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from album (Destiny) by Jordan Hill
what if i never knew what if i never found you i'd never have this feeling in my heart how did.. 
from album (Destiny) by Avant
La-da-da, la-da-da-da, come on baby La-da-da-da, oh yeah I like the way you talk to me Your words a.. 
Destiny Calling
from album (Destiny Calling) by James
So we maybe gorgeous So we maybe famous Come back when we're getting old Cover us in chocolate.. 
from album (In My Dreams Always) by Destiny Saunders
ummmm... here i am in my room dreaming about you. If i had stayed you would have been my lover. So.. 

from album (Destiny) by Jim Brickman Featuring Jordan Hill & Billy Porter
What if I never knew What if I never found you I'd never have this feeling in my heart How did t.. 
from album (Destiny) by N-Trance
Do you believe in destiny? I close my eyes and dream that you are closer to me, So follow me, and yo.. 
Love Destiny
from album (Love Destiny) by Ayumi Hamasaki
nee honto wa eien nante nai koto watashi wa itsu kara kidzuite ita n darou nee soredemo futari de su.. 
from album (Destiny) by Stratovarius
The times are changing so fast, I wonder how long it lasts. The clock is ticking time is running out.. 
Neverending Destiny
from album (Neverending Destiny) by Agressor
Through time and space Evolution of universe can't be stopped Nature patries on some real events.. 
from album (Wings Of Destiny) by Pegazus
I know one day we'll find For what we've been searchin' all this time It can't be to.. 
You Are My Destiny
from album ((All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings) by Paul Anka
You are my destiny You share my reverie You are my happiness That's what you are You have my sw.. 
from album (Back To Front) by Lionel Richie
You came in That's what my little heart was looking for Laughter in the rain Feeling like a fool.. 
from album (Life In A Day) by Simple Minds
Look at the world outside Beware its evil tide Too many endless days Cold streets and alleyways The.. 
from album (Dream After Dream) by Journey
Destiny, destiny, just to fly away... A lonely boy and two lonely girls Set sail today in search o.. 

from album (Baptism) by Lenny Kravitz
Sometimes I think I've lost my mind I thought I left my past behind I live my life and all I kno.. 
My Destiny
from album ((The Lights Went Out In) Massachussets) by The Bee Gees
It's a circle. I believe in change for the better, girl. Those ebony eyes. Does love only see.. 
from album (78) by Al Martino
No one can change what is destiny Can't re-arrange what was meant to be Every thing that's h.. 
My Destiny
from album (78) by Mario Lanza
My destiny Your smile is my destiny And I must be what you want me to be My future lies Beyond the.. 
Destiny's Darling
from album (Racing With The Moon) by Vaughn Monroe
My Destiny
from album (2 Beautiful 4 Words) by Christina Aguilera
What if I never knew What if I never found you I'd never had this feeling In my heart How did.. 
Me & You (Dedicated To Destiny)
from album (Streets Disciple) by Nas
[Intro] I'd like to dedicate this one here, to my star Someone I cherish, she loves me unconditi.. 
Manifest Destiny
from album (Return Of The Space Cowboy) by Jamiroquai
Written by Jay Kay and Toby Smith Four hundred years or more Since you came to crucify They we.. 
Creators Of Destiny
from album (Worldwide Underground) by Mystik Journeymen
I'm a earth soldier.. we're here We're here! I'm here to umm announce that.. 
from album (The Red One) by Remedy
i have presumed upon the grace expression of you favor free to me so undeserving at times i cannot s.. 
from album (Enchanted) by Stevie Nicks
Written by Stevie Nicks. Crying in the morning trying to be strong Waiting for the spring to turn.. 
from album (Swim) by Swim
Working down my way up the ladder Thinking 'bout my possibilities While you are laughing at my.. 
Spider Of Destiny
from album (Sleep Dirt) by Frank Zappa
Listen carefully, spider of destiny You must heed the call of cosmo-biology Listen to me If you eat.. 
from album (Inna Heights) by Buju Banton
Verse 1 The rich man's wealth is in the city Destruction of the poor is his poverty Destructi.. 
from album ((The System Of) Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether) by The Alan Parson Project
A brief reminder of reality Lead Vocal: Chris Rainbow And now you are alone my friend And I mus.. 
from album (Simple Things) by Zero 7
I lie awake I've gone to ground I'm watching ***, in my hotel dressing gown And now I, dre.. 
Sadly Sings Destiny
from album (A Night At The Opera) by Blind Guardian
A wooden cup And a crown of thorns Will set up the stage for the cross I rent a room next door There.. 
Wings Of Destiny
from album (Symphony Of Enchanted Lands) by Rhapsody
Day has gone but I'm still here with you my sweet rose my green hills beloved sea, lakes and sky.. 
Guardians Of Destiny
from album (The Dark Secret) by Rhapsody
Iras led his four new friends to the mountain of Erinor the only passage known to men in the plains.. 
Bridge Of Destiny
from album (Stigmata) by Arch Enemy
Standing at the bridge of destiny So long since I tasted fear Lurking in the darkest holes Awaiting.. 
from album (Resonance 1) by Anathema
I tried to murder the lonely, Contemplate our mortality. Into infinity, Frozen memory Wipe the tea.. 
Wings Of Destiny
from album (Powerplant) by Gamma Ray
Do you remember the days When living was meant to be free Not looking for fortune, not looking for f.. 
Divide My Destiny
from album (Determination) by God Forbid
In time all things become clear. This line as I proceed to follow. I see what is preferred. Divide m.. 
I'm Your Destiny
from album (Before You Knew Better) by Edna's Goldfish
Salty tears on a mostly blank page because you chose to ignore me Down on my luck 'cuz you didn&.. 
Beyond My Destiny
from album (Ambiguity) by Brainstorm
Between love and hate! Borders slowly dissolve and somewhere down the line you forget about love and.. 
By The Stange Path Of Destiny
from album (Gates Of Oblivion) by Dark Moor
Walking trought the lane when conforms our life we play a fool's game to survive Pleasure enclos.. 

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