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Fly High
from album (Fly High) by Minmi
Fly High Minmi Itsu mademo yume misaseru mono Kokoro no mannaka hiraita manma sa Ai subeki kuukan.. 
Flying High
from album (What's Going On) by Marvin***e
Flying high – in the friendly sky Flying high without ever leavin' the ground, no Rest.. 
Flying High Again
from album (Diary Of A Madman) by Ozzy Osbourne
Got a crazy feeling I don't understand 'Gotta get away from here Feelin' like I shoulda.. 
I Gotta Stay Fly/High
from album (Baby Mama) by Three 6 Mafia
Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!! For the first time, its going down in history, baby New Three 6 Mafia, featurin 8-.. 

Respiration (Flying High Mix)
from album (Respiration 12") by Black Star
(Mos Def singing) I'm flyin' high, in the friendly sky without ever leaving the gro.. 
Fly High
from album (Primitive) by Soulfly
FLYHIGH Pressure building on my soul I ask God to take control Guide me through this ***ed up worl.. 
Fly High
from album (A Best) by Ayumi Hamasaki
hanarerarezu ni ita yo zutto minareteru keshiki ga atta kara itsuka mata kono basho e kitemo onaji.. 
Fly High Michelle
from album (Enuff Z'nuff) by Enuff Z'nuff
Six o'clock in the morning still sitting here pouring the drinks till they're gone we did.. 
Flying High
from album (Finally Woken) by Jem
You can't know, oh no you can't know how much I think about you, no It's making my head.. 
We're Flying High
from album (Impossible) by Captain Hollywood Project
We 're flying high We 're flying right up to the sky We fly so high We're flying right u.. 
Flying High
from album (Electric Music For The Mind And Body) by Country Joe & The Fish
I'm stuck on the LA freeway, Got rainwater in my boots, My thumb's done froze, can't fee.. 
Flying High
from album (Eternity) by Freedom Call
When the moon is rising With a silver shining light He's waking up the angels of the night And.. 
Flying High
from album (No Escape) by At Vance
you never see what's inside of me that's why you won't face the truth fightin forever a.. 
Fly High
from album (Black Death) by Brocas Helm
Looking for answers Searching to find Is it more than a nightmare Or is it my mind What I've se.. 

Fly High (Me & My)
from album (Album Unknown) by Jim Weatherly
Keep your spirit high and every flow I`ll take you where you want to go Open up and let me free your.. 
Fly High
from album (Album Unknown) by Yvonne Elliman
We're spinning around in the fog in my dreams like that day Where I wanted to stay One more lon.. 
High Flying Bird
from album (Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player) by Elton John
You wore a little cross of gold around your neck I saw it as you flew between my reason Like a raven.. 
Flyin' High
from album (Innocent Victim) by Uriah Heep
FLYIN' HIGH I'm flyin' high And I know the reason why 'Cause the wind of change Has.. 
Flight (The Higher We Fly)
from album (It's About Time) by John Denver
This song was first released on the It¡¯s About Time album. It is the only album it has been relea.. 
High Flying, Adored
from album (Evita) by Mandy Patinkon And Patti LuPone
CHE High flying, adored, so young, the instant queen, A rich beautiful thing of all the talents, a.. 
Too High To Fly
from album (Alone Again) by Dokken
We sold our sons and we sold our daughters Pretty soon we'll sell our brothers We took the gold,.. 
High Flyer
from album (Best Of) by UFO
High flyers, wailing birds I’m so far out to sea Ships are passing every night Oh, all my boyish dr.. 
Flyin' High
from album (Kings And Queens) by Axel Rudi Pell
[1. Verse:] Ride through the air, heavenly stair Over mountains, forests and seas Mystical clouds, c.. 
Fly At Higher Game
from album (Aphelion) by Edenbridge
Look out for the squalls right in here and escape from the vanity fair don`t dally away and relieve.. 
High Flyer
from album (Album Unknown) by Status Qup
Here we go another twenty four hours Every one of them away from you I'm laughing when I ought t.. 

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