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Canadian Railroad Trilogy Parts One, Two, And Three
from album (Gord's Gold Volume One) by Gordon Lightfoot
Part One There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run When the wild majestic mou.. 
Cotton Jenny
from album (Gordon's Gold) by Gordon Lightfoot
There's a house on a hill By a worn down weathered old mill In the valley below where the river.. 
from album (Gorilla) by James Taylor
He's got arms like legs, he's got hands on his feet. He's got a nose like a doughnut, go.. 
Annachie Gordon
from album (Annachie Gordon) by Loreena McKennitt
Harking is bonny and there lives my love My heart lies on him and cannot remove It cannot remove for.. 

Clint Eastwood
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad I got sunshine, in a bag I'm.. 
Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Refix)
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
Bu-whoa Dis da man you call Sweet Alongside a man called Ed Case Wit da Gorillaz The refix Can I see.. 
Double Bass
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
All of which makes me nervous Sometimes unbearably so... 
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? M1A1 Thousand miles an hour. Gorillaz got the bass drum. Gorillaz sa.. 
Man Research
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
This is the breakfast club. You bring me coffee you bring it now. See I'm taffing on the same. L.. 
New Genious
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
Dream of my world. I live on my world. Going off my head, down to, somewhere. I'm going on a dan.. 
Slow Country
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
City life Calling me all the time Me and my soul Get to water Never give up your chance So what you.. 
Sound Check
from album (Gorillaz) by Gorillaz
Gravity-e-e-e-e, on me. Never let me down, gently. Gravity-e-e-e-e, with me. Never let me go, no no,.. 
Gory Days
from album (Gory Days) by Necro
Check it (Hook x1) Gory Days You might get stabbed in your heart Gory Days Get the butcher knife an.. 
from album (Het Beste Van Gorki) by Gorki
Zonder hoop en zonder eten Stuurde jij me weer naar bed Want ik ben stout en stoute kinderen Die moe.. 

Nooit Meer Winter
from album (Het Beste Van Gorki) by Gorki
Ze doet aan sport in Zuid Afrika Moeder zegt dat ze door moet gaan Ze heeft zo'n zin om uit tega.. 
Scream Bloody Gore
from album (Scream Bloody Gore) by Death
Decapitated head licking your cunt *** all the blood from your stump Intestinal guts taking thei.. 
Gore Hog
from album (Swamped In Gore) by Broken Hope
Uuuhhhh !! gore hog brings death !!! Tusks... Soaked with warm blood... Immense pig of doom... Snout.. 
Swamped In Gore
from album (Swamped In Gore) by Broken Hope
A grave - robbed corpse is a souls disgrace, smother the decay of carcass into your face, Septic was.. 
To The Gory End
from album (To The Gory End) by Cancer
Hooks cutting through your flesh No comparison of pleasure and pain Black box, it's (a) gory tre.. 
from album (Mindloss) by Gorefest
The deceased has been embalmed Made ready for the family The outside is still the same But that'.. 
Tangled In Gore
from album (Mindloss) by Gorefest
Closed casket service has been asked for Because her face has been deformed beyond belief Stash the.. 
Wandering Cirith Gorgor
from album (Onwards To The Spectral Defile) by Cirith Gorgor
Six roses of damnation thorns of oblivion, dreams unfold. Stars enlighten a darkened sky like remind.. 
from album (Gorky Park) by Gorky Park
Bang, say da da da da Tell me yes and let's feed the fire Bang bang, say da da da Nothin' le.. 
Welcome To The Gorky Park
from album (Moscow Calling) by Gorky Park
Yuppie's guppies safe and sound Ribbons in their hair Only problem what they found Choosing what.. 
from album (Peligrosos Gorriones) by Peligrosos Gorriones
Agujero y culebra, arroz y pescado canilla de vieja, abierta y molesta. Un globo de fiesta pileta c.. 
El Bicho Reactor
from album (Peligrosos Gorriones) by Peligrosos Gorriones
Soy el bicho reactor, el bicho reactor sera tu pecho tumor, tu pecho tumor y alimento mi vida en.. 
The Gordon Cult
from album (The Gorgon Cult) by Stormlord
Beyond the northern ocean where the lake Tritonis is placed there she lays since timeless ages we ha.. 
Lonely In Gorgeous
from album (Lonely In Gorgeous) by Tommy February6
Gozen neiji, tobidashita Tobira wo keritobashite GARASU no kutsu ga warete DORESU mo yabureta Nee a.. 
Sweet Johnny
from album (Gorky 5) by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
They call him Sweet, Sweet Johnny, oh, Sweeter than the month of May And if Johnny, he's in town.. 
Drop Dead Gorgeous
from album (Just Push Play) by Aerosmith
Totally out of control She owns me I didn't know that she'd know She stoned me I think I&#.. 
from album (Seminar) by Sir Mix-A-Lot
Posse in effect scramble up new rhyme Big Goretex crushed down two time Rumble in the s.. 
I Dont Want To See You Again
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
I don't want to see you again. I hear that love is planned, how can I understand, when someone.. 
I Go To Pieces
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
When I see her comin' down the street I get so shaky and I feel so weak I tell my eyes look the.. 
Knight In Rusty Armour
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
Long ago in days of old There lived a knight who Wasn't quite as bold As a knight should be He.. 
Lady Godiva
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
Seventeen, a beauty queen She made a ride that caused a scene In the town Her long blonde hair Hang.. 
Nobody I Know
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
Nobody I know could love me more than you, You can give me so much love it seems untrue, Listen to t.. 
Sunday For Tea
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
Sunday for tea I'll see you Sunday for tea And though it's not far away Each hour's a da.. 
To Know You Is To Love Youpg
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
Why can't you see? Oh, how blind can you be? To know, know, know you Is to love, love, love you.. 
True Love Ways
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
Yes you know why why you and I will by and by know true love ways Sometimes we'll sigh sometime.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Peter And Gordon
Woman do you love me? Woman if you need me then believe me I need you to be my woman. Woman do you.. 




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