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Highway Girl/Double Suicide
from album (Highway Girl/Double Suicide) by The Tragically Hip
(Cheers) Gordie - Thank You Well I'm going down to see my highway girl Yeah she just got bac.. 
Sittin' By The Fire
from album (Double U) by Double U
sittin' by the fire thinkin' of that liar dreaming I was back in time if I could change it.. 
Double Shots
from album (Double Shots) by Mobb Deep
It's a celebration y'all, let's do it! (Havoc) Yeah y'all Bounce, yeah, bounce YEAH.. 
from album (Doubledecker) by Liquido
Left abandoned and abused . maybe I'm so confused. Take my chance and do my best . better than t.. 

't Jeugdig Groen
from album ('t Jeugdig Groen) by Laïs
Nu ben ik hier alleen in 't jeugdig groen Waar is mijn lief, waar zal ik ze zoeken? Waar mag ze.. 
A Jeun
from album (A Jeun) by Jacques Brel
Parfaitement à jeun Vous me voyez surpris De ne pas trouver mon lit ici Parfaitement à jeun Je le.. 
Double X Minus
from album (Double X Minus) by Five Pointe 0
Day by day my brain keeps telling me to 'let go' move on, but my heart it seems my heart it.. 
Double Up
from album (Double Up) by R. Kelly
(Chorus) Step up out the club with a dizzy head I got two chicks both got dizzy legs I’m bou.. 
from album (Counterparts) by Rush
Words by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson Where would you rather be? Anywhere but h.. 
Double Dutch Bus
from album (Album Unknown) by Cal Smith
Give me a HO if you've got your funky bus fare…HO There's a double dutch bus comin' do.. 
Double Life
from album (Kilroy Was Here) by Styx
Written by James Young Lead Vocals by James Young In the dark so all alone Slowly reach for the tel.. 
from album (Bad To The Bone) by ZZ Top
I got shot through a space not long ago, I thought I knew the place so well. It wasn't the same,.. 
Best Of Both Worlds
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Robert Palmer) We want the best of both worlds We want it slow and hot We like to taste revenge, y.. 
Come Over
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Robert Palmer) Ah you pull and push me You never try to rush me You make it easy to give it up You.. 

Love Can Run Faster
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Robert Palmer) When you've run out Of time for a feeling You've gotten used to believing i.. 
Night People
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Alan Toussaint) Night people, hanging out Looking at each other Waiting for something to happen Nig.. 
Where Can It Go
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Robert Palmer) When love comes in And takes your heart Just let it go And play your part When lov.. 
You Overwhelm Me
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Robert Palmer) You overwhelm me, When you move your body next to mine Won't you tell me How y.. 
You Really Go Me
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Ray Davies) Girl you really got me going You got me so I don't know what I'm doing Yeah yo.. 
You're Gonna Get What's Coming
from album (Double Fun) by Robert Palmer
(Robert Palmer) You came up on me like a landslide Once in awhile I get taken like that And I like.. 
Let Me Go Rock N' Roll
from album (Double Platnuim) by Kiss
Baby gets tough. Everybody knows. Your Momma tells baby how to show YEAH YEAH! Cause baby got a fee.. 
Double Vision
from album (Blue Morning, Blue Day) by Foreigner
Feeling down n' dirty, feeling kinda mean I've been from one to another extreme This time I.. 
Double Crossing Time
from album (.44) by Eric Clapton
It's a mean old scene When it comes to double crossing time. It's a mean old scene When it c.. 
Double Trouble
from album (.44) by Eric Clapton
Lay awake at night, Oh so low, just so troubled. Can't get a job, Laid off and I'm having do.. 
Double Trouble
from album (Door To Door) by The Cars
They got a line on you, little bit of trouble too, You got, some jets inside, Cherry lips, and delir.. 
Double Life
from album (Just What I Needed-Cars Antho) by The Cars
it takes a fast car lady to lead a double life it takes a slow star lady if you want to do it twice.. 
Shotz To The Double Glock
from album (E. 1999 Eternal) by Bone Thugs N Harmony
All: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, killa. Tony Tone: If you're down to glide and slide o.. 
Double Coyote
from album (Don't Tread) by Damn Yankees
I was standing on the corner With a suitcase in my hand There was a woman righy behind me Sayin'.. 
Lady Double Dealer
from album (Stormbringer) by Deep Purple
Get outta my way I'm gettin' tired of you There ain't no chance Doin' what you wanna.. 
Captain Of Her Heart
from album (Album Unknown) by Double
The Captain Of Her HeartDoubleIt was way past midnightand she still couldn't fall asleep.This ni.. 
Callin' Baton Rouge
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
I spent last night in the arms Of a girl in Louisiana And though I'm out on the highway My.. 
It's Your Song
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
Standing in the spotlight On such a perfect night Knowing that your out there listening I reme.. 
Much Too Young (Too Feel This Damn Old)
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
This ol' highway's getting longer Seems there ain't no end in sight To sleep would.. 
Papa Loved Mama
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
Papa drove a truck nearly all his life You know it drove mama crazy being a trucker's wife The.. 
Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
We all came here for a party tonight And your gonna get left if you don't get right child.. 
The River
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
You know a dream is like a river Ever changin' as it flows And a dreamer's just a vesse.. 
The Thunder Rolls (Long Version)
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
Three thirty in the morning Not a soul in sight The city's lookin' like a ghost town O.. 
Two Of A Kind Workin' On A Full House
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
Hey she's my lady luck And I'm her wild card man Together we're buildin' up a.. 
We Shall Be Free
from album (Double Live Disc 1) by Garth Brooks
We shall be free We shall be free So have a little faith And hold out We shall be free SOME.. 
Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)
from album (Double Live Disc 2) by Garth Brooks
Six o'clock on Friday evening Momma doesn' t know she's leaving 'Til she hears.. 

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