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Breakdown Dead Ahead
from album (Breakdown Dead Ahead) by Boz Scaggs
I call ya... You ain't in What's this cold reaction Where've you been Ooh, baby, let it.. 
Breakfast In America
from album (Breakfast In America) by Supertramp
Take a look at my girlfriend She's the only one I got Not much of a girlfriend Never seem to get.. 
Break Out
from album (Break Out) by Swing Out Sister
When explanations make no sense When ev'ry answer's wrong You're fighting with lost conf.. 
from album (Breakdown) by Melissa Etheridge
How could I stay How could I breathe There had to be more for me Promises gone Plastic.. 

Disciplined Breakdown
from album (Disciplined Breakdown) by Collective Soul
I never ever can remember All the things that go bump in the night Quietness uncovers Bet.. 
Break Yo Neck
from album (Break Yo Neck) by Busta Rhymes
[Busta Rhymes] Yea.. Check it out, see The only thing you need to do right here is, Is nod your ***.. 
Breakfast At Tiffany's
from album (Breakfast At Tiffany's) by Deep Blue Something
You say we've got nothing in common No common ground to start from And we're falling apart Y.. 
Breakfast At Tiffanys
from album (Breakfast At Tiffany's) by Deep Blue Something
Breakfast At Tiffany'sDeep Blue SomethingAlbum: Home2-You say that we've got nothing in comm.. 
from album (Breakaway) by Art Garfunkel
I watch the distant lights along the runway disappear into the evening sky. Oh you know I'm with.. 
Breakfast At Tiffanys
from album (Breakfast At Tiffanys) by Matchbox 20
You'll say "Weve got nothing in common No common ground to start from And were falling apa.. 
Alone I Break
from album (Alone I Break) by Korn
"Alone I Break" Pick me up been bleeding too long Right here, right now I'll stop it.. 
Break You Off
from album (Break You Off) by The Roots
[Chorus 2X: Musiq] Comin to break you off(beat started.....start-started..) Comin to break you off(.. 
The Breaks
from album (The Breaks 12") by Kurtis Blow
Clap your hands everybody If you got what it takes 'Cause I'm Kurtis Blow and I wa.. 
Break Down The Wall
from album (Break Down The Wall) by Anouk
Baby why are you so sad? What's the thing your running from? Caught in the red light. As if mone.. 

from album (Breakdown) by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
It's alright if you love me, It's alright if you don't I'm not afraid of you runnin.. 
Break Like The Wind
from album (Break Like The Wind) by Spinal Tap
We are the children who grew too fast We are the dust of a future past We raise our voices in the ni.. 
Achy Breaky Heart
from album (Achy Breaky Heart) by Billy Ray Cyrus
You can tell the world you never was my girl You can burn my clothes up when I'm gone You can te.. 
Breaking The Chains
from album (Breaking The Chains) by Dokken
Sit there thinkin' In your room You feel the pressure You're goin' crazy too The walls a.. 
from album (Break Every Rule) by Tina Turner
(R. Hine, J. Obsto) Producer: Rupert Hine Album: Break Every Rule (86) Every road that I walk.. 
Break Away
from album (Break Away) by John Mayer
Is next to me is all that you need to be? Would u settle for fantasy if it's the best you could.. 
Break The Line
from album (Break The Line Maxi) by Guano Apes
you can get it come and climb under my skin overtake it pushing me on a fast lane come lets get.. 
from album (Breaker) by Accept
Rollin' just like thunder, tryin' to get you down Mistreatin' ev'rythin', if you.. 
Breaking Up Again
from album (Breaker) by Accept
Wakin' up on monday mornin' Sunday'd been and gone Reachin' out for you But I was al.. 
Breaking Down
from album (Breaking Down) by Trust Company
I'm failing now Starving for the answers I'm slowing down and losing ground So how can i go.. 
Shaky Breaky Car
from album (Shaky Breaky Car) by Ben Colder
Ben Colder You broke my heart You just went out on me again If you don't stop it I'm gonna.. 
Break My Fall
from album (We Are Not Alone) by Breaking Benjamin
You fought me once but not again Let me feel your heavy hand I will clean your *** mess And leav.. 
from album (We Are Not Alone) by Breaking Benjamin
BREAKDOWN!!!! Let the fun and games begin She is spayed and broken in Skin is cold and white Such a.. 
from album (Break) by Gob
I'm playing cool and swell But I've been through all hell Trying to make a break, think A.. 
Breaking The Law
from album (Breaking The Law) by Hammerfall
There I was completely wasting, out of work and down all inside it's so frustrating as I drift f.. 
Break It Up
from album (Break It Up) by Scooter
Where in the world, Where in the world, Where in the world did I get this hurt. I don't mind. ye.. 
Breaking Curfew
from album (Breaking Curfew) by Red Rider
Walk out Through the rain Where the sound of your own footsteps Speak a change When we take our ref.. 
Breakfast At The Circus
from album (Breakfast At The Circus) by David Wilcox
I woke up this morning and prayed to the gypsy rose lady "Gypsy can you help me I'm struggl.. 
Break Up
from album (Break Up) by Shanna
Chorus: I wanna break up with you Dont matter, whatever, I'm leavin you I'm going, I gone I.. 
Break Your Silence
from album (Break Your Silence) by Cinder
I know all your secrets (Cause I'm the one you tell) I've been to all the places (You know w.. 
Break-Up Song
from album (Break-Up Song) by The Bouncing Souls
"I don't want this anymore" is all I heard her say as I grabbed my stuff and headed ou.. 
Breakin's A Memory
from album (Breakin's A Memory) by 88 Fingers Louie
Oh no. You're getting ready for your next show. Rat bones to earth tones, concrete to cobbleston.. 
The Disco Before The Breakdown
from album (Disco Before The Breakdown) by Against Me!
If you follow the jaw line down over the heart, The curves of your bone and muscle That make up yo.. 
Nervous Breakdown
from album (Nervous Breakdown) by Black Flag
I'm about To have a nervous breakdown My head really hurts If I don't find a way out of here.. 
Break The Silence
from album (Break The Silence) by Thousand Foot Krutch
You make me feel (so alive that i'm) Tryin hard not to (make moves, choosin the wrong place and.. 
The Art Of Breaking
from album (The Art Of Breaking) by Thousand Foot Krutch
Every time I call you on the phone I listen to it ring but no one's home I can't explain the.. 




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