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from album (Cellophane) by Amanda Ghost
Nobody moves me I've been through this life with no place that I can call my own Thinking above.. 
My Cellmate Thinks I'm ***y
from album (My Cellmate Thinks I'm ***y) by Cledus T. Judd
Hi ho Silver, AWAY! After my show Thought I'd have a little fun Hopped on a horse Shorty sure.. 
Jail Cell
from album (Jail Cell) by Chuck Charles
I'm sitting here in a jail cell It's almost time, just waiting for the bell I can hear my fr.. 
Afraid This Time
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
build them up-high and strong so you'll never have to hurt too long put them up-til they surroun.. 

from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
i'm not clear how it is i ended up here dej? vu-think of you now so far, once so near tangled in.. 
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
Inside this fantasy It seems so real to me Synthetic ecstasy, when her legs are open True Love behin.. 
I Believe You
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
This is my excuse to testify been a beaten down boy and i don't know why that's alright, tha.. 
One Good Reason
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
made the mistake of opening my mouth thought you'd understand but i guess that thinking doesn.. 
Own Little World
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
Mutual sight, Mutual sound Mutual struggle, for shared ground It's safe, to say, they'll try.. 
So Sorry To Say
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
so lost tell me how can it be i'm desperately trying to understand why i will push you from me s.. 
Stay With Me (Unlikely)
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
Sick of this mind and the games it plays mental enemies want to push me back again here they come ru.. 
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
Switchback! Switchback! Switchback! Switchback! I made a choice that I regret, now what I see is wh.. 
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
"Control my tiniest motions Withhold my simplest needs I wish you weren't this close now.. 
The Last Firstborn
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
oh man, i can't believe that you did what they said you did and to this day i've still gotta.. 

Under My Feet
from album (Celldweller) by Celldweller
So this is how it feels to suffer? And I had too much to say But it's over now And I'm going.. 
Cello Picking Girl
from album (Cello Picking Girl) by Jorane
I'm gonna round this world baby mine I'm gonna round this world baby mine I'm gonna roun.. 
Rats In The Cellar
from album (Adam's Apple) by Aerosmith
goin' under - rats are in the cellar goin' under - skin is turnin' yella nose is runny -.. 
Back For More
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
You turn him away, you tell him you're mine You make him believe you're but one of a kind Yo.. 
I'm Insane
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
Well, I'm off my rocker, I fell out of my tree I've been standin' on shaky ground There&.. 
In Your Direction
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
Well, I saw the time closin' in, you said you're leavin' me I'm cursed with your hea.. 
Lack Of Communication
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
Too many problems, the world can't solve Too many people, no-one wants to be involved (Lack of c.. 
Round And Round
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
Out on the streets, that's where we'll meet You make the night, I always cross the line Tigh.. 
Scene Of The Crime
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
I wanna rock, but you, you dared to roll I came by your house, but you, you weren't at home Well.. 
She Wants Money
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
I take her home, it's late at night She's lookin' good, hot tonight And I wanna know, ho.. 
The Morning After
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
You think unkindly, simple not sane, know what I mean Say I'm deliberately sent here to please I.. 
Wanted Man
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
Wanted man Well, low dealer, with snake eyes You cross me, you realize you're- You're hot l.. 
You're In Trouble
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
Oh yeah Well, fast as lightnin', and the gun Your shadow's got you on the run You're suc.. 
It's A Mugs Game
from album (It's A Mugs Game) by Soft Cell
Oh god its another night And your head is feeling Like a lump of lead You should never have drunk Th.. 
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
from album (It's A Mugs Game) by Soft Cell
Standing in the door of the Pink Flamingo Crying in the rain It was a kind of so-so love And I'm.. 
Tainted Love
from album (It's A Mugs Game) by Soft Cell
Sometimes I feel I've got to Run away I've got to Get away From the pain that you drive into.. 
Bed Sitter
from album (Non Stop *** Cabaret) by Soft Cell
sunday morning going slow, im talking to the radio. clothes and records on the floor, the memories.. 
from album (The Art Of Falling Apart) by Soft Cell
Martin is talking to you Martin is a boy with problems Martin has a family history Martin has too m.. 
Celluloid Heroes
from album (To The Bone) by The Kinks
Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star And everybody's in movies, it doesn't m.. 
Killin Brain Cells
from album (3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)) by Kid Rock
Kid rock that's right you know I'm back ho From the dead where I had to lay low Seems stran.. 
Dead Cell
from album (Infest) by Papa Roach
Born with no soul, lack of control Cut from the mold of the anti-social Plug them in and turn them o.. 
Comin' Out The Cellar
from album (Slap Me Five) by Five Fingers Of Funk
One two let me tell you we're comin' out the cellar (repeated endlessly) So get me.. 
4 Tha Scrilla
from album (Killa Kali) by Celly Cel
featuring B Legit E 40 Verse 1 *(Celly Cel)* A slave to the hood have no money in my.. 
It's Going Down
from album (Killa Kali) by Celly Cel
[Featuring B Legit E 40 Kerry Mack 10 Rappin 4 Tay] Celly Cel At least 360 degrees And slidin'.. 
from album (Killa Kali) by Celly Cel
[Featuring Spice 1] Celly Cel: Murder One Mother***rs Call it Redrum doin niggaz in and.. 
*** Tha World
from album (The G Filez) by Celly Cel
[Featuring Silkk The Shocker] S: *** tha world C: Yeah S: Yeah C: You got to sick with it.. 

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