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Above And Beyond
from album (Above And Beyond) by Buck Owens
A well I'll give you love That's above and beyond the call of love And I'll never ever m.. 
Drenched Beyond Repair
from album (Drenched Beyond Repair) by Sky
blinded lens of time, these feelings that arent mine, her wiseness strikes me cold, everybody must.. 
Strength Beyond Strength
from album (Far Beyond Driven) by Pantera
There is nothing. No education. No family life to open my Arms to. You'd say that my job is tod.. 
Somewhere Far Beyond
from album (Somewhere Far Beyond) by Blind Guardian
I came from far Beyond Your reality The ocean of time It's the odysee of mine I am the narrator.. 

Way Beyond Blue
from album (Way Beyond Blue) by Catatonia
While there's a show left to perform, Smooth down your hair and put your makeup on. You'll f.. 
from album (Beyond) by Chobits
Minoru & Yuzuki Song yakusoku o sagashiteru futari ano hi ni chikatta te o tsunagi aruite mo.. 
Beyond The Sea
from album (Beyond The Sea) by Dark Moor
Knowledge seeker Life is a breath Drink in its beaker Soon will come death And between columns Requi.. 
Beyond The Veil
from album (Beyond The Veil) by Tristania
Not fear, nor tears can reach me now the light seems so clear as the night fades away Behold of thy.. 
Beyond Sanctorum
from album (Beyond Sanctorum) by Therion
A mystery very old Is the curiosity of mankind An endless searching for the bricks of life But only.. 
Beyond The Apocalypse
from album (Beyond The Apocalypse) by 1349
An infernal madness sweeps me along On a mind blowing trip to the utter beyond Here I render chaos,.. 
Let's Beyblade
from album (Beyblade Let It Rip) by Sick Kid
picking up speed, running outta time, going head to head, it's a way of life, you gotta fall d.. 
Beyond The Darklands
from album (Beyond The Darklands) by Abyssaria
Pain - all I feel is burning pain I raise from the clear snowy ground Slowly the dense fog is dissol.. 
Carnage In The Worlds Beyond
from album (Carnage In The Worlds Beyond) by Enthroned
[music: Nornagest] [Instrumental].. 
The Beyond Brain
from album (Frysh) by Beyond Dawn
There is no good There is no evil There's no love or hatred here Just a vague uncertain intentio.. 

Midnight Madness And Beyond
from album (Midnight, Madness & Beyond) by G.B.H
(USA) Staring through the boring Monatana skyline, wishing that this journey would come to an end. R.. 
Silence Of The World Beyond
from album (Silence Of The World Beyond) by A Canorous Quintet
Beyond Abilities
from album (Beyond Abilities) by Warmen
Beyond Daylight
from album (Beyond Daylight) by Vanden Plas
Sooner or later You follow me into my world There yonder the skies - somewhere Sittinghere inside m.. 
Beyond The Maze
from album (Beyond The Maze) by Dreadful Shadows
It's a sea of thoughts where I will drown The diary of my life is burnt I can't pretend, can.. 
Beyond The Gates
from album (Beyond The Gates) by Cans
She told me to wait Now I'm alone outside the gate My eyes are bleeding visions fade away The s.. 
from album (Beyond The Crimson Horizon) by Solitude Aeturnus
"Through the door of endless time We fall beyond the burning sky Like clouds that ever sink beh.. 
One Step Beyond
from album (One Step Beyond) by Dungeon
Walked the world today Passed the lines of clouded eyes Go to church and pray Social farce, no Go.. 
Beyond The Eyes Of Man
from album (Worlds Beyond The Veil) by Mithras
I embrace great victory! Ride, spread the word Spread to my people the great news We shall return To.. 
Worlds Beyond The Veil
from album (Worlds Beyond The Veil) by Mithras
That which lies beyond Open your eyes, awaken your senses This I show you, now you shall see And it.. 
Beyond The Gates
from album (Beyond The Gates) by Possessed
I bow to the altar, For I bow to my faith. Guide me to my destiny With everlasting grace. Unholy ar.. 
Beyond Planet Earth
from album (Beyond Planet Earth) by Shelter
The galaxy, no boundaries My tiny eyes can never see Human paradigm, that's asinine With a broad.. 
Truth Beyond Recognition
from album (Truth Beyond) by Neuraxis
Rise... The power that gives a meaning to life. Deep... So strong that you can't deny. Blind all.. 
Beyond Belief
from album (Beyond Belief) by Petra
Lyin' here by your side, the silence speaks to me I've got no where to hide Except in your m.. 
Beyond The Horizon
from album (Beyond The Horizon) by Zander Bleck
By, Zander Bleck Well I’m searching through the fields of time I’m heading up on that.. 
Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Time Since Come And Gone)
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
*A thousand days of yesterdays Time since come and gone A thousand days of yesterdays Are all goodby.. 
Raging River Of Fear
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
There's strange feeling coming down It's moving (swooping?) deep inside us Turbulent smoke t.. 
Myopic Void
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
I no longer saw color(s) Only grey, only grey (8 times) Dancing madly backwards Dancing on a sea of.. 
Mesmerization Eclipse
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
See the bright chipper in the harbor, yeah Make an errant bet on waves Need to try a little harder O.. 
I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part 1)
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
Stand near me baby Trying to find myself I'm looking out the window Seeing no one else I can'.. 
I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part 2)
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
I can't feel nothing (4 times) Lalalalala (4 times) Ah, here it comes Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah.. 
Frozen Over
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
*Mama don't mind, no What you say All about the thousand days of yesterday Mama, don't mind.. 
Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
Dancing madly backwards Dancing on a sea Erasing all my memories Of blackness in my dreams Tip toe,.. 
Astral Lady
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
Astral lady, girl (how) I love you Gonna get you making time (Gone, I catch you making time) Silk is.. 
As The Moon Speaks (To The Waves Of The Sea)
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
Listen, jump on a moonbeam and ride Ride it, glide it all the way *As the moon speaks To the waves.. 
As The Moon Speaks (Return)
from album (Captain Beyond) by Captain Beyond
*(repeat) Memories have only open space to give And as I think to the past There's nothing left.. 



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