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Hallalujah, I Love Her So
from album (The Complete Animals) by The Animals
Let me tell you bout a girl I know She my woman and she lives next door Ev'ry morning 'fore.. 
I'm Mad Again
from album (The Complete Animals) by The Animals
I had a friend one time, at least I thought he was my friend For he came to me, said "I ain'.. 
Big Scary Animal
from album (Big Scary Animal) by Belinda Carlisle
You keep talkin' - who you trying to kid? Tryin' to keep your feelings hid And I'm a pri.. 
from album (Animal) by Def Leppard
ANIMALDef LeppardHysteriaA wild ride, over stony groundSuch a lust for life, the circus comes to tow.. 

Mechanical Animals
from album (Mechanical Animals) by Marilyn Manson
We were neurophobic and perfect The day that we lost our souls Maybe we weren't so human But.. 
Facing The Animal
from album (Facing The Animal) by Yngwie Malmsteen
Sinking my teeth into you Sweet obscenity You're in too deep for your own good I'm commandi.. 
from album (Animal Magnetism) by Scorpions
Music :Rudolf Schenker Lyrics:Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell You get me loose I want ya, that.. 
Animal Farm
from album (Animal Farm) by Clutch
Listen up you stinking maggots, it seems you just don't get it. Well I've been appointed to.. 
from album (Animal Bag) by Animal Bag
Well I’ve been livin in the city where the days are hot and shitty And the nights can be so long S.. 
Hello Cosmo
from album (Animal Bag) by Animal Bag
Hello Cosmo by Animal Bag 1992 Hello Cosmo didn't mean to go astray Took life to serious beg.. 
Concrete Animals
from album (Rock Animals) by Shonen Knife
Generally speaking every park has them Commonly they are at the sand box Occasionally they are vanda.. 
from album (Animals Versus Angels) by Front 242
It's always the same I'm the only one who's always left to blame Take what you can take.. 
Ain't Gonna Get
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
If all you want is a little piece of***All you'll get is a little piece of me You won't ge.. 
Big Time Friends
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
Raise your head to the sound of the bell Throw your money in the wishing well Look to the stars and.. 

Break My Heart
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
Wave if you want me to notice you Stop if you have someone else It could be a good thing Might be a.. 
Early Warning
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
Too young to know Too old to listen You live your life inside a day dream Your lovers pride worn.. 
Make It End
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
This silence is so loud it's deafening Oh it seems to hang around just to threaten me So I lose.. 
One Too Many
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
You could have stood a little closer Held my hand a little tighter Well you could have bought my lit.. 
One Word
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
Oh I wake up feeling the same way every day Aching numb with the pain that I can't chase away So.. 
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
You want to feel a little warmth A little mercy You want to feel like this is real But it's so c.. 
Rush You
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
Love is no fun anymore There's too many things I can't afford So what do you mean when you s.. 
Waste Of Time
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
You can't look before you open your eyes You won't learn without an open mind We all pray to.. 
Working For The Enemy
from album (Baby Animals) by Baby Animals
Have you ever wondered how a love Can lift you up and then take you down In case you haven't not.. 
Animal Kingdom
from album (Cerebellumusic) by Animalcule
Mr. Tiger in the mighty jungle, Do you feel like a feline? When you really sink your teeth into '.. 
My Animal
from album (My Animal) by Boy Hits Car
Everytime I wake up I think, oh life I'm in love with you Then I breathe it in Never one to sat.. 
(Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone
from album ((Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone) by The Brian Setzer Orchestra
I wanna mambo, sambo, do my number Hold my baby all the summer Every time I hear that mellow saxopho.. 
Cancion Animal
from album (Canción Animal) by Soda Stereo
Hipnotismo de un flagelo Dulce, tan dulce Cuero, piel y metal Carmín y charol. Cuando el cuerp.. 
Animal Boy
from album (Animal Boy) by Ramones
Gonna kill and destroy I'm not an animal boy Why don't they understand I'm not an ape ma.. 
Animal *** Like A Beast
from album (Animal *** Like A Beast) by W.A.S.P.
I got pictures of *** ladies Lying on their beds I whiff that smell and sweet convulsion Starts.. 
Backs To The Wall
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
People pushin' like I don't know (*) I'm gonna live my life like I wanted to My hopes sh.. 
Big Teaser
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
Out with the boys Testing my virility The booze and the music Arrousing my curiousity I moved in be.. 
Frozen Rainbow
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
Far below the valleys Hidden deep beneath the snow There's a man who guards the secret Of the fr.. 
Judgement Day
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
I don't need your religion (**) It ain't nothin' to me I don't want nobody pushin.. 
Militia Guard
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
Look here, my friends, I've got to tell you (*) The world is out, the world is out Trouble's.. 
Rainbow Theme
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
Stallions Of The Highway
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
Friday night, I feel all right (*) I get into my leathers And I get out on my bike There's thun.. 
Still Fit To Boogie
from album (Saxon) by Saxon
We ain't gonna take it lyin' down We're gonna stand on our own two feet When people knoc.. 
Strange Animal
from album (Strange Animal) by Gowan
Well they say I should approach you with caution But not to let you be aware of my fear Never know w.. 
Hot Animal Machine I
from album (Rollins Band : Hot Animal Machine/And Some Of Do It) by Rollins Band
Looking at the bottom, what do I see I see the bottom staring back at me You have to part animal par.. 
Hot Animal Machine II
from album (Rollins Band : Hot Animal Machine/And Some Of Do It) by Rollins Band
I ran outside in the colored lights I saw a scene of freaks dancin' in the streets Like monkeys.. 

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