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Fan The Fire
from album (Earth, Wind And Fire) by Earth, Wind & Fire
**Ohh it's a shame I'ts a shame it's a shame The flame of love is about to die Somebo.. 
Through The Fire
from album (Day Of Fire) by Day Of Fire
Walk in the flame again I'll be there to hold your hand, Keeping you safe until the end. And wh.. 
Heart Full Of Fire (Featuring Anette Olzon)
from album (Heart Full Of Fire) by Brother Firetribe
I surrender to your love And though I'm torn apart Fresh before my eyes I got a heart full of fi.. 
Into The Fire
from album (Into The Fire) by Bryan Adams
Life - thin as a thread Sometimes you?re lucky Sometimes you?re better off dead You?re first breath.. 

Love Fire
from album (Love Fire) by Jigsaw
Love FireJigsaw(Scott/Dyer)Love fireHold me close and breathe my name, start aLove fireJust a touch.. 
from album (Trial By Fire) by Journey
Treasures in the jars of clay Let the light shine out of darkness Fallen down but not destroyed I.. 
Serpentine Fire
from album (After The Love Has Gone) by Earth, Wind & Fire
When I see your face like the mornin sun you spark me to shine Tell all the world, my need is fulfil.. 
C'mon Children
from album (Earth, Wind And Fire) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Way up on that mountain children Reachin' up there for ya children Need ya back down here my c.. 
Help Somebody
from album (Earth, Wind And Fire) by Earth, Wind & Fire
No man should have face to face His problems alone, alone, alone Reach out and help the weak man.. 
Love Is Life
from album (Earth, Wind And Fire) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Have you ever, seen a flower Tryin to bloom in a dry barren land But then comes a sweet, sweet sho.. 
Moment Of Truth
from album (Earth, Wind And Fire) by Earth, Wind & Fire
We're goin' round Tryin' to get higher Better come down There's gonna be a fire.. 
This World Today
from album (Earth, Wind And Fire) by Earth, Wind & Fire
In this new world The world of today Now you might think That the world has changed But boy meet.. 
Earth, Wind And Fire
from album (Spirit) by Earth, Wind & Fire
Are you satisfied In your life and time Does it clear you mind With all the hurt you find Built.. 
After The Fire
from album (After The Fire) by The Who
After the fire the fire still burns, the heart grows older but never ever learns. The memories smold.. 

from album (After The Fire) by The Who
Fire! I'll take you to burn Fire! I'm gonna take you to learn I'll see you burn! You fo.. 
Fire Of Unknown Origi
from album (Fire Of Unknown Origi) by Blue Oyster Cult
Death comes sweeping through the hallway, like a lady's dress Death comes driving down the highw.. 
Fire Of Unknown Origin
from album (Fire Of Unknown Origin) by Blue Oyster Cult
Death comes sweeping through the hallway, like a lady's dress Death comes driving down the highw.. 
from album (Fireball) by Deep Purple
The golden light above you shows me where you're from The magic in your eye bewitches all you ga.. 
All Fired Up
from album (All Fired Up) by Pat Benatar
ALL FIRED UPPat BenatarLivin' with my eyes closed, goin' day to dayI never knew the differen.. 
Fire And Ice
from album (All Fired Up) by Pat Benatar
FIRE AND ICEPat BenatarPrecious TimeOoo, you're givin' me the fever tonightI don't wanna.. 
Fire Escape
from album (Fire Escape) by Fastball
Fire Escape FastballWell I don't wanna be PresidentSuperman or Clark KentI don't wanna walk.. 
All She Wrote
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
I got home late on a Saturday night And I knew right away something wasn't right I knew she was.. 
Don't Walk Away
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
Girl, you and I've been together For as long as I can remember We've come too far to throw i.. 
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
I don't understand how I lost command Of this entire situation I do as I am told when you take c.. 
Home Is Where The Heart Is
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
Do you rmember when we were only kids Knew everyone in our neighborhood and swore that we Would ne.. 
Lover's Lane
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
She drives me crazy, she drives me wild But when she tries to satisfy me when I'm drivin' We.. 
Ought To Be A Law
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
Ooo the lady in red, well she's driving me mad Her very first offense was just looking at me But.. 
Overnight Sensation
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
You're headed for the spotlight, I know you can go far You can do anything just follow your hear.. 
Rock On The Radio
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Every night and everyday I know what I need to get blown away I turn it on to.. 
Shake & Tumble
from album (Firehouse) by Firehouse
Turn up the jukebox We're gonna tear this damn place down Lookin' for action Yeah, wherever.. 
It Doesn't Matter
from album (Firefall) by Firefall
She was just lookin' Wonderin' if you might notice her smile She was just watchin' Hopin.. 
Livin' Ain't Livin'
from album (Firefall) by Firefall
All the empty words I've spoken All the promises I've broken All the lovers and the loves I&.. 
from album (Firefall) by Firefall
Last night it snowed for the first time Everything¬ís covered in white How many months t.. 
from album (Fire) by Ohio Players
FireOhio Players(Williams/Satchell/Bonner/Jones/Middlebrooks/Pierce/Beck) Hey, now, huh-huhHey, hey,.. 
Beauty On The Fire
from album (Beauty On The Fire) by Natalie Imbruglia
Here it comes again Cannot out run my desire Cover my decent And throw the Beauty on the fire D.. 
Fire It Up
from album (Fire It Up) by Kottonmouth Kings
Kottonmouth Kings fire it up Fire it up, fire it up Kottonmouth Kings fire it up Fire it up, fire it.. 
from album (Fire***) by Lisa Loeb
You want to suffer and show me you're angry. Fight with your fists up or call for you mom.. 
Alan's On Fire
from album (Alan's On Fire) by Machine Head
Go! All my life I have been used by you Time has come our game of love is through Since I was bor.. 
Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young
from album (Streets Of Fire) by Fire Inc.
I've got a dream 'bout an angel on the beach And the perfect waves are starting to come His.. 
Nowhere Fast
from album (Streets Of Fire Soundtrack) by Fire Inc.
lying in your bed and on a Saturday night you're sweatin' buckets and it's not even hot.. 



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