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Bag Of Snow
from album (Johnny Hollow) by Johnny Hollow
I'm sorry if I'm low and dirty And mean and cold God told me to It's all for you For wha.. 
from album (Johnny Hollow) by Johnny Hollow
Stick me with pins Peel away my skin Pluck out my eyes I can't stand to see you die Dark skies.. 
Halfway To God
from album (Johnny Hollow) by Johnny Hollow
At midnights stroke When prophets feed My karma catches This saint's disease And I won't lis.. 
Hollowed Be Thy Name
from album (Hollowed Be Thy Name) by Mob Rules
So here I am asked myself once again... Who gives the air that I am breathing? Never took the easie.. 

The Hills They Are Hollow
from album (The Hills They Are Hollow) by Damh The Bard
As I walk upon this green land, This land that love, I see figures of chalk, Carved into the hillsid.. 
This Hollow World
from album (Dirty Hands) by Johnny Hollow
Woke up this morning, radio moaning Thoughts run in circles and set the day I'm all burnt up No.. 
Hollow Crown
from album (Hollow Crown) by Architects
There... There must be an easier way to release these feelings So, so far from home In need of your.. 
from album (Hermit Of Mink Hollow) by Todd Rundgren
Onomatopoeia every time I see ya My senses tell me hubba And I just can't disagree I get a feeli.. 
Every Little Bit Hurts
from album (Album Unknown) by Brenda Holloway
Every little bit hurts Every little bit hurts Every night I cry Every night I sigh Every night I won.. 
Youve Made Me So Very Happy
from album (Album Unknown) by Brenda Holloway
I lost at love before Got mad and closed the door But you said "Try, just once more" I cho.. 
With A Little Bit Of Luck
from album (Album Unknown) by Stanley Holloway, Gordon Dilworth, And Rod McLennan
With A Little Bit Of LuckStanley Holloway, Gordon Dilworth, and Rod McLennanWords and Music by Alan.. 
Holloway Jail
from album (Muswell Hillbillies) by The Kinks
They took my baby, to Holloway jail, They took my baby, down Holloway jail, She was a lady, when s.. 
Hollow Log
from album (One Foot In The Grave) by Beck
Go where you want to Do the things you feel Walk around with a broken leg And a hundred dollar bill.. 
from album (Before The Robots) by Better Than Ezra
And they say your life was marred And you were wondering if it would ever start....Stop. Sunlight o.. 

Personal Holloway - Fabio Paras-Soundclash Republic Mix
from album (Deconstructed) by Bush
(Winston panting, growls) Tune my weaker eye Spit white Hold the world up all day She's blu.. 
Personal Holloway
from album (Razorblade Suitcase) by Bush
tune my weaker eye spit white hold the world up all day paracetamol she's blue in the face again.. 
from album (Reactionary) by Face To Face
i'll never feel again i'll never feel again then i won't have to feel this pain i'm.. 
Hollow Life
from album (Untouchables) by Korn
Am I asleep? Or have I died (Wanting Peace) We fall in space (Wanting Peace) We can't look down,.. 
The Hollow
from album (Mer De Noms) by A Perfect Circle
run desire run this ***ual being run him like a blade to and through the heart no conscience one mot.. 
Black Girls
from album (Hollowed Ground) by Violent Femmes
I dig the black girls, oh so much more than the white girls. I was so pleased to learn they were.. 
Sweet Misery Blues
from album (Hollowed Ground) by Violent Femmes
Yeah, I saw you coming down the street. I could tell by your look that you didn't want to mee.. 
Sleepy Hollow
from album (Album Unknown) by Deadsy Featuring Korn
Jonathan Davis: Came to see him for you only might find gone take my lay for you and I will find.. 
Hollow Man
from album (Love) by The Cult
It's so nice to get away, get away for a day I see a hollow man, gun in hand, gun in hand, it po.. 
Hollow Years
from album (Cover My Eyes) by Dream Theater
He's just the kind of man You hear about.. 
from album ((Waltz Me) Once Again Around The Floor) by K.D. Lang
(kd lang/Ben Mink) Keen to the shifting of wind I bend to it blind To rid these kisses of sin That.. 
from album (Vulnerable) by Tricky
Costanza & Tricky: Doesn't matter about the time we take Doesn't matter about the lies.. 
from album (Vulgar Display Of Power) by Pantera
What's left inside him? Don't he remember us? Can't he believe me? We seemed like brothe.. 
Hollow As A Bone
from album (Miles From Our Home) by Cowboy Junkies
She hugged his head so hard to her heart it made her gasp for air If this was not the way Love felt.. 
from album (Blue Sky On Mars) by Matthew Sweet
Capture The spirit of adversity Be sure to put the lid on tight and watch it carefully Sew shut The.. 
Down To The Hollow (The Swamp Song)
from album (Alone) by Trina Hamlin
I wonder when the level runs deep Will I go deeper in or pull out of the spin Can I go that far?.. 
from album (Wolverine Blues) by Entombed
The hollow sky is red the race is on faces are all dead the race is on It's just a matter of ti.. 
The Hollow Man
from album (Brave) by Marillion
I think I have become one of the hollow men As I shine on the outside more these days I can feel the.. 
Holloway Girl
from album (Seasons End) by Marillion
I was out in the cold of a North London street A cog in the hurrying world Above the walls and the g.. 
Hollow Eyes
from album (Beat The System) by Petra
Another day in Nigeria the children beg for bread, The crops failed, the well ran dry When they l.. 
Hollow Hills
from album (Crackle: The Best Of Bahaus) by Bauhaus
Ancient Earth work fort and barrow Discreetly hide their secret abodes The most fearful hide deep.. 
Hollow Ground
from album (Perserverance) by Hatebreed
From nothing we have risen and from nothing we still rise Take your life back Fight, fight Will you.. 
Hollow Again
from album (Truthless Heroes) by Project 86
Somehow I Lost My Way And Now it's clear to me All that I fought so hard to keep Is all I had to.. 
Hollow Man
from album (The Glorious Burden) by Iced Earth
Emptiness, consuming me Head in hands, I can hardly speak Looking for solitude Lost in humanity True.. 
from album (Beside Me) by 40 Foot Echo
Maybe you got the world blind But I know you deep inside I'm gonna wait to expose you One day I&.. 
from album (Trapt) by Trapt
I can't remember The last time you cared about anything The last time you allowed yourself to be.. 

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