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from album (Floetic) by Floetry
[Marsha] Floetry, uh huh [Natalie] It's floetic uh it's floetic uh it's floetic uh it&#.. 
Flores Amarillas
from album (Floricienta) by Floricienta
El la estaba esperando, con una flor amarilla. Ella lo estaba soñando, con la luz en su pupila. Y.. 
Artificial Flowers
from album (Artificial Flowers) by Bobby Darin
Alone in the world was poor little Anne As sweet a young child as you'd find. Her pa.. 
Blood On The Dance Floor
from album (Blood On The Dance Floor/Histo) by Michael Jackson
Written and composed by Michael Jackson and Teddy Riley She got your number She know your game Sh.. 

Float On
from album (Album Unknown) by The Floaters
Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Cancer Ralph, Charles, Paul, Larry Float, float on Float on, float on Float,.. 
from album (Floridays) by Jimmy Buffett
(for Don Blanding, Wobby Weimer & "Groovula") I come from where the rivers meet the se.. 
Feel Me Flow
from album (Feel Me Flow) by Naughty By Nature
Feel Me FlowNaughty By NatureAlbum: Poverty's ParadiseYou 'bout to feel the chronicles of a.. 
from album (Flowers) by Cuban Link
Twin, we've been best friends Ever since we were little kids So I sit and.. 
from album (Flowers) by Sweet Female Attitude
Typed by sarahwilliams15@***.com oh I'll bring you flowers Woah baby Always be Did I sa.. 
(Waltz Me) Once Again Around The Floor
from album ((Waltz Me) Once Again Around The Floor) by K.D. Lang
Waltz me once again "Round that dance floor Make my head go spinnin' 'roud Dance me ove.. 
Theme From Flood
from album (Flood) by They Might Be Giants
Why is the world in love again? Why are we marching hand in hand? Why are the ocean levels rising up.. 
Días Y Flores
from album (Días Y Flores) by Silvio Rodríguez
Si me levanto temprano, fresco y curado, claro y feliz, y te digo: «voy al bosque para aliviarme de.. 
Holes In The Floor Of Heaven
from album (Holes In The Floor Of Heaven) by Steve Wariner
One day shy of eight years old, When grandma passed away. I was a broken hearted little boy, Blowing.. 
Brother Flower
from album (Brother Flower) by Townes Van Zandt
by Townes Van Zandt Brother Flower, are you listenin'? Let me sing a song for you Brother Flowe.. 

Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
from album (Clear Hearts Grey Flowers) by Jack Off Jill
Your mouth is like funeral where words go to die Your mouth is like funeral where kisses go to die I.. 
A Flower Song
from album (A Flower Song) by Five Iron Frenzy
Beautiful day, wonderful feeling I feel like singing Psalms meaning songs, Singing praises all day l.. 
Ocean Floor
from album (Ocean Floor) by Audio Adrenaline
~Guitar solo The mistakes i've made that cause pain i couldve done without oh my selfish though.. 
Devil's Dance Floor
from album (Swagger) by Flogging Molly
Her breath began to speak As she stood right in front of me The colour of her eyes Were the colou.. 
from album (Flood) by Greenwheel
Pull me from the wreck or watch and stand serene. Shards of broken glass shattered like the innocenc.. 
25th Floor
from album (25th Floor) by Tiamat
A new serum eradicates the illness An old man rises from his wheelchair When suffering unknown attac.. 
Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space
from album (Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space) by Spiritualized
All I want in life’s a little bit of love To take the pain away Getting strong today A giant step e.. 
from album (Float) by Aesop Rock
So I heard y'all wanna float... Yo, this fallen angel could stitch a wing With a shoestring Pr.. 
Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, And Bones
from album (Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, And Bones) by Swingin Utters
The first time I met you was up on the hill with tequilla on Tuesday and roses in well You gave me a.. 
from album (Doomsday For The Deceiver) by Flotsam And Jetsam
Among Flowers And Shadows
from album (In The Flower's Shade) by Artrosis
I've found myself inside you I know I've got different blood This is not the same Differentl.. 
Walkin' The Floor Over You
from album (Walkin' The Floor Over You) by Ernest Tubb
You left me and you went away You said you'd be back and just that day You've broken your pr.. 
Flop Eared Mule
from album (Flop Eared Mule) by Andy Griffith
Use to have an old Banjo, It was all strung up with twine, And the only song you could hear me sing.. 
Flood Of Tears
from album (Flood Of Tears) by Diary Of Dreams
Mother see, that all my life I planted flowers to survive And as they faded I stopped to speak I pai.. 
from album (Flow) by Conception
sometimes it's easy to believe it's worth the pain sometimes you wonder if your efforts were.. 
Still The Flowers Bloom
from album (Still The Flowers Bloom) by Mick Hart
Breathe, voices in me Circling in my head Breathing flames of fiction down my neck I can't get.. 
The Floor
from album (The Floor) by Buck 65
I can remember being seven years old And having goldfish circle around in a bowl And I would watch t.. 
from album (Flowr) by Deaf Goat
Pin Floi
from album (Pin Floi) by Pitura Freska
PIN FLOI (Pitura Freska) Oi ndemo veder i Pin Floi Oi ndemo veder i Pin Floi.... Vip, inbarca'.. 
Float Away
from album (Float Away With The Friday Night Gods) by Marah
All of the streets are lonely All of the faces are cold I’d float away down the whispering way Som.. 
Beija Flor
from album (2005) by G.R.E.S. Beija Flor De Nilòpolis
em nome do pai, do filho a beija-flor é guarani sete povos na fé e na dor sete missões de amor c.. 
Pretty Horny Flow
from album (Pretty Horny Flow) by Absynthe Minded
This is a story that I never told before, A late afternoon drink well I want more ! The waitress is.. 
Te Mando Flores
from album (Te Mando Flores) by Fonseca
Te mando flores que recojo en el camino yo te las mando entre mis sueños porque no puedo hablar con.. 
Pickin' Wild Flowers
from album (Pickin' Wild Flowers) by Keith Anderson
Hey baby, whatcha doin this evenin' Can ya, meet me down at the railroad tracks I got, Tom Petty.. 
Picture On The Floor
from album (Picture On The Floor) by Satsumo
[Verse] When your heart is black and blue, And there's nothing left to lose. You've given al.. 
Flower Duet
from album (Flower Duet) by G4
Sous le dome epais ou le blanc jasmin A la rose s’assemble, Sur la rive en fleurs, riant au matin.. 




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