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After The Eulogy
from album (After The Eulogy) by Boy Sets Fire
rise written signed off in the obituary what happened to us where's your anger where's yo.. 
from album (Angel Of Retribution) by Judas Priest
And so now it comes to pass By the even tide on mass See them gather yet alas They remain still as s.. 
from album (Ænima) by Tool
He had alot to say. He had alot of nothing to say. We'll miss him. So long. We wish you well.. 
from album (A Flower Song) by Five Iron Frenzy
Today all the sources would agree that the day of their death was a cold dark day Scuttled ships hav.. 

Eulogy For An Angel
from album (Too Bad Your Beautiful) by From Autumn To Ashes
In a world of despair, our lives will end Some without warning, while others die by design Under wat.. 
Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned)
from album (DevilDriver) by Devildriver
Right! Let's move, move! In this life I've known nothing but seeds you've sown I've.. 
Eulogy And Light
from album (Free Your Mind And Your***Will Follow) by Funkadelic
Our father Which art on Wall Street Honored be thy buck Thy kingdom came This be thy year From sea t.. 
Consider This My Eulogy
from album (Septic Dreams) by Children Of The Monkey Machine
a shadow fell across my face as I lay half awake a single ray of light descends through the half pu.. 
from album (The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Faliure) by Born Against
There was this friend of mine, needed something we couldn’t give convenient answers and a cheap way.. 
from album (Grace Upon The Realm) by Epiclore
Strolling over stone in silence all alone It seems that there is nothing left for me To ensconce my.. 
from album (More Modern Day Nostalgia) by Hello Kelly
The problem with your smile Is that its gone And all your laughter Will have to wait till after And.. 
from album (Wind In The Wires) by Patrick Wolf
So long My friend There must always Be an end But all our love And life And song Carries on.. 
American Eulogy (Mass Hysteria & Modern World)
from album (21st Century Breakdown) by Green Day
Sing us a song of the century That sings like American eulogy The dawn of my love and conspiracy Of.. 

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