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Hits From The Bong
from album (Black Sunday) by Cypress Hill
Hits From The Bong Hits From The Bong Hits From The Bong Hits From The Bong Pick it, pack it, F.. 
Hitsville U.K.
from album (Sandinista!) by The Clash
They cried the tears, they shed the fears, Up and down the land, They stole guitars or used guitars.. 
When The Bullet Hits The Bone
from album (Burning For You) by Blue Oyster Cult
Somewhere in a lonely hotel room There's a guy starting to realize That eternal fate has turned.. 
Greatest Hits
from album (Live-Stand By Your Van) by Sublime
Wake up in the morning and it's hard to live. Hard to live, yes, it's hard to live and it.. 

Here Comes The Hits
from album (Shyheim A.k.a. The Rugged Child) by Shyheim
Hit after hit makin' MC's quit then they jump on my tip for that old raw hit You thou.. 
Dream Hits II
from album (Sleep In Safety) by 45 Grave
It's a party of my charade To keep all others of my day A page in time goes both ways.. 
When Tomorrow Hits
from album (March To Fuzz) by Mudhoney
Laying out on some early acts Losing your way Getting way off track Ain't no stopping Time from.. 
Hits Of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)
from album (A Thousand Leaves) by Sonic Youth
today i said goodbye to my conflicted goddess her lush eyes show surprise at how we could gathe.. 
Truth Hits Everybody
from album (A Sermon) by Sting & Police
Sleep lay behind me like a broken ocean Strange waking dreams before my eyes unfold You lay there sl.. 
from album (Besides) by Sugar
Been selling it short I'm seeing sunlight for the very first time And I'm changing my ways H.. 
When It Hits Home
from album (Morning Star) by Entombed
Greed It's really no mystery Where these people come from is so *** plain to see They fist-f.. 
Zygote Hits The Road
from album (Cerebellumusic) by Animalcule
Zygote hits the road. Zygote hits the road. C'mon, zygote, it's time to go. C'mon, zygot.. 
Everything Hits At Once
from album (Girls Can Tell) by Spoon
Don’t say a word The last one’s still stinging Back on my mind I feel that phone ringing And there.. 
Sunlight Hits The Snow
from album (Natural History) by I Am Kloot
Are your hand sunsteady, ready to be free Are you almost ready, to sit next to me If I go to where.. 

Sun Hits The Sky
from album (In It For The Money) by Supergrass
I know a place where the sun hits the sky, Everything changes and blows out the night, Everyone know.. 
Shit HitsThe Fan
from album (Cheers) by Obie Trice Featuring Eminem & Dr. Dre
(Eminem) what you gonna when shit hits the fan are you gonna stand and fight like a man you can b.. 
When The Sun Hits
from album (Kevin's Telescope) by The Gathering
Sweet thing, I watch you Burn so fast it scares me Mind games don't leave me I've come so fa.. 
Shit Hits The Fan
from album (Cheers) by Obie Trice Featuring Dr. Dre & Eminem
[Dr. Dre] Yeah Yo, let's bring it [Chorus Eminem] What you gonna do when shit hits the fan? Are.. 
Greatest Hits
from album (The Opening Credits) by Laptop
You remind me of a couple girls I used to know That I used to be involved with Thanks a lot, what.. 
Hits Home
from album (Quitters Never Win) by Much The Same
"She's just a friend," he said, "And that's all she'll ever be But I can.. 
Takin' Hits
from album (Straight Outta Cashville) by Young Buck
(Phone Rings) Hello? Whats Up, Who Is This? Yo Nigga, This Murda Rich Whats Up Nigga? Whats Up With.. 
***'s Greatest Hits
from album (Burn Piano Island, Burn) by The Blood Brothers
[Verse 1:] Ring out the gong again! Carve out this hymn in skin! When the party blacks out again you.. 
Hits And Misses
from album (Go For It) by Stiff Little Fingers
Look at every man you meet It can be him on every street The woman's waiting for the next attack.. 
When The Pin Hits The Shell
from album (Decoration Day) by Drive-By Truckers
You can lie to your Mama, you can lie to your race but you can’t lie to nobody with that.. 
Play The Hits
from album (Hal (2005)) by Hal
Take a look at those guys When they play their hits on radio And the pretty young girls When they.. 
Intro (Multiball Hits Your Town!!!)
from album (At Last) by Multiball
Hello Mr. Bitter! How you're doing' tonight!? Forget your *** problems And let your feel.. 
When It Hits My Blood
from album (Cellar Door) by John Vanderslice
I stole from my mother to hock her TV she locked herself in the bathroom she locked herself away fro.. 
When (And If) The Big One Hitsâ?¦ Iâ??ll Just Meet You There
from album (Album Unknown) by Autograph
Iâ??ve tried everything, perspicacity Itâ??s true, Iâ??m in my prime Iâ.. 
Mayutsuki No Hitsugi
from album (The Name Of The Rose) by D
Kimi no naka yadoru majiriau chi ga Yagate watashi wo norou toshitemo kimi to no ai ni subete wo sas.. 
When The Shit Hits The Fan
from album (Doomsday Rock'N'Roll) by Chrome Division
No more shit, she's finally on her way Well, she sees no point for her to stay She stole your ca.. 
Hitsuyou No Pocket
from album (Yes, Everytime) by The Stand Up
Kyou mo mata hi ga nobotta kiseki ni nita sonna nioi Atarimae no koto sonna ni wa nai kara souda kim.. 
Smash Flop Hits
from album (Album Unknown) by Tank
There is a town in this great nation that stands for liberty, It deserves a great ovation for its tr.. 

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