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Forgiven, Not Forgotten
from album (Forgiven, Not Forgotten) by The Corrs
All alone, staring on Watching her life go by When her days are grey and her nights are b.. 
Sweet Forgiveness
from album (Sweet Forgiveness) by Bonnie Raitt
When will I learn To take you on my journey When will I see, yeah That you belong to me When will I.. 
from album (Disciplined Breakdown) by Collective Soul
In my silence I would love to forget But restitution hasn't come quite yet And with one accord.. 
from album (Jagged Little Pill) by Alanis Morissette
You know how us Catholic girls can be We make up for so much time a little too late I never forgot i.. 

To Be Forgiven
from album (Older) by George Michael
I'm going down Won't you help me Save me from myself I hear the sound of the memory Maybe t.. 
from album (Burn To Shine) by Ben Harper
I will wait like nothing, I have ever waited for I will catch your tears from falling Until from.. 
Valjean Arrested - Valjean Forgiven
from album (Les Miserables) by Les Miserables
Constables: Tell his Reverence your story Let us see if he's impressed You were lodging there la.. 
from album (Stomping Ground) by Goldfinger
So you've decided to blame him again For all you choices Seem like the softer way out You think.. 
from album (Ten Thousand Fists) by Disturbed
Forgiven to me You're forgiven to me You're just another dead man living to me Forgiven t.. 
Forgiven Not Forgotten
from album (At Your Side) by The Corrs
Transcribed by Peter Shevlin All alone, staring on, watching her life go by, When her days are grey.. 
Show Me Forgiveness
from album (Medulla) by Bjork
Show me forgiveness For having lost faith in myself And let my own interior up To inferior forces Th.. 
I Have Forgiven Jesus
from album (You Are The Quarry) by Morrissey
I was a good kid, I wouldn't do you no harm, I was a nice kid, With a nice paper round Forgive.. 
Moment Of Forgiveness
from album (Become You) by Indigo Girls
well i guess that i was lonely that's why i called you on the phone cause in a moment of forgive.. 
We're Forgiven
from album (Camino Palmero) by The Calling
Well, I would like to think The world hasn't seen That all the best is still to come, And I know.. 

from album (Swim) by Feeder
What i see, what i've known, turn the pages turn to stone. Behind the doors, i will open it for.. 
All Is Forgiven
from album (One Thing Remains) by Default
As if the wait was not enough And one can only take so much You've broken To pieces Seems hopele.. 
from album (Memorial Address) by Ayumi Hamasaki
bokutachi wa toki ni doushiyou mo nai ayamachi wo okashi sono uchi ni sukoshi fukan ni naru bo.. 
from album (All This Time) by Sylver
I still regret I turned my back on you no one makes me feel the way you do never ment to cous you tr.. 
from album (Century Spring) by Mason Jennings
sitting on a bench in an old time station waiting for a train to forgiveness i've brought no bag.. 
from album (Goodbye To Songtown) by Brian Kennedy
Pride rides before a fall And oh, how you have fallen Two words could have saved it all But your lip.. 
No Forgiveness
from album (Shades Of God) by Paradise Lost
I have seen for myself The rogues of all life born And I'm lying through the night My solemn end.. 
from album (Brightblur) by Massivivid
This world crucifies You again and again I'm trying hard to escape the influence of sin You offe.. 
from album (Tall Shadows) by The Floating Men
No need to lie 'Cause I'm not mad or broken hearted I'm just surprised at how I feel so.. 
Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape
from album (They're Only Chasing Safety) by Underoath
I heard a voice through the discord Of A deluge of passersby I saw one gaze frozen in time Watching.. 
Sweet Forgiveness
from album (Infamous Angel) by Iris DeMent
Sweet forgiveness, that's what you give to me when you hold me close and you say "That'.. 
from album (Living With Ghosts) by Patty Griffin
We are swimming with the snakes At the bottom of the well So silent and peaceful in the darkness whe.. 
from album (Inspiration) by Ur Rap En
Ur Rap En feat Grandmaster C – Un-forgiven Verse 1 You done too much now, don’t you cry, Cos yo.. 
from album (Watching In Silence) by Circle II Circle
(You) You've died inside (Why?) Nowhere to hide (Lost) Inside an empty room (All) Your life is.. 
Secret Forgiveness
from album (Sweet & Deceitful) by Negative
You’re my all I need you beside me Hurts too much to be apart. Oh how sweet but still s.. 
Love And Forgiveness
from album (Revolution) by Little Steven
[Keep the people divided Keep the energy spent Keep the people divided So they don't think about.. 
from album (Dismal Euphoria) by Denigrate
I wanna shoot the president Gonna kill my ex-girlfriend Why should I put my trust on you? I swear th.. 
No Forgivenesss (Without Bloodshed)
from album (Dawn Of Possession) by Immolation
Breeding decomposition Spirits rising from the dead Seeking retribution Abandoned futures never seen.. 
Forgiven Not Forgotten
from album (If These Streets Could Talk) by Just Surrender
I'm watching your eyes move slowly up and down my silhouette And I wonder if you get it yet This.. 
I Have Forgiven Jesus
from album (You Are The Quarry) by Morrisey
I was a good kid I wouldn’t do you no harm I was a nice kid with a nice paper-round Forgive me an.. 
from album (Darchangel) by In Heaven
See the moon up in the sky tonight please believe that we will never cry I cannot forgive myself..... 
from album (The Eagle) by Misen
I'm ... I'm a roamer in time I travel alone Throughout an endless journey Home ... where.. 
Forgiveness Again
from album (G.I. Gantic) by Grand Incredible
Oh Jesus I'm tryin' I'm tryin' but fallin' the life That I'm livin' some.. 
from album (EverGreen) by EverGreen
I'm just one of many Gave a love in vain Sold it out for pennies Saved up all my reign (rain) W.. 
Forgiveness, The Enviable Trait
from album (Texas) by PlayRadioPlay!
I left you by the stairs with a credit card To fill your hollow heart I'm sure that this ain'.. 
Your Forgiveness
from album (Black Roses) by The Rasmus
It's time for forgiveness It's time to repent Time for ascendance To live without revenge We.. 

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