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from album (Dust For Life) by Dust For Life
Way down low with the pretty ones Floating on beautiful pills So lifelike It's becoming real.. 
All My Life
from album (All My Life) by All My Life
All My Life Maysa Leak The morning sun is rising again Another lonely night without your touch.. 
All My Life
from album (All My Life) by America
All my life, without a doubt I give you All my life, now and forever till the Day I die, you and.. 
All My Life
from album (All My Life) by Linda Rondstadt
Am I really here in your arms Its just like I dreamed it would be I feel like we're frozen in ti.. 

Love Of My Life
from album (This Is My Life (Music From The Motion Picture)) by Carly Simon
I love lilacs and avocados Ukuleles and fireworks And Woody Allen and walking in the snow But you.. 
Ain't Got No/I Got Life
from album (Ain't Got No/I Got Life) by Nina Simone
Ain't got no home, ain't got no shoes Ain't got no money, ain't got no class Ain'.. 
Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
from album (Ain't Got No/I Got Life) by Nina Simone
Black is the color of my true love's hair His face so soft and wondrous fair The purest eyes and.. 
Life In A Day
from album (Life In A Day) by Simple Minds
Life In A Day The price that you pay For time that you spent It's such a fatal event Take a look.. 
Real Life
from album (Real Life) by Simple Minds
Paula came from Washington with long golden hair Twenty eight dollars in a fake silk purse and a lea.. 
18 And Life
from album (18 And Life) by Skid Row
Ricky was a young boy He had a heart of stone Lived 9 to 5 and worked his Fingers to the bone Just.. 
All My Life
from album (All My Life) by Fats Waller
All my life, I've been waiting for you, My wonderful one, I've begun, Living, All my life... 
A Life Of Illusion
from album (A Life Of Illusion) by Joe Walsh
Sometimes, I can't help but feeling that I'm Living a life of illusion And oh, why can't.. 
Life's Been Good
from album (A Life Of Illusion) by Joe Walsh
I have a mansion but forget the price Ain't never been there, they tell me its nice I live in h.. 
In My Lifetime (Original)
from album (In My Lifetime 12") by Jay-Z
[Jay Z] This song here.. .. is dedicated to Danny Dan and may he rest in peace Who at hi.. 

All My Life
from album (All My Life) by K-CI & JoJo
I will never find another lover sweeter than you, sweeter than you and I will never find another lo.. 
Ain't Dis Da Life
from album (Ain't Dis Da Life) by Michael Johnson
Ain't dis da life, ain't dis da life Ain't dis da life deluxe Lying underneath a shady o.. 
Life's A Bitch
from album (Life's A Bitch (And Then You Die)) by Michael Johnson
Fresh out of college, carrying a Ph.D. I thought with all that knowledge The world couldn't wait.. 
Lifetime Guarantee
from album (Lifetime Guarantee) by Michael Johnson
You say inside you beats a heart that could love someone But up till now you've only known the o.. 
Beautiful Colors
from album (Beautiful Colors - The 2004 Demo Session) by Duran Duran
Today Riding this long train along the way Going to who knows where and who knows when Not knowing w.. 
Back In The High Life Again
from album (Back In The High Life Again) by Steve Winwood
It used to seem to me that my life ran on too fast And I had to take it slowly just to make the good.. 
Back Into My Life Again
from album (Back In The High Life) by Steve Winwood
Chorus: Now you're back into my life again Yeah, you're back into my life again Yeah, you.. 
The Secret Life Of Plants
from album (Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants) by Stevie Wonder
I can't conceive the nucleus of all Begins inside a tiny seed And what we think as insignificant.. 
from album (Colorful) by The Verve Pipe
The show is over close the story book There will be no encore And all the random hands that I have s.. 
Colors Of The Wind
from album (Colors Of The Wind) by Vanessa Williams
Think you own whatever land you land on Earth is just a dead thing you can claim But I know every ro.. 
Live Your Life Be Free
from album (Live Your Life Be Free) by Belinda Carlisle
I see you walking with her I see you all around But you don't seem very happy now You seem very.. 
A Worm's Life
from album (A Worm's Life) by Crash Test Dummies
Although you think me cold and slimy I've got a nice home I've tasted your best guacamole An.. 
Color My World
from album (Color My World) by Petula Clark
You'll never see a dark cloud hanging 'round me Now there is only blue sky to surround me Th.. 
Be My Lifes Companion
from album (Be My Lifes Companion) by Rosemary Clooney
Want no silver threads among the gold. Want no silver threads among the gold. Want no silver threads.. 
You Light Up My Life
from album (You Light Up My Life) by Debby Boone
You Light Up My Life-Artist: Debby Boone-the # 1 song of the 1970-1979 rock era-was # 1 for 10 weeks.. 
Come Into My Life
from album (Come Into My Life) by Laura Branigan
No one believes me When I say I finally found the girl I love Maybe I've been alone to long No.. 
Autumn Of My Life
from album (Autumn Of My Life) by Bobby Goldsboro
In the spring of my life She came to me She brought sunshine Where winter winds had blown Then I too.. 
Straight Life
from album (Autumn Of My Life) by Bobby Goldsboro
The Straight LifeBobby GoldsboroSometimes I imagine myself as a drifter,Seeker of fortunes, connoiss.. 
Summer Side Of Life
from album (Summer Side Of Life) by Gordon Lightfoot
He came down through fields of green On the summer side of life His love was ripe There was no illu.. 
The Rest Of Your Life
from album (Unimaginable Life) by Kenny Loggins
Walkin' on my own, Absolutely free, Solitary life, The only life for me, Midnight caf‚.. 
The Unimaginable Life
from album (Unimaginable Life) by Kenny Loggins
I know we were born to be here again In the kind of love that you die for Somethin' in the innoc.. 
American Life
from album (American Life) by Madonna
Do I have to change my name Will it get me far Should I lose some weight Am I gonna be a star I tri.. 
Design For Life
from album (Design For Life) by Manic Street Preachers
A Design For LifeManic Street PreachersLibraries gave us powerThen work came and made us freeWhat pr.. 
Colour My Life
from album (Colour My Life) by Oasis
If you're wondering why I've not been speaking my mind sir It took so long since I could cal.. 
Wild Life
from album (Wings Wild Life) by Paul McCartney
The world "wild" applies to the words "you" and "me". While take a w.. 



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