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A Fool's Fantasy
from album (A Fool's Fantasy) by Steppenwolf
Slip away with me Let our hearts be free Live a life of love There's no need to care Sharin'.. 
Spiritual Fantasy
from album (A Fool's Fantasy) by Steppenwolf
Humanity grew weary Of it's doubtful state of mind So it summoned from far and near All the wise.. 
Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
from album (Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic) by Prince
Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave World full of lovers, city full.. 
Fantasy Beginning
from album (Fantasy) by Carole King
Looking for a way to say The things I think about day by day Listen to their meaning if you can I ma.. 

Fantasy End
from album (Fantasy) by Carole King
Now that I've expressed my soul I'll step back into my real-life role And hope I've brou.. 
Fantastic Voyage
from album (Fantastic Voyage) by Coolio
Come on y'all let's take a ride don't you say shit just get inside It's time to take.. 
Fan-atic Club!!
from album (-Fan-atic Club!!) by Fatboy Slim
HEY YO! im doin a mother***er Fatboy Slim "fan club" so if u wanna get in: jossse@hotma.. 
from album (Fanmail) by TLC
Welcome We've dedicated our entire album cover To any person who has ever sent us fan m.. 
Dear Mr Fantasy
from album (Dear Mr Fantasy) by Traffic
Dear Mister Fantasy play us a tune Something to make us all happy Do anything take us out of this.. 
Actual Fantasy
from album (Actual Fantasy) by Ayreon
Sit back and relax Crawl into the maze Within your mind Leave it all behind Now allow yourself to Sl.. 
Coral Fang
from album (Coral Fang) by Distillers
Its come take from the rope It feels so still I could just die Its going to reach up inside Oh how t.. 
Suteki Dane
from album (Final Fantasy) by Final Fantasy
Kaze ga Yose ta Kotoba ni Oyoi da Kokoro Kumo ga Hakobu Ashita ni Hazu n da Koe Tsuki ga.. 
One Winged Angel English
from album (Final Fantasy Advent Children OST) by Final Fantasy
Won't remain, remain in memory. (x2) Sephiroth, Sephiroth. Raging anger, anger and mis.. 
One Winged Angel Latin
from album (Final Fantasy Advent Children OST) by Final Fantasy
Noli manare, manare in memoria. (x2) Sephiroth, Sephiroth. Saevam iram, iram et dolorem. (.. 

Bumps (On Ya Fanny)
from album (Bumps (On Ya Fanny)) by D.J. Skittle
You know that he don't like his***hurtin' everyday day But for him it's hard to keep o.. 
#1 Fan
from album (#1 Fan) by Frankie J
There's this girl I saw She's about 5' doubt she's ***y...yeah She just steppe.. 
A World Of Fantasy
from album (A World Of Fantasy) by Triumph
I was out on my own in a great big world Thought I'd seen it all Then along comes a woman - a fa.. 
Coral Fang
from album (Coral Fang) by The Distillers
Its come take from the rope It feels so still I could just die Its going to reach up inside Oh how t.. 
Fantastiske Toyota
from album (Fantastiske Toyota) by TV-2
Mandag morgen, fri fra skole vi tar til stranden med hinanden i hånden ude ved åen ved fiskehuse.. 
Fantastic Day
from album (Fantastic Day) by Haircut 100
Well there’s a great amount of strain About getting on that train Every day and every night The onl.. 
Fy Fan Svenska Flicka
from album (Fy Fan Svenska Flicka) by Storm
FY FAN SVENSKA FLICKA Våra Svenska flickor är mycket speciella Blonda, ariska och med rent vitt.. 
Alt Flyver Forbi
from album (Fantasia) by Fantasia
Her er jeg i min tid Der er intet der er giv´d Erkendelse af stress Jeg fatter ik’ det pis Dog er.. 
Fabricando Fantasias
from album (Fabricando Fantasias) by Tito Nieves
Quisiera poder hablarte Decirte cuanto te amo Y abrazarte como antes Quisiera sentir tu risa Volver.. 
Kao I Jucer
from album (Kao I Jucer) by Azra
ruke su mi bile slani pijesak sanjao sam te ruke su mi bile na oltaru mojih pobuda zaronjene stijene.. 
Fantasy Girl
from album (Fantasy Girl) by Johnny O
The first time I saw you there In my world, I wasn't prepared And what i witnessed from your hea.. 
from album (Live Fan) by Pascal Obispo
J'ai vécu sous des posters A me croire le seul à connaître Tout de vous J'en ai refait de.. 
Les Fans Et Les Chansons
from album (Live Fan) by Pascal Obispo
Faites-moi monter l'adrénaline Faites-moi entrer dans le décor Faites-moi du bruit Faites-moi.. 
Fantasmas De Lo Nuevo
from album (Fantasmas De Lo Nuevo) by Cuentos Borgeanos
voy a buscar lo que ya olvide sobre mis recuerdos quien fuera yo, quien ha sido un heroe sobre mis p.. 
Fantastic Damage
from album (Fantastic Damage) by El-P
* (now the evening has come to a close and I've had my last dance with you so on to the empty st.. 
Shou Fang Kai
from album (Jue Dui Chi Xin, Shou Fang Kai) by Li Sheng Jie
wo ba zi ji guan qi lai zhi liu xia yi ge yang tai mei dang tian hei tui kai cheng men dui zhao ye m.. 
Kaos Kommand 696
from album (Kaos Kommand 696) by Impiety
I can see demons, infernal legions Storming attack, upon christianity We are the reason, death is in.. 
Fancy Footwork
from album (Fancy Footwork) by Chromeo
Two-step X6 Bright lights, TV screen. Feels like looking at a magazine. You learn, on the floor. F.. 
Ravers Fantasy (Radio Mix)
from album (Ravers Fantasy EP) by Tune Up!
This is my reality, And its just a ravers fantasy, Cause i know, If your in love with me tonight... 
Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
from album (Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy) by Elton John
Captain Fantastic, raised and regimented Hardly a hero Just someone his mother might know Very clear.. 
from album (Varsity Fanclub) by Varsity Fanclub
With one Peace stone You ain't going nowhere as long as he is the driver You can ride with him,.. 
Fantastic Dream
from album (Afternoons In Utopia) by Alphaville
hello today open your eyes the snow is falling just like leaves aquarian warriors rebuild the shi.. 
Plastic Fantastic Lover
from album (Surrealistic Pillow) by Jefferson Airplane
Her neon mouth with a bleeding talk smile Is nothing but electric sign You could say she has an indi.. 
(If Loving You Is Wrong) I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT
from album (Foot Loose & Fancy Free) by Rod Stewart
(Banks / Hampton / Jackson) If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right If being right means.. 
from album (Foot Loose & Fancy Free) by Rod Stewart
(R. Stewart / J. Cregan / G. Grainger) Ooowe baby don't you count on me to be here when the sun.. 
from album (Foot Loose & Fancy Free) by Rod Stewart
(R. Stewart / G. Grainger) Here you stand with tears in your eyes crying into my arms pleading with.. 



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