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(This Thing Called) Wantin' And Havin' It All
from album ((This Thing Called) Wantin' And Havin' It All) by Sawyer Brown
Rich man grew old, owned a mansion on top of the hill Now he's sitting at the table with his law.. 
Havin' A Party
from album (Havin' A Party With Southside Johnny) by Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes
We're havin' a party Everybody's swinging Dancing to the music On the radio So listen, M.. 
Having You Near Me
from album (A Place Where We Belong) by Air Supply
I came to you and never asked too much Wondering what you would say Hoping you'd understand It&#.. 
(You're) Having My Baby
from album (Album Unknown) by Paul Anka With Odia Coates
PAUL: Havin' my baby What a lovely way of sayin' how much you love me Havin' my baby Wha.. 

I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)
from album (In The Zone) by Britney Spears
Here is a little story that I made up So Let's make believe Four years ago I had a party that wa.. 
from album (Unplugged & Seated) by Rod Stewart
(Sam Cooke) Yeah, clap your hands We're having a party, dancing to the music played by the D.. 
Havin' A Ball
from album (Man Of Miracles) by Styx
Written by James Young, John Curulewski Lead vocals by James Young yeah now tell me girl won't.. 
Havin' Things
from album (I Want It All) by Warren G
(Warren G) Mic check, time for me to make that connect With the so so def so I can make my collect P.. 
Havin' Myself A Time
from album ((I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance) by Billie Holiday
I'm having myself a time I mean I'm having what I want Wanting what I have Doing what I like.. 
Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)
from album (Control) by Janet Jackson
Il me plait d'etre l¨¤ avec tu je ne sais pas ou... ou le temps s'est enfui. Oh je t'a.. 
Are You Still Having Fun?
from album (Living In The Present Future) by Eagle Eye Cherry
You are on your own You do as you please Having so much fun Gone and lost your reason After all is s.. 
Bad Boy/Having A Party
from album (The Best Of Luther Vandross) by Luther Vandross
The bad boy's swingin' (Ha, ha, ha, ha) Oh Yeah (Do doobie, doobie, de, de) Well alright,.. 
Love Having You Around
from album (Music Of My Mind) by Stevie Wonder
Please, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, baby, baby, baby, baby, mama, mama, mama, baby, baby, baby, L.. 
Just When You’re Having Fun
from album (Cock Robin) by Cock Robin
Only a fool's unwise I don't know why I should be surprised God knows what we've done M.. 

Having A Party
from album (Another Saturday Night) by Sam Cooke
We're havin' a party Dancin' to the music Played by the DJ On the radio The Coke's o.. 
Spirits Having Flown
from album ((The Lights Went Out In) Massachussets) by The Bee Gees
Spirits Having FlownBee GeesI never fell in love so easilyWhere the four winds blow I carry onI'.. 
Having A Blast
from album (Dookie) by Green Day
I'm taking all you down with me Explosives duct taped to my spine Nothing's gonna change m.. 
You Can Dance You Can Jive Having The Time Of Your Life
from album (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Soundtrack) by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Every day I wake up to another day gone by Nothing but the open road and the never ending wh.. 
I Ain't Havin' That
from album (Magnum Force) by Heltah Skeltah
featuring Doc Holiday Starang Wondah Starang: They don't like us Rock: Word Up Starang:.. 
Having A Bad Day
from album (Above The Law) by Pastor Troy
Hook: 8x Nigga don't *** with me I'm having a bad day Verse 1: Eleven Twenty-Nine Someti.. 
Let You Havit
from album (Safe + Sound) by DJ Quik
Yeah Now this is for the G's who know we needs that gangsta shit It's like the P.. 
If You Believe In Having ***
from album (As Nasty As They Wanna Be) by 2 Live Crew
[ ] = the fellas ( ) = the ladies { } = the crowd < > = Luke using white accent.. 
Havin Thangs
from album (Dangerous Minds Soundtrack) by Big Mike
Hmm, heh, stay wiv me Chorus: Loud house and chains and swangin thangs (I gots ta have it).. 
Having A Bad Dream
from album (Earth) by Matthew Sweet
I like a little pain If it wasn't true There'd be nothing that I had kept from you (Wonder w.. 
Havin' A Party
from album (We Remember Sam Cooke) by The Supremes
(S. Cooke) We are having a party Dancing to the music Played by the D.J. On the radio The cokes a.. 
Are We Having Fun Yet
from album (When The Wrong One Loves You Right) by Wade Hayes
(Wade Hayes/Chick Rains/Lonnie Wilson) I walked out tonight on the woman I love We got in a fight a.. 
I´m Having A Good Day
from album (Their System Doesn´t Work For You) by Anti-Flag
Watching TV talk shows is a lot of fun. I like it when they always have on people who are shooting g.. 
from album (Cardboard) by Cardboard
caught between these quiet dreams but who is to blame everyday the things we say just seem the same.. 
You're Having The Time Of My Life
from album (Four Cornered Night) by Jets To Brazil
when you become a stranger again how closed your eyes will be narrowing me to three short feet acros.. 
Havin' A Bad Day
from album (XL) by Blue Flannel
I hate drunk people and I hate sober people and I hate all people today I hate short people and I.. 
Having Too Much Fun
from album (Electric Kissing Parties) by Ultimate Fakebook
I know you didn't call, but maybe you wanted to You probably figured so what, it's late and.. 
People Are Still Having ***
from album (Album Unknown) by LaTour
Have you noticed, that people are still having ***? All the denouncement, had absolutely no effect... 
Having Fun
from album (Fourplay) by Return
we're on the run and having fun there's something in the ear something we wanna hear we got.. 
Havin' A Baby
from album (Double Up) by R. Kelly
[verse 1] What is this news u got to tell me Girl, What has got u so excited Why Would u call me.. 
Anything Worth Having (Is Worth Waiting For)
from album (Johnny Kemp) by Johnny Kemp
Girl you know we've been through, so many ups and downs Seems like we couldn't make it, if w.. 
All The Kids Are Having Kids
from album (Sans Souci) by Frenzal Rhomb
Teenage romance always a chance To get into trouble. Now it's no fun, shotgun, Far to young a.. 
I'm Having A Relapse
from album (Album Unknown) by Bea Sisters
Torture chambers, secret passage ways, vats of acid and deadly vaults. Damn, it feels good to be.. 
Havin' A Roni
from album (Album Unknown) by TV Themes
(beat box) What it's like... havin' a roni (beat box) What it's like... havin' a ron.. 

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