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Don't Want To Lose
from album (Jake) by Jake
I used to live out here My life and limb together I used to hang my head And dream to make it bet.. 
I'm Okay
from album (Jake) by Jake
Why are you weeping Over me this hour I'm slipping away But you know you couldn't keep me fo.. 
Let Me Know
from album (Jake) by Jake
Baby I've been waiting so long And I can't see what's going on I've got to tell yo.. 
Melt Me
from album (Jake) by Jake
You were standing there And I was not aware Of the sunshine in your stare Melting me Changing me fro.. 

from album (Jake) by Jake
So you tell me that you're gonna be a star And you say you're gonna be a zillionaire And you.. 
Right Time
from album (Jake) by Jake
I don't thik anyone can see me I don't feel anyone is there To catch me if I fall And I ca.. 
Take My Heart
from album (Jake) by Jake
Don't wory Baby I won't go away Can't you feel it in the way that I tell you That I'.. 
from album (Jake) by Jake
I don't know how to find You But I need You now You come and go it seems So far away You hide Y.. 
Same Old Song
from album (Blake Shelton) by Blake Shelton
Now I love country music and I guess I always will but these days when I turn on the radio it's.. 
Nobody But Me
from album (Blake Shelton's Bar & Grill) by Blake Shelton
Don't waste your time, lookin' over your shoulder those loves from the past ain't gettin.. 
Si Tu No Estas Aqui
from album (Si Tu No Estas Aqui) by Angeles Del Infierno
Solos los dos, el mismo bar Un trago por terminar, Una mirada en la oscuridad Y un hasta mañana Sol.. 
Jo No Soy De Aqui
from album (Jo No Soy De Aqui) by Analia Selis
Miro para atras, cuando no me duele mirar Tanto que jo ande, tantos son los que deje. No era un ilus.. 
Escuta Aqui
from album (Escuta Aqui) by Biquini Cavadão
Escuta Aqui Eu não sou culpado de tudo Se não vi Que as coisas iam mal, me desculpe Estou aqui.. 
Dj Kermit --- Aqui Estoy (ft Blanca)
from album (Vector Beat) by Dj Kermit --- Aqui Estoy
aquí estoy... he sangrado he llorado a dolido y a sanado me derrote pero tenía q con.. 

Quedate Quieta
from album (Canciones Ineditas) by Jake El Arquitecto
Quédate Quieta “ya… la maestría recordz Jake el Arquitecto junto al Misa Oye.. 
Jake The Peg
from album (Best Of Rolf Harris [Disky]) by Rolf Harris
[Chorus:] I'm Jake the Peg, diddle-iddle-iddle-um With my extra leg, diddle-iddle-iddle-um Wh.. 
My Brother Jake
from album (Single) by Free
My brother Jake, hat, shades, head in a daze. My brother Jake, have you though about changin.. 
My Baby No Esta Aqui
from album (The Lost Series) by Garth Brooks
She use to be my rosa amarilla My little Mexicali tomatilla But then one night I drank too much sang.. 
I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake (But I'll Go Chasin' Women)
from album (Big Bad John) by Jimmy Dean
Oh, it's springtime in the mountains and I'm full of mountain dew Can't even read my cat.. 
*** The World!
from album (The Amazing Jake Jeckel Brothers) by Insane Clown Posse
If I only could I'd set the world on fire (3x) Say *** the world *** THE WORLD! If I only coul.. 
Te Tengo Aqui
from album (Mended) by Marc Anthony
Puedo estar con otra mujer no se y por el mundo todo recorrer Para que buscar si te tengo aquí T.. 
867-5309 Jenny
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Jenny who can I turn to You give me something I can hold on to Now you think I’m like the others be.. 
Ask The Magic 8 Ball
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
What the *** the *** have I become I've become the product of the sum caught in an endless cir.. 
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
I think, I think I know it all, but can I be sure of the things I've grown to know, and can I sa.. 
History Of A Boring Town
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Just talked to this girl who used to live on my street After all these years you're here and you.. 
Johnny Quest
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Well I really don't know if it matters at all so but we try to keep the prices low for our recor.. 
Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Well I Really don't know.. 
Liquor Store
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Now listen up and hear what i'm saying If he's not talking to himself Then he must be prayin.. 
My Very Own Flag
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
Something that's inside of me It's something that I cannot see Like rules and regulations Pa.. 
Ska Sucks
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
ska sucks, ska revival isn't cool you stupid ***, the bands are only in it for the bucks and if.. 
We're All Dudes
from album (867-5309 Jenny) by Less Than Jake
It's time to put our times behind it all the bad things off your mind He's feeling good she.. 
Best Wishes To Your Black Lungs
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
By this time tomorrow You'll be out on the streets of Chicago Walking all the way home from com.. 
Escape From The A-Bomb House
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
Dear Mom and Dad, I've been making plans To leave this house and yes I'm sure So lock the do.. 
Ghosts Of You And Me
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
I've been down Wandering past 2nd street And looking at the ghosts Of you and me and thinking ba.. 
Look What Happened (Last Time)
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
And I swear it's the last time and I swear it's my last try And we'll walk in circles ar.. 
Motown Never Sounded So Good
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
So you say, all your white flags are up and that you've had enough and that you were tired of co.. 
Plastic Cup Politics
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
hello six pack of confidence been so many nights since we first met glad to see you've brought.. 
Sciene Of Selling Yourself Short
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
{VERSE} I've come to my senses, That I've become senseless, I could give you lessons on how.. 
Screws Fall Out
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
So this pen is starting to become A pipe bomb and these songs Have turned to anthems again To everyt.. 
She's Gonna Break Soon
from album (Anthem) by Less Than Jake
[Chorus:] She's gonna break soon Gonna break soon Gonna break soon She's gonna break soon Go.. 

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