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from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
2nd hand car, 2nd hand shoes, 2nd hand point of view from the 2nd hand news. 2nd hand shirt wit.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
A better lie? don't even try. Is that the best that you can do? 'cause I don't belie.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
I don't understand. No I don't understand. (excuse me). Why everything's so lame, Why.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
You are disposable means, and this is not what it seems. Untouchable, controllable, disposable (I.. 

from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
If dysfunction is our function (and if we learn by our mistakes) Then I must be some kind of geniu.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
I don't care what you do, production/destruction, it's nothing new. And I don't care w.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
Systematic abuse on a daily basis, you're a racist (you don't know why?) Evidence of your.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
Please Sir tell me why there's no black Superman? KKK kryptonite? "God only makes caucasi.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
Bet ya, they're gonna get ya, sooner or later, one way or another. "Yes please" I wa.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
"God awful waste-of-space dumb degenerate low life mal-adjusted freaks." Now I want jus.. 
from album (Www.Pitchshifter.Com) by Pitchshifter
I tried my best, did all that I can. I don't think i've got a single thing left that I can.. 
from album (WWW.Leyla.Com) by Haluk Levent
Kader Haluk Levent , Album : WWW.Leyla.Com Dostum yuzune gozune bakamiyorum Sozum ozum bir ben.. 
Kamyoncunun Turkusu
from album (WWW.Leyla.Com) by Haluk Levent
Henuz safak sokmeden Bir kus bile otmeden Yorgun yola dusersin Sicak bir cay icmeden Ekmek paras.. 
Kiratlar Kabilesi (Meraklisina)
from album (WWW.Leyla.Com) by Haluk Levent
Kiratlar kabilemizin adi Kizil yeleydi basi duz yaylaydi vatani Hur daglardi atasi, kizilderili s.. 

Samoslu Dimitris
from album (WWW.Leyla.Com) by Haluk Levent
Torbalidan aldim sapla samani Vurdum Selcuk ustune Rakimi hazirlamis Dimitris Samos'un tepes.. 
Sana Aramadim
from album (WWW.Leyla.Com) by Haluk Levent
Aksamin isiklari vurur parmaklarima Gunes batarken Amcalarin golgesi cikmiyor ruyalarimdan Kabus.. 
Sevmek Istiyorum
from album (WWW.Leyla.Com) by Haluk Levent
Ariyorum yillardir bulamiyorum Goruyorum her gece ruyamda ulasamiyorum Yildizlara ucmak seni kopa.. 
Vmeye Dermanim Yok
from album (WWW.Leyla.Com) by Haluk Levent
Aci cekmek zevkim oldu Yarinlarim dunden doldu Sarkilar hep ama hep zehir oldu Sevmeye dermanim.. 
from album (***y-Plexi) by Lady Pank
Spytalem raz o Boga Internetowa siec Adresow chyba milion Bez trudu moglem zaraz miec Przewaznie sam.. 
Bad Company
from album (Bad Company) by Bad Company
Bad CompanyBad CompanyCompany Always on the runDestiny is the rising sunOh I was born 6-gun in my h.. 
Come Back To Sorrento
from album (Come Back To Sorrento) by Brave Combo
Sunlight dances on the sea Tender thoughts occur to me I have often seen your eyes In the nighttime.. 
Everything's Coming Up Love
from album (Everyting's Coming Up Love) by David Ruffin
Love is a flower that bloomes in the spring time.Beneath the light of the moon in the spring time.We.. 
from album (Completely) by Diamond Rio
Completely, wanna give my love completely I'd rather be alone than Be in love just half the wa.. 
(Come Round Here) Im The One You Need
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Now you say every time you need some affection The one you love goes in another direction And you ju.. 
Baby Come Close
from album ((Come Round Here) Im The One You Need) by Smokey Robinson
Turn the lights down low, baby come close Put your hand in mine, oh please be kind Let me touch yo.. 
Come Upstairs
from album (Come Upstairs) by Carly Simon
Sitting in a car here After a party where we've seen Everyone we've known for years Well I&#.. 
Come Up The Years
from album (Come Up The Years) by Jefferson Airplane
I ought to get going I shouldn't stay here and love you More than I do Cause you're so much.. 
Come And Get With Me
from album (Come And Get With Me) by Keith Sweat
Yo', Keith Sweat and Snoop D-O-double G Real players doin' this VIP, you feel me So all the.. 
Keep It Comin'
from album (Come And Get With Me) by Keith Sweat
Kick it one time!!! CHORUS Keep it comin', girl I want you to Turn me on with all the kissing a.. 
Come And Get With Me (Remix)
from album (Come And Get With Me 12") by Keith Sweat
featuring Snoop Dogg Yo' Keith Sweat and Snoop D O double G Real players doin' t.. 
Baby Come Round
from album (Baby Come Round) by Spice Girls
Baby come round and remember how it started up Cause no one wants to be a one hit wonder Wh.. 
Soldiers Under Command
from album (Soldiers Under Command) by Stryper
We are the soldiers under God's command We hold His two-edged sword within our hands We're.. 
Come Back And Stay
from album (Come Back And Stay) by Paul Young
Since you've been gone I shut my eyes And I fantasize That you're here with me Will you eve.. 
Love Of The Common People
from album (Come Back And Stay) by Paul Young
Living on free food tickets water in the milk from a hole in the roof Where the rain came through wh.. 
Something's Coming
from album (Something's Coming) by Yes
Could be Who knows? There something due any day I will know right away Soon as it shows It may com.. 
Another Brick In The Wall (compilation)
from album (Another Brick In The Wall (compilation)) by Pink Floyd
Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd "You! Yes, you, stand still laddy!" When we gre.. 
from album (Come (Explicit)) by Prince
If U're 18 and over, come here I got something 4 your mind (Come) U should do that baby No more.. 
from album (Communication) by The Power Station
Airmail, cassettes, postcards, telex Drop me a line need my grapevine I'm always trying to reach.. 
Dot Com
from album (J-Tull Dot Com) by Jethro Tull
It's a wide world out there So much wider than imagined I can't quite put my finger on the.. 
Come Baby Come
from album (Come Baby Come) by K7
Come Baby ComeK7 1 - Da ding da ding da ding, da da ding ding(rpt 1)...Yeah, Bounce, Come on Bounce.. 




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