distance information, ring me 608 Laughing at the other end get me my prescription, come and wa.. 
The Moment Of The Truth
from album (The Karate Kid: Original Movie Soundtrack) by Survivor
When your alone You ask yourself What are you searching for Deep in the night A dream is born One t.. 
Little Old Fashioned Karma
from album (Tougher Than Leather) by Willie Nelson
There's just a little fashioned karma coming down Just a little old fashioned justice going roun.. 
Third Man Theme
from album (Album Unknown) by Anton Karas
When a zither starts to play You'll remember yesterday In its haunting strain Vienna lives again.. 
from album (Next) by Journey
Oh baby, your face is dark, and your eyes are wild. Oh baby, you look to me as if you're still a.. 
Karma Wheel
from album (Not 4 Sale) by Sammy Hagar
I can't close my eyes Feelin' what I see I turn away But still can see I can't chan.. 
Karma Chameleon
from album (Church Of The Poison Mind) by Culture Club
Desert loving in your eyes all the way. If I listen to your lies would you say I'm a man without.. 
You're The Best
from album (Karate Kid) by Joe Esposito
Try to be best ‘Cause you’re only a man And a man’s gotta learn to take it Try to believe Though.. 
from album (Superwoman) by Karyn White
Early in the morning I put breakfast at your table And make sure that your coffee has its sugar and.. 
Way I Feel About You
from album (Superwoman) by Karyn White
Day after day Just thinking about you I can't wait to see your smiling face Could this be love I.. 
Can I Stay With You
from album (Make Him Do Right) by Karyn White
Never felt so good before Never dreamed I would explore Makin' love in the positions that you go.. 
Here Comes The Pain Again
from album (Make Him Do Right) by Karyn White
I don't like our situation. No. Things gotta change around here. Yeah. Though I don't see.. 
from album (Make Him Do Right) by Karyn White
Oh Oh, baby An appetizin' love recipe Just like honey to honey bees, oh I just can't get en.. 
I'd Rather Be Alone
from album (Make Him Do Right) by Karyn White
Mmm...mmm... I don't wanna be a fool, I don't wanna be a fool for love No, no, I won't,.. 
I'm Your Woman
from album (Make Him Do Right) by Karyn White
Boy I'll never trade ya, or let another woman take ya. I'm holding on to what I've got,.. 
Nobody But My Baby
from album (Make Him Do Right) by Karyn White
Nobody but my baby No one can love me. No one can love me right No one can love me, (no one, no on.. 
Thinkin' 'Bout Love
from album (Make Him Do Right) by Karyn White
Thinkin' about your love. And it feels so good. Thinkin' 'bout love I been tearin'.. 
from album (Personally) by Karla Bonoff
PERSONALLYKarle BonoffI've been writing letters every day nowsince you've been goneTalking t.. 
Somebody's Eyes
from album (Footloose Soundtrack) by Karla Bonoff
When she set him free He came to me He came straight to me Now she's gonna find The boy is mine.. 
(It Takes) Two To Tango
from album (The Karate Kid: Original Movie Soundtrack) by Paul Davis
Life Life has a way Of making you feel alone Time Won't let me forget That I'm so far from.. 
14 Karat Gold
from album (Shadows) by Gordon Lightfoot
If you see me smile don't think I'm acting strange I got my just reward for all my pains I y.. 
Instant Karma
from album (9 Dream) by John Lennon
Instant Karma!John LennonInstant Karmas's gonna get youGonna knock you right on the headYou bett.. 
from album (Karma Police Single) by Radiohead
You stop the crowd I cried out to break the spell You wake and smile I just snapped and lost control.. 
Karma Police
from album (OK Computer) by Radiohead
Karma police, arrest this man He talks in math He buzzes like a fridge He's like a detuned radio.. 




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