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Run Away
from album (Halo Friendlies Ghetto Demo) by Halo Friendlies
You never notice me But you've got a lot to see I know just just the thing you want or need A lo.. 
The Black Halo
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Come wind Come snow Come winterland I have resigned myself to death Come will to show the hidden han.. 
Black Halo
from album (Black Halo) by The Trews
Mr. Richard Jones skull and two crossbones can't be bought or sold detached and lost and cold ev.. 
from album (Halo) by Beyonce
standing in the light of your halo.. 

15 Storey Halo
from album (How To Be A Millionaire) by ABC
blondes and beach boys Might marvel at the size But honey something that big You now the best don.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by The Halos
NagThe Halos(Crier)Oh baby you're a nag (nag,naggedy nag)You're a nag,you're a na.. 
Silva Halo
from album (Medazzaland) by Duran Duran
You shine Where others fade You dare To be so brave Don’t compromise No one can touch you Just bel.. 
from album (Join The Dots: Rarities And B Sides The Fiction Years 1978-2001) by The Cure
I never felt like this with anyone before You only have to smile and I'm dizzy You make the worl.. 
Halo Of Flies
from album (Killer) by Alice Cooper
I've got the answers To all of your questions If you've got the money To pay me in gold I wi.. 
Halo Of Gold
from album (By Her) by Beck
Have you got a fine place to slip to When you're feeling down Have you had a week or two Just to.. 
from album (Home) by Deep Blue Something
Souls suffer the landscape In shrouds of dew, as ghosts. Their eternity is for searching But a ce.. 
from album (Violator) by Depeche Mode
You wear guilt Like s***les on your feet Like a halo in reverse I can feel The discomfort in your s.. 
from album (One By One) by Foo Fighters
Good and bad I swear I've had them both, they're overrated But is it fun When you get hol.. 
from album (White On Blonde) by Texas
Bright light city Your hard religion Superstars in their own private movie Play just li.. 

Halo Halo
from album (Rewolucje) by Jamal
Halo, halo i po co ja tak biegnę, Przed tym co będzie i tak nie ucieknę,.. 
Cabbage Savage
from album (Da Halocaust) by Concentration Camp
[Talking] Whats Happenin the grawl nitty camped out nigga The halocaust in 98 playa We th.. 
Outside My Life
from album (Da Halocaust) by Concentration Camp
[Talking (deep voice] Welcome to the concentration camp Maxminelli (voices in the backgroun.. 
from album (Da Halocaust) by Concentration Camp
*(J Von)* Now if ya all in wit me *(C Loc)* Come an get me wit some hin *(J Von)* A.. 
New Light On Your Halo
from album (Say Something) by Ellis Paul
And it ain't shining, it ain't shining, shine, shine, shine... There's cracks in the wal.. 
from album (Bruise) by Oleander
And it's always little things That to the surface brings The comfort in the pain The fear behi.. 
from album (Besides) by Sugar
Wilhelmina remained convinced that her relief was waiting beyond The suburban half-life she loathed.. 
Nazi Halo
from album (Clear Hearts Grey Flowers) by Jack Off Jill
Take a souvenir and stop your staring Just cause I'm screaming Don't mean I'm sharing Ca.. 
from album (Deeply Deeply) by Christian Death
Night is long Breathing in (it is gone) silence awaiting the Angels Don't you sometimes feel lik.. 
Halo Goddess Bone
from album (777 - I Luciferi) by Danzig
Feel the hunger, as it burns inside Feel the hunger, you forgotten child There's no one like you.. 
Dim Halo
from album (Soma Holiday) by Greenwheel
Imagine no daylight, only the moon as your guide. When ours is to darkness, a forgotten sun is too b.. 
Me Vs. The World
from album (Freaky Friday Soundtrack) by Halo Friendlies
Hey boys, Hey girls, Hey anybody who will listen to me In case you havent noticed its just me again.. 
from album (Get Real) by Halo Friendlies
i wear it so well, no one else can tell what is inside once i was a servent, once i was a sucker.. 
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Once my life was plain and clear I recall Once my ignorance was bliss Nighfall came Like a serpent&#.. 
Interlude I - Dei Gratia
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Sub sole nihil novi est Ad aspera per aspera Quaerite prime regnum dei Ante bellum memento mori.. 
Interlude II - Un Assassino Molto Silencioso
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
C'era una volta un uomo Con gli occhi verso la luna E si chiedeva Verrà presto l'amore E c.. 
Interlude III - Midnight / Twelve Tolls For A New Day
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Life has never been better than it is right now (Happy new year) And finally while I still have your.. 
March Of Mephisto
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Aspirat primo fortuna labori Me duce tutus eris Vox populi vox dei Ad maiorem dei gloriam Adinfinitu.. 
Memento Mori
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Who wants to seperate The world we know from our beliefs And who sees only black and white Distingui.. 
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
I have never craved the system's sympathy I get restless over pity smiles Some precaution wouldn.. 
Nothing Ever Dies
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Here we are Under the same old sun All alone yet somehow bound and unify Dust to dust... Ashes to as.. 
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Songs of pain and soothing lullabies Sounds of happiness and some that make us cry One song we share.. 
Soul Society
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
(Hate is natural to me A ... system Did you believe in your god Do you think we 'd miss you) If.. 
The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Merely the sound of your voice Made me believe that you were her Just like the river disturbs ...my.. 
This Pain
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Pushing for the limit of sanity Pushing for the surface ... so I can breathe Dark is the night for u.. 
When The Lights Are Down
from album (Black Halo) by Kamelot
Rules without exceptions last eternally Every move you make creates your destiny I've come to so.. 

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