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from album (Stars - 1992) by Simply Red
Anyone who ever held you Would tell you the way I´m feeling Anyone who ever wanted you Would try.. 
Stars On 45
from album (Album Unknown) by Stars On 45
"Intro: Venus/Sugar Sugar/No Reply/I'll Be Back/Drive My Car/ Do You Want To Know A Secret/.. 
Stars On 45 III
from album (Album Unknown) by Stars On 45
Baby ev'rything is alright Uptight Out of sight Baby ev'rything is alright Uptight Out of.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
Chorus: Heaven move me, move my soul Here comes the beat Here comes the beat patrol We will danc.. 

from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
One night, one empty room, one man gettin' over you One star, one lonely moon, I make a wish, I.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
My love is drifting in a sweet dream And my heart is beatin' like a drum And my words don'.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
People need their reasons Reasons to live and reasons to die Just something to believe in Whateve.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
If you want my love tell me 'bout tomorrow Cause I can't wait one more day Cold in the nig.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
Listen We don't call the shots here We don't make the rules We take what we get, get what.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
Here I am now, somewhere on the highway I just checked into some low-rent room I call my service b.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
Looking in your eyes I see a paradise This world that I've found Is too good to be true Stand.. 
from album (Best Of Starship) by Starship
3000 miles across the sea, are you waiting there for me I'm stuck here in this state, so I must.. 
Paint The Sky With Stars
from album (Paint The Sky With Stars) by Enya
Suddenly before my eyes Hues of indigo arise; With them how my spirit sighs. Paint the Sky with star.. 
I Will Follow Him
from album (I Will Follow Him (Single)) by Petula Clark
I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go There isn't an ocean too deep A mountain so hig.. 

from album (Stars: The Best Of 1992-2002) by The Cranberries
The stars are bright tonight And I am walking nowhere I guess I will be alright Desire gets you nowh.. 
At The Stars
from album (At The Stars) by Better Than Ezra
from album (Starsailor) by Tim Buckley
I am a bee out in the fields of winter And though I memorized the slope of water, Oblivion carries m.. 
Hat Full Of Stars
from album (Hat Full Of Stars) by Cyndi Lauper
I was folding up your letters Unpacking winter clothes Searching for my hat I thought I left it by.. 
Good Morning Starshine
from album (Good Morning Starshine) by Oliver
Good morning starshine The earth says hello You twinkle above us We twinkle below Good morning stars.. 
Follow Me
from album (No Joke/Follow Me 12") by Boot Camp Clik
featuring Buckshot da B.D.I. Emcee Just when you thought it was safe I came back with the.. 
Tonight The Stars Revolt!
from album (Tonight The Stars Revolt!) by Powerman 5000
Hang on to tomorrow Because tonight the stars revolt! Do you belive and will you learn to.. 
Glow Stars
from album (Glow Stars) by Heather Nova
Kiss me, kiss me, under a glow star sky If they're stuck on the ceiling I don't mind It'.. 
80's Stars
from album (80's Stars) by Eiffel 65
All The music around me don't touch me no more, I can't feel the vibe Two thousand new songs.. 
Follow The Leader
from album (Follow The Leader) by Eric B. & Rakim
Verse One: Follow me into a solo Get in the flow and you can picture like a photo Mus.. 
Follow Me Gangster
from album (Follow Me Gangster) by 50 Cent
[50] Yeah.. Ja, you ready? Drop that Ferrari F 50 style baby (yeah, yeah) I'ma show 'em h.. 
Hell Below/Stars Above
from album (Hell Below/Stars Above) by The Toadies
Never heard you say goodbye read your letter it made me cry saw you with another guy never want t.. 
Follow Me Home
from album (Follow Me Home) by Dire Straits
Oh well the sun go down Celebration in the town tonight All day long They been slaughtering upon the.. 
Further Than The Stars
from album (Further Than The Stars) by Cousin Kevin
Here on a grass field We'd stare down at the stars Imagine we might fall Fall away to outer spac.. 
Follow The Blind
from album (Follow The Blind) by Blind Guardian
Follow the Blind Your journey, your last hope, it can begin these passing dreams were real no fantas.. 
...And The Rest Will Follow
from album (...And The Rest Will Follow) by Project 86
AND Crucial context Pressure drops Unknown heights I am, I was Am I was THE Absolution North in the.. 
California Stars
from album (California Stars) by Wilco
I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight On a bed of California stars I'd like to lay my wea.. 
If The Stars Come Out Tonight
from album (If The Stars Come Out Tonight) by The Kings
Looking back, it seems like a dream Maybe too good to be true Was as if we floated downstream In a w.. 
Different Stars
from album (Different Stars) by Trespassers William
So you'd sing a lullaby to get me to sleep So it's no surprise my eyes are never heavy For I.. 
Follow The Reaper
from album (Follow The Reaper) by Children Of Bodom
[1.] Loosing the war I'm feining to win though I never tried to to strive deep from within. Life.. 
Follow Me
from album (Follow Me) by Lange
Follow me to the edge And follow me into the dream And Dance with until the stars fall Like tonight.. 
Followin' A Feelin'
from album (Followin' A Feelin') by Sherrie Austin
I want to feel that white hot fire Burnin' in my chest I need long cool wet kisses Who'd wan.. 
Free Your Mind And Your***Will Follow
from album (Free Your Mind And Your***Will Follow) by Funkadelic
Free your mind and your***will follow The kingdom of heaven is within (x3) Open up your funky mind.. 
Blood Will Follow Blood
from album (Blood Will Follow Blood) by Faerghail
No good will ever grow in me For hate and anger is all i feel Trapped in your lies for so many times.. 
Cross Out The Stars
from album (Cross Out The Stars) by Fightstar
I woke up cold November, It takes a lot to show my face around here. I've only myself to blame... 



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