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Devils & Dust
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
I got my finger on the trigger But I don't know who to trust When I look into your eyes There.. 
Thunder And Lightning
from album (Thunder And Lightning) by Chi Coltrane
Ooh! What a good thing I've gto Oh it's such a good thing I've gto I don't think I c.. 
Thunder And Lightning
from album (Thunder & Lightning) by Thin Lizzy
Locked up in the classroom waiting for the fight Down to the schoolyard knocking the gate Into the a.. 
Crimson Thunder
from album (Crimson Thunder) by Hammerfall
We are the voices in the dark Inside the fire we are the Eternal Spark that will guide the way We a.. 

from album (Devils) by The 69 Eyes
Who told you about a man without fear Who told you about a god who does not care Who told you about.. 
All Little Devils
from album (All Little Devils) by Dismal Euphony
Rise and shine in the night My pride salutes me, until I fall The wicked children praise my name, th.. 
Autumn Roars Thunder
from album (Autumn Roars Thunder) by Darkwoods My Betrothed
Torchlight in utter darkness Starts licking wood with its deadly tongue In seconds its hunger grows.. 
Wings Of Steel
from album (Thunderized) by Thunderbold
THUNDERBOLD - Wings of Steel Strophe 1: May they say that we are alone, May they say that there.. 
Eyes Of A Stranger
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
Eyes of a stranger are watching me Haunting my every single move I feel like a victim with no reason.. 
Like Father, Like Son
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
Thousands of years and nothing has changed We are killing each other every day Dices of future are r.. 
Me, My Enemy
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
I've been waiting this day, waiting for my decay Just a question of time when I'll see the l.. 
Spread My Wings
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
I'm standing in the shadows, all alone Memories running through my heart and soul This is the ti.. 
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
All systems down, something's wrong Unplugged and freezed to the bone Feels like I'm locked.. 
Voice In A Dream
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
When the lights go down and the night comes in I can feel the breeze around me I can hear the sound.. 

from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
Another day has passed again and I'm sitting here by myself Wondering did I fill my place again,.. 
Will To Power
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
I am here to rule the world Take over this universe No one can't stop my journey to the end Live.. 
World's Cry
from album (Thunderstone) by Thunderstone
Hey you, close your eyes and listen Can you hear the voices It's the world that's calling yo.. 
from album (Thunderstorm) by Iron Fire
In times of darkness In times of war The warriors will ride like never before In search to conquer T.. 
from album (Thunderdome) by Pink Cream 69
Stand up, looking pretty Another face on the production line Shot down, such a pity You make a livin.. 
from album (Thunderball) by U.D.O
I ate the moon for breakfast I had the sun for tea I opened up the papers And drank the oval sea I b.. 
Sons Of Thunder
from album (Sons Of Thunder) by Labyrinth
Sounds like someone called my name... Then, you see, I'm here... Strange it is to find myself in.. 
Devils Of Flesh
from album (Devils Of Flesh) by Serpent Underground
She gets inside me and she tells me what I want to hear Just like the devil, she's a rebel and s.. 
Twilight Of The Thunder God
from album (Twilight Of The Thunder God) by Amon Amarth
There is Fenris grim His jaws are open wide The serpent rises from the waves Jormungandr twists and.. 
Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder
from album (Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder) by Cradle Of Filth
Burning like derision on the prism of night Still squirming from the sermon, those determined parasi.. 
Rolling Thunder
from album (East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon) by A-Ha
It's the weight below us And our fate before us Like a rolling thunder Rolling up from under Don.. 
from album ((New) Satellite Blues) by AC/DC
(Thunder) (x10) I was caught In the middle of a railroad track (Thunder) [...of a lightning atta.. 
Tiny Devils
from album (Healing) by Todd Rundgren
One of them plays a piccolo in my ear Another one makes me smell things that aren't there And th.. 
Thunder Road
from album (Born To Run) by Bruce Springsteen
The screen door slams, Mary's dress waves Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio.. 
A Long Time Comin'
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
Out where the creek turn shallow and sandy And the moon comes skimmin' away the stars When the.. 
All I'm Thinkin About
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
One, two, three, four Blind man wavin' by the side of the road In a flatbed Ford carryin'.. 
All I'm Thinkin' About
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
Blind man wavin' by the side of the road I'm in a flat bed Ford carrying a heavy load With.. 
All The Way Home
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
I know what it's like to have failed, baby With the whole world lookin' on I know what it&.. 
Black Cowboys
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
Rainey Williams' playground was the Mott Haven streets where he ran past melted candles and flow.. 
Jesus Was An Only Son
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
Well Jesus was an only son As he walked up Calvary Hill His mother Mary walking beside him In the.. 
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
I wanna build me a house, on higher ground I wanna find me a world, where love's the only sound.. 
Long Time Comin'
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
Out where the creek turns shallow and sandy And the moon comes skimmin' away the stars The win.. 
Maria's Bed
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
Been on a barbed wire highway 40 days and nights I ain't complain'n that's my job and i.. 
Matamoros Bank
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
(Each year many die crossing the deserts, mountains, and rivers of our southern border in search of.. 
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
She took off her stockings, I held them to my face. She had your ankles, I felt filled with grace... 
Silver Palomino
from album (Devils & Dust) by Bruce Springsteen
(A mother dies, leaving her young son to come to terms with the loss. In remembrance of Fiona Chappe.. 

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